Sunday, July 18, 2010


This weekend was so so so  HOT! 106 and I must confess I'm the biggest wimp in the heat... Funny thing to since I live in the Central Vally of Ca. I wanted to stay inside as much as possible with the air conditioner on.   I have been wanting to make a sea-shell wreath for a long time, ever since I saw the one that Tina made at Enchanted Rose Studio you can visit her here, so off to Michaels Craft store I went to purchase supplies.
I used a 12' Styrofoam circle for this project.

And here it is completed. Gary was so funny he comes in from swimming and sunning himself (he loves the sun) unlike me, and says can I help you..... I just laughed with him (like I'm almost done now and could have used some help sooner).
There must be a "Million" sea shells in this wreath.. and I'm not kidding.... I said sure you can, all that was left was to hot glue the star fish on. I told him to pick any star fish we wanted and  glue it anywhere he wanted.
I think he did a wonderful job! Gary was so creative don't you think?. Thanks Bear for helping!

I really enjoyed making the wreath and I have enough sea shells to make another one! so I think I just might do that.
Until next time may all your creative dreams come true!
Big hugs and loves to you all...


Susie Homemaker said...

I love this...and that is exactly where I would have put the starfish! Great job both of you!!!

It's been brutally hot & humid here too...I am making lace for all my pillowcases to pass the time.

Warm Wishes,

Vee said...

It is beautiful! The starfish is perfectly placed! This weekend I painted the bathroom and thought of a seashell wreath. After reading this, I think that I'll look for one at TJ Maxx. A million shells and a glue gun would be beyond my capabilities.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

It turned out lovely! And Gary did a wonderful job with the starfish. I love the red and white ribbon on it. A fun little punch of color!

Connie said...

HOT here too, sweetpea, but I love what you're doing with the seashells!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Elizabeth! Wow! 12"!? It is beautiful! Thank goodness Gary showed up when he did, it's all about the starfish! ha! ;)

You did a fabulous job. I love the ribbon! Now that you've taken your pictures pack it up and send it to me! ha!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I want to make one! It would be perfect in my bathroom in Florida! I'm going to look at yours up close and try to learn from you! It's really perfect! I'll check the link, too! Thanks! ♥

Becky said...

That turned out lovely! I'm sure it wouldn't have been nearly as beautiful without Gary's touch on it!! lol Keep cool!! Becky

Beverly said...

That is a gorgous wreath (Especially the placement of the starfish)LOL. Sea shells to make you dream of the cool beach??
I know what you's hot here too.

Giveaway over at my blog today.

Melinda said...

This has been the summer to stay inside and get creative! We are in the midst of several HOT days and I'm not too fond of HOT. I've
been doing some crafts too.
Stop by for the party at Dreamimg!

Have a super cool day.


Melinda said...

Me again---
Hit the button before I told you how cute your wreath is..
Love the new background too.


Happy@Home said...

Whew, I thought it was hot here, but we're only in the low 90s :).
Your wreath turned out just beautiful. It looks like a lot of work to glue on all of those shells. Thank goodness you had help with the starfish. It is perfectly placed and the red ribbon is such a pretty touch.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Your shell wreath turned out great! Gary did a wonderful job with the selection and placement of the starfish. I also like the ribbon you choose for it.

~ Tracy

Cottage Rose said...

I love your sea shell wreath.... and yes Gary did a wonderful job with the star fish shell..... I also like where you hung it,, perfect... I made a huge shell ball,,,, it took me the whole day to do,, guess I need to make a wreath to go with it..have a great week. stay cool


Cottage Rose said...

I love your sea shell wreath.... and yes Gary did a wonderful job with the star fish shell..... I also like where you hung it,, perfect... I made a huge shell ball,,,, it took me the whole day to do,, guess I need to make a wreath to go with it..have a great week. stay cool


Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
That seashell wreathe is really beautiful! And yes, Gary did a great job with the starfish. Your new home is looking really wonderful.
Hugs, Cindy S

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

So pretty Elizabeth! Tell Gary he did a great job! lol:)
Hot Hot here too...I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it tho, after this past winter and all that snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the heat, Natalie..the older I get, the less I like it. I do, however, love your shell wreath! It's just stunning, and not anything I would ever have thought to do. It looks gorgeous above your bench...

Many thanks for the birthday glad you stopped by. I had fun writing the poem, and will celebrate at home with my family tonight..the very best place to be!


Margo said...

The seashell wreath is perfection, dear Sister. How about making the other one as a gift for someone special??? Of course, I'll bring you some pretty seashells from the Carribean seashore! Loves & Hugs, Margo

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Oh Elizabeth!!! I LOVE this! What a great idea :)

Catherine Holman said...

What a pretty wreath! I have wave petunias growing through my gate like that from the other side.

Lallee said...

This looks lovely with the red ribbon over the bench. Gary attached the starfish perfectly! I made one of these years ago and still have it. Isn't it heavy once all the shells are on?

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your wreath turned out wonderful and I love the ribbon!
Hugs, Sherry

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

very sweet! aren't those fun to make? nothing like getting hot glue on the skin...owie!

great job, too, gary!

LOVE that bench - but you already know that!