Sunday, October 19, 2008

~ My Little Kitchen ~

Welcome to my little kitchen. Do any of you recognize this beautiful "Mosaic Transferware Teapot Light"?. It was made my Penny from Lavender Hill Studios, the minute I saw it I knew I just had to have it for my kitchen!. Penny is so creative and a true talent of Mosaic Art. I love my lamp it as added so much to my home. You all know all much I love teacups and teapots so this was really a sweet added touch to my collection. Penny has been so kind to me, she introduced me on her blog site. I have met so many wonderful ladies, we really do have so much in common with each other and I have been touched by your kindness. The roses are still blooming in my front yard so Gary made me this little bouquet,(he is so thoughtful). Full picture of the kitchen, we just had the kitchen doors re-designed with glass work. The open look of the kitchen doors really helped to open up this small space.
The glass in the cabinets are a antique bubble glass, they really look pretty when the sun is shining on them. I have the extra high windows all around my home call transom windows. Do you see my Orchid, its still blooming!! and I am so happy its still alive.

I enjoy using my Crystal and antique plates to hold my coffee and all the fixens. The pink and white wheat tea cup was given to me by my dear friend Joni.
A full view of the kitchen and part of the dinning room. I really love my glass top stove, this is my second one, I had one in my last house and liked it so much that when we moved we purchased another. Its so easy to keep clean.

I made this fun little tea cup counted cross for the kitchen. The frame reminded me of steam coming from a cup of tea or coffee!


Chris said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Your kitchen might be small, but it is certainly pretty! I like the glass cabinet doors and your little vignettes.

It also has a nice efficient work triangle. Looks like a happy, comfortable place!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Elizabeth, I love your kitchen! Those glass doors are great. I really like your decorating style too. The mosaic teapot lamp looks perfect in your home. Thank you for mentioning me :-)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth I absolutely love your kitchen and the cabinet doors are so pretty.

Glad to see you back safe and sound from your trip hope you had a good time.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Such a pretty house. Thank you for sharing your lovely kitchen. I just love the lamp that Penny made.

Meadowsweet Days

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Elizabeth; Your kitchen is so lovely. Love the cabinet doors with the glass. You have such pretty vignettes all around. I too love Penny's work,she is amazing. I love the lamp so cute. Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen.


Unknown said...

Dear Elizabeth
Tks for popping over.The kicthen is absolutely beautiful and I love Penny's work, she is so talented. Tks for sharing these beautiful pictures and hope you have a great week, big hugs :D

Janet said...

I love the bubble glass in your cabinet doors; it really does open up the space. Of course nothing is as cute as one of Penny's creations. Just the perfect touch.

Janet @ Housepeepers

Pink Slippers said...

Love the teapot by Penny. And your kirchen is LOVELY!

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I tried posting on your blog yesterday, but for some reason couldn't post. Anyways, you have a really nice kitchen. Love the lamp that Penny made and your glass cabinet doors. Everything is so nice!

Gone said...

What a lovely kitchen Elizabeth!! I love the teapot from Penny's studio!!

Sorry, I haven't been around much lately, but on Monday I was run down by a neighbor riding a lawn tractor. Click here to read about it:

Lyndee said...

Oh my kitchen is tiny so I can relate but you have really tricked yours out in style! Penny's lovely just added a special touch.

sandy said...

I always love seeing parts of the house. I like the kitchen!

That is a wonderful piece by Penny....Her items are great.