Sunday, April 26, 2009

~ Fresh Picked Strawberry's ~

On the way home from shopping on Saturday, we stopped off at our favorite little strawberry field right by our home. The strawberry's are picked daily and if they run out someone will pick as much as you want right from the field behind the little strawberry hut. So with nine baskets of delicious fresh strawberry's sitting on my lap while Gary drove, I said to him how about "Strawberry Pie". Now coming from me those words are hardly spoken since I never have time to bake. But that very moment in time something crazy came over me!
I baked, well sort of I used the frozen Marie Calender pie shells.
Of course washed and sliced all the strawberry's, and added the strawberry glaze.
And "LOOK" what I did, I made two pies. Oh yes I did. Gary was in shock, I called Mom and Dad and said stop by after Church I have a surprise for you. Mom was in suspense, when they arrived I opened the refrigerator door and said do you see something!... Mom was so happy! One pie for Mom and Dad and one pie for Me and Gary. Oh, I forgot one of the best parts to show you the whip cream of course.

Monday, April 20, 2009

~Hallway Crown Molding~

This is the long hallway walking towards our guest room. We had all the crown molding and the molding added around the niche's. I think it really added a cottage touch and a nice way to frame the family picture's. The walls are the same soft yellow that is in other room's of our home. Do you see the ghost down the hallway in the mirror (it's me)!. Hehehe.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ Ricky Nelson ~

What can I say about the boy I was going to marry (when I was 12) I loved him so!. I even wrote him letters. What a silly girl!.
I would receive these post cards in a manila envelope in the mail every time I would write. I have kept them for over 40 years. Of Ricky alone with his guitar I have four.
The family picture I have two.
And of his wife two. O.K. at 12 I didn't know he was married. It crushed my little heart!. Oh to be so young and innocent.
Now as the years went by I had a crush on Donny Osmond. I even saw Marie speak at a meeting once, just hoping to see Donny. But my first crush will always belong to Ricky Nelson.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~Why-Home is Where The Heart is~

How did you choose the title of your blog and what does it mean to you?.
When Gary and I first thought about starting a blog I wondered what would I write about and what would we call it. After playing with a few different names we decided on
"Home is Where The Heart is".

Why; well as you know Gary is a singer and has sung his entire life, his voice has touched the hearts of others and has given strength to those who were in need of comfort.
He has always been an Elvis fan and has sung many a Elvis tune. When the movie Kid Galahad came out and Elvis sang Home is Where The Heart is, Gary fell in love with the song and sang it every chance he had.
So when our first baby (Desire') was born in 1977 the first song he sang to her was of course Home is Where The Heart is and then sang it our second baby (Bernadette).
Although our girls are all grown up now he still will sing them our family song when ever they ask.
Here are the lyrics, the words are so tender and true.

Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
Anywhere you are is home

I don't need a mansion on a hill
That overlooks the sea
Anywhere you're with me is home

Maybe I'm a rolling stone
Who won't amount to much
But everything I hold dear
Is close enough to touch

For Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
Anywhere your are is home

Home home home home home

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Pink Rose Stained Glass~

Gary and I found this pretty little rose stained glass window on a clearance table at a flower shop that we had stoped into to purchase some fresh flowers. We just couldn't resist it so we made the purchase . The frame was stained a hunter green and I knew it would look so much better painted white and was perfect for the tea room. Gary hung the stained glass window for me, we didn't have a chain so we used some pink ribbon I had left over from a craft project.
Oh my, look what just happened to sneak into this post. I just had to show you all, our orchid plant bloomed for us just in time for Easter!

This is the after and before picture of the stained glass. I had already taped and covered the glass and was ready to start painting and then I remembered I hadn't taken a picture of the before , but you get the jest, see the green frame not really pretty. I like the white much better.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

~ Pot of Roses ~

A few weeks ago both our parents were sick with the flu and cold. So Gary and I went to the store to buy them the ingredient's to get well "home made chicken soup". I prepared the soup and we brought it over for them.
When my Father n law brought the pot back this is what was left inside!. He left the roses by my front door so when I arrived home from work it was waiting for me.
What a sweet and thoughtful gift from my sweet heart of a Father n law.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

~ Early Harvey Girl ~

Isn't this just the sweetest porcelain figurine of an "Early Harvey Girl" dating back to 1910. This belonged to my Husband's dear Grandma "Grandma Rohse". I inherited her after Grandma passed away. I believe this figurine dates back to the late 1930's.

She stands 3 1/2 " small. I did not know much about the Harvey Girl, so I look her up on the Internet, this is what I found out.
Originally trains in the West did not offer meal service, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves at mealtimes. This situation gave rise to exploitation, and passengers were soon victimized by poor food and high prices if they could find anything.
Fred Harvey decided there was a better way, and established a series of restaurants on the Santa Fe lines. Trains would stop, allowing passengers to get a good meal for a reasonable price in clean surroundings.
The Fred Harvey Company would recruit women via newspaper ads from towns and cities across the U.S. The women had to be of good moral character, have at least an eight grade education, display good manners and be neat and articulate to work in his restaurants. In return for employment, the Harvey Girls would agree to a six month contract, agree not to marry and abide by all company rules during the term of employment if hired, they were given a rail pass to get to their Company chosen destination.
Harvey Girls were the women who brought respectability to the work of waitressing, They left the protection and poverty of home for for the opportunity to travel and earn their own way in life while experiencing a bit of adventure.