Monday, January 13, 2014

Construction Begins

 Welcome to our New/Used home...Build in 1971 a 1,800 sq ft, 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, ranch style home. We are so pleased to share with you our new adventure, thank you for joining us.

 This home was loved and lived in, it has seen many children and puppies grow up and families come and go. She is a good home with good bones and feels right to us.
Every family that has lived in her has added their own touches and remolding to meet their family needs.

Now its our turn. Every week I will share with you the process of making this house "our" home.

View from the front door, as if you were at the front door looking in you can see straight down the hall into the Master bedroom
 The green wall you see is the bedroom across from the room on the left in the photo below, between the two bedrooms is a coat closet. The living room is directly to the right of the front door.
 The white cabinet was used by the previous owners for their TV and TV equipment. A nice cabinet but to small to accommodate our 56 inch TV.

There was carpet and tile throughout the house, and with Shiloh we know he might try to mark his spot since there were doggies that lived here previously, so the carpet had to be replaced (we will be having wood flooring installed) Behind the corner white cabinet is a closet the wall you see by the fireplace.
 In order to rectify the problem of seeing down the hallway and into a bedroom from the front door and our TV being to big, a wall had to be built and the closet removed to add floor space in the family room. Also the fireplace brick had to be removed and redone in order for our TV to be mounted above the fireplace (Gary's choice of placement for the TV). Now demo begins.
 Changing the location of the door in the green  bedroom was first on the list
 and ripping out the corner white cabinet and closet. Making the wall straight adding more space r in the living room.
 Since we are also  more working on remolding the kitchen and bathrooms we decided to have all the plumbing updated. No more galvanized metal pipes. Now they use plastic red and blue tubing for the water lines.
 Planning with our contractor Charlie and one of his crew help us with the design of the wall to give much needed privacy down the hallway to the bedrooms.
 A lovely round wall with a archway to enter into the hallway bedrooms. With the wall in place and the doorway changed from one of the front bedrooms we now have a closed hallway and much needed privacy.

Sub flooring was opened for the new plumbing!  (men hard at work)

 I know this photo looks so funny like a submarine, its the round wall with the sheet-rock
 Skim coating has been applied to the surface of the new wall.
 You can now see the wall coming to life, the wall is now straight. No more closet.
 The little window will provide air flow in the hallway and also a fun little spot for a nick-nack, I was also thinking of a stain glass window, um  I have some thinking to do about that.
The  Ceiling was also re-textured due to moving lights and adding some new electrical. of course Gary had to have a new sound system so he reused the holes where the can lights were before to save money.

 A new wall, I love how it's turning out! lots of skim coats and texture were applied. No more peeking into a bedroom from the front door (Yeah),  Problem solved, thanks to Charlie our great contractor.
 The bedroom to the left of the front door will be  Gary's office and the coat closet is straight ahead. The other three bedrooms are now behind the wall.

On top of  the new wall I thought might be a good place for vintage baskets or pottery, I just can't wait to start decorating.
To close this post I thought I would show you what a tired camper looks like, that would be (me) lol hehehe  puffy eyes and all.
  Yup this is real life, my life living in a trailer with Gary and our little dog. Every day we can see improvements and dream of the day we can unpack the POD. Aw just to sleep in my own bed again.

Have a wonderful week my friends!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Happy New Year !

We just couldn't let another day go by without wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
So much has happened and so many decision were made since my last post.
Gary and I decided to sell our beloved home and move on to create another.

I know I said I would never move again, but after deep thought and many, many hours of sleepless nights, Gary and I decided the move was for the best (our retirement years). We placed a call to our friend Joe the owner of Big Island Movers and his side kick Scottie to assist in the heavy lifting and some fun along the way!

We packed up all our belonging  and moved then into a pod and then all the fragile  and breakables were taken over to my parents and brothers homes for safe keeping, to be unpacked when all the re-modeling has been completed in our new home.
Bye Bye  comfy bed, comfy sofa, big TV and all my favorite quilts.......see you in two months.....

Let me back up to a few weeks ago, it just so happened that our neighbor who lives only six houses away from us was selling their home and since we love our neighborhood it made sense for us to stay in it.

We talked and shook hands and gave big hugs to our sweet neighbors to seal the deal, and so the house process began with selling our home and buying theirs......our neighbors also stayed in the "hood" moving into his childhood home a beautiful brick house.

Gary and I fell in love with the ranch style  floor plan, a four bedroom two full bath home with a powder room, and a pool.

There were some  awesome upgrades and re-modeling that had been done such as the standard 8ft ceiling had been raised and pitched. New electrical rewiring and pot lighting installed.

Our Contractor and friend Charlie Smith is heading up the construction. Updates needed were new bathrooms and a kitchen. We also designed a new hallway moving a door and replacing a few windows, also enlarging the master bathroom.

Gary and I decided to buy a new 15ft travel trailer  to live in for while the house is under construction. The trailer is parked along side our house (we are campers now) Shiloh is getting use to it but has become over protective and has taken to barking and lunging at the work man (bad Shiloh)

We can't wait to share photo's with you and take you along with us on our journey.

                                                         (Bad Boy Shiloh) Just turned 1 on Dec. 31

I promise to be a better blogger, Thank you to all who have sent personal notes asking if we were OK. You all are darlings and we so appreciate your love and concern for us.

Life sure can keep us busy can't it......

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Picket Fence

 Were BACK!! Wow was it a busy summer (did you wonder where I was) I missed you all very much.
 Our summer was spent enjoying three beautiful happy weddings that Gary officiated at, our niece and two dear friends.
We had a sad farewell to the passing of a dear Uncle, spending time and watching after our 8 year old grandson, my little brother was in the hospital for 16 days  having emergency surgery. My Mom also having hand  surgery.
Did I tell you that our youngest daughter is engaged? we have been  helping her and fiance' Seth plan their wedding.
We also have been spending time with our mini Astralian Shepared Shiloh he is now 7 months old.
In between all that we managed to have a cute  little picket fence built around our front entry to our door. Gary found the fencing at a garage sale and what do you know we now have a new fence.
Paul who  is our oldest daughters boyfriend built and desinged it for us.
Gary and I did all the painting (we wanted to help do something so it was painting)
You know us we love color so we said  to each other "go bold or go home...LOL LOL" so we choose to paint the gate blue to match the front door , the picket fence color is swiss coffee it matches the trim around on the house. Yellow, blue and white just a few of my favorite colors.

 What's a gate without flowers, I love flowers!

 Since we live on the corner we seem to get a lot of people trying to sell us "stuff" we really don't want and they seem to always knock during on our door during my favorite shows.
We wanted to keep our home friendly without saying "keep-out" so we thought the fence would do the trick. We keep it locked at night so it acts as an extra safety measure.
 Our next on the  Gary and Elizabeth To Do List is shutters on the outside of the windows and to  brick the porch.

 This gate is on the side of the driveway we kept it white as to blend into the rest of the fence.

 On the porch we have our basket swing a fun place to curl up in.
 'Grow trumpet vine grow' big and strong pleaseeeeezz.

 Hello Mrs Bee don't sting me please.
 We really love how the little white and blue picket fence  added so much charm (we think) and our little dog Shiloh loves it too, he can poke his tiny nose out  between the slats.

The before photo.

How was your summer?.

Sending you all a really tight hug and hoping and praying you are all happy and well.

Elizabeth and Gary XO

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