Sunday, May 9, 2010

~On the Move~

Hi! Everyone, it seems like for ever since I've posted... Gary and I have been busy packing up the house. We bought another home and will be renting out our sweet cottage. I do love this home, but with the housing market at a low we felt it a wonderful opportunity to purchase another cottage.
We will be closing escrow this week and will start the move on Thursday.
I have been reading your posts and have tried to leave as many comments as possible. So if I have not left you one, please know I am still here and I have been reading and trying to keep up with you all.
Packing takes for ever and I have so many things, honestly its a bit embarrassing!.
Gary and I have moved so many times in our life, and that's a bit embarrassing too. Really it is, all our family and friends who have know us our entire married life always say "so long are you going to live here!" we just laugh!
Gary and I have always loved to fix up homes, but we keep moving into them.  Since we are all family here, I will tell you what number this new home will make it will be  Cottage #12, yes its true we have owned 11 homes and this will be #12.....we are so crazy!!!.  but in a good way crazy!.
I may not be able to post for a few weeks but when I can, I will show you the new (Cottage #12).
I will miss you all and will be thinking of you and wondering what you are up too...
Big hugs and Love,
Elizabeth~on the move again~