Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Ribs & Easter Eggs~

Yum, Yum yummy! My brother Mark's Ribs, it's his secret recipe! Mark is known as the "Rib Man" in the family and we all become Piggy-Poo's when he is a cook'n them there ribs. It takes many hands to turn them while they BBQ. Dad helps Mark~ And Gary helps Mark and Dad~ Gary pauses for a thought and a cool drink of beer~ There almost ready and Mark's a howlerin for a plate from the lady folk and very loud "Come and get em!"
Now for the Easter egg hut. The bunny was very creative this year, eggs every where! in the rocks,
On Grandpa and G.G's car,
Oh No! even on Gary's "56 Chevy" yes the bunny did it, nope it wasn't me!

Oh boy! the bunny did it this time, he even hid the eggs on Mark's custom dune-buggy!!! I don't know if Mr. Easter Bunny will have the nerve to show up at "Uncle Mark's" again next year to hide his eggs! He hid his eggs in all the No, No places. Silly, Silly bad Easter Bunny!.

Big hugs and love from me to you! ~Elizabeth~


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

That Easter Bunny's not long for this world dropping those eggs on those great sets of wheels!
Hope you all had fun riding in those Cherry vehicles!!!!
Good eats and a fun family!
xoxo~kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Elizabeth! Looks like a fun Easter...very nice cars and yummy looking ribs!! What a naughty bunny! Just grabbed your button, so pretty!

Chris said...

Ribs and Easter kind of day!

How was your weather? Ours was pretty wet...

Have a great day!


Beverly said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter. Mmmmm. BBQ Ribs. Looks yummy.
Funny Easter Bunny. Ours never thought of hiding them in vehicles.LOL.

Melinda said...

You sure had one sneaky Easter Bunny at your house!

Did all the eggs get found?

Have a great day!


Cottage Rose said...

OH Wow those ribs look so very yummy,,,, my mouth is watering.... I almost licked the screen,,,,lol and as for Mr... Easter Bunny,,, he sure did get around with his eggs,,, hope he was careful not to scratch the cars...... giggle..... have a great week.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Those ribs look very yummy! It looks like it was a wonderful Easter....

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your sweet comment and visit to my blog. Pets are alot of work the older we get, I am finding out. They do become part of the family, so you treat them like children will all that love and care :)
Maybe a kitty would be better for you. I love cats, too, but the beagle, I am sure, would not hear of it!

p.s. Ask Gary if he has ever heard Elvis do "Good Time Charley"s Got the Blues." Wonderful rendition!

Unseen India Tours said...

Seems you had loads of fun !!Great post.

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Elizabeth darling, I came by to thank you for leaving such loving and comforting comment on my blog, I truly appreciate your kindness my friend. I am sorry that you too lost your lovely mum and on her birthday!! Losing a parent is devastating. I know time will make it easier, but I have a long way to go to get to that point. Enjoy your week darling and million thanks to you again. Sending you warm hugs all wrapped in love.


Lallee said...

I'm drooling after reading this post ;-) I loved the pics of all the chefs in the 'kitchen.' Dave has a very cool car. I'm glad you had such a nice Easter.

kanishk said...

Those ribs look very yummy!
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kanishk said...

Hope you all had fun riding in those Cherry vehicles!!
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prashant said...

my mouth is watering..
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