Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~Firefighter to the Rescue~

 All in a days work for firefighter "Seth" of the Winters Fire Department. A call came in that a  little kitty had climbed all his way to the very  top of the electrical post and could not get down....just like in a old movie when the Fireman would come to the rescue of the kitty in a tree, but this kitty was up in the phone wires.....
 Poor little kitty was hanging on for dear life....see kitty on Seth's shoulder.
 All the way down the ladder to safety, no more tight wire walking for this little guy....
A big purring thank you from kitty...

Seth is our daughter Bernadette's boyfriend, he is such a great person and so sweet and kind and loves being a Firefighter especially on days like these...Yep, all in the days work as a Firefighter (kitty's need saving too).
These photo's were taken from a Mobile phone. What a phone can do these days is just amazing.
Have a sweet day my friends!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

~I missed you & and A Thank you~

 Oh, how I have missed  you! I really have, it seems like I have been gone for ever....We had a lovely trip to Las Vegas. The only bad thing was  I brought home a terrible allergy with a really bad sore throat and dry cough...I still have it and it just won't go away. I think I'm allergic to smoke...
I need to catch up with so many of you and I will. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been.
Can you believe Easter is next weekend! my goodness where has the time gone..
A few weeks ago I won a very lovely gift from "Rebecca" you all know Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts
I was so thrilled and so excited. Rebecca is a dear heart and she is so very talented and creative. When Gary and I arrived home from running errands yesterday  I saw a  package on the doorstep of our little cottage..I couldn't wait to get out of car and take it inside to open it and  see what was inside. The package was from Rebecca and when I opened it I was so delighted!
Just look at this sweet pink bunny adorable can one pillow be!

 Along with the pillow was a bunny card to match that I can send to someone since its blank inside, but I can't part with it. The card sparkles with happiness! and playful bunny's.
 Also a gift tag and the little envelope you see has a tea bag in it, how darn cute is that!. I love everything Rebecca thank you so very much...I heart you!

 So in the spirit of Bunny's I thought I would share a few decorations I have around the house..nothing much this year since we are not hosting Easter... Our daughters Desire' and Bernadette are hosting Easter and big Easter egg hunt for all the kids...
 You might recognize this little bunny ...she only comes out at Easter time to keep an eye on all the little ones hunting for pretty colored eggs she has hidden....
 I know these dark chocolate bunny candles are kinda of weird....but I really liked them!!LOL
I don't think I'll be lighting them.I don't want them to melt. LOL

 Just a little Some Bunny Loves you pillow.
An Easter garland strung across the fireplace...

 "Every Bunny Welcome" is hung along side the wall as you enter our home.

Happy Spring you all! We had the most beautiful weekend weather we have had in along time. I hope your weekend was full of warmth and sunshine and everything that makes you happy![signature.gif]

Monday, April 4, 2011

~Up Up and Away~

 Gary and I  are flying away for one hole glorious week. Can you guess where we are going? Oh how I wish it was Paris, but sigh  it is the next best thing is "Vegas Baby!". We are staying at this beautiful hotel called the "Venetian Hotel"
 There will be romantic gondola rides and many yummy dinners (diet hard when we return) lots of shopping but probably more browsing then buying LOL.

I will miss you all so much, I' am not bringing my computer ( how will I survive without it).  I will write you all when we return. Until then I send my love and I leave a piece of my heart with you. Have a safe and sweet week my friends.


Friday, April 1, 2011

~Thank you Maryann~

I Won! the most wonderful gift (giveaway) from Maryann at  Mariondee-desings It arrived all wrapped in pink tissue paper with a pink ribbon, and traveled over the seas from Australia to my little cottage in Modesto Ca. Safe and sound. (You can click on any photo to enlarge if you like)

Maryann designed and made this fabulous cottage throw. I love it! it has the sweetest ruffles and lace.
Maryann sent the sweetest note along. 
  I was so excited and thrilled when Maryann wrote to tell me her beautiful daughter Lisa had drawn my name. I adore this throw and it brings me much joy! You all know how much I treasure everything handmade, and I will treasure this gift forever.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Maryann at Mariondee-designs, please stop over and say Hi!
I'm sure you will love her blog as much as I do.