Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~Tea with Mom at Butchart Gardens~

Mom and I had tea in this very delightful and sunny garden dinning room. As we walked around to enter the front door there was many beautiful plants and a long gracious lawn to adore.

We are getting closer to the front door and here we took a peek through the lattice into what was Mrs. Butchart's private garden.
Almost to the front door.
And here we are. The glass in the door was amazing.
Inside the Dinning Room.

The garden room where we took tea.

Everywhere we looked we saw blooming potted plants, they were lined up all around the window ledges.
We were served a lovely variety of sandwiches and little cakes along with a candied ginger scone, for a warm treat we were served a sausage roll and a roasted vegetable and cheese quiche. Mom and I loved the berry trifle with Chantilly cream. Now time for tea. Mom and I had fun wondering what story the tea leaves could tell us...

Mrs. Butchart would host lovely luncheons for the under privileged children. This picture was taken outside on the lawn area, behind it is what is now called the Dinning Room. The letter above is a thank you note that was so beautifully written. I just love the way the thank you letter was written in the year 1920. Click on the picture to enlarge. Next Post~Seattle Washington to see Pikes Market, the Locks and the Space Needle.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

~The Butchart Gardens~

Out visit to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada was amazingly beautiful!. I don't know if the pictures can due it justices. The colors of all the plants were so vibrant. I hope you enjoy the pictures, you can click to enlarge any photo if you like.

At the end of our day Mom and I went off to shop Gary and Dad sat outside waiting for us, while the men waited patiently, Gary saw this little dog wearing sunglasses the dog actually left them on and was use to wearing them the owner told Gary.. Way to cute!

Next post~Tea at Butchart Gardens

Sunday, June 14, 2009

~Port Angeles, Washington~

Port Angeles, Washington was the stop before Victoria Canada, we needed to ferry over from Washington to Canada. We had a day lay over and spent our time touring this little harbor town.
We took a walking tour, that was very informative. This Family Shoe Store is the original store and building to Port Angeles since 1894.
Some fun seats in the shoe store, I remember chairs just like these growing up.
The original seats that were just for the kids. Who wouldn't want to buy shoes in a fun store like this.
A moving and musical mural in the kiddies shoe section.
A city mural that depicts time in 1904.
This city loves their murals.
Port Angeles has a underground. Originally the town was on this level that you are seeing, but had to be raised since the city would flood. Originally the town was at this level 20 ft below street grade. The port needed to be dredged so that larger vessel could dock.
This task took only 6 months, can hardly believe this since now a days it takes 6 months just to get a building permit. The town streets have been built above these old buildings that are now underground.
Here you can see the wooden ceiling that is really the supports to the street above.

The Port view

Here we are getting ready to drive onto the ferry, our first time on a Ferry Boat, it was so exciting!.

The Ferry Boat walking plank.
Looking back onto Port Angeles.

The American flag flew high on the Ferry Boat. Mom looking up at its beauty.
And here we are approaching Victoria Canada.

Next post - Beautiful Victoria Island Canada.