Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sewing & Knitting & Crocheting OH MY!

 Good Morning Monday! And what a grand day it is to write a blog post.
Busy hands, that is what I have had a lot of lately. Our family has been blessed with another baby on the way due in August. My niece is having a boy Mason Mark.
So of course I went to work making blankets.
Also a family friend is due to have a baby also in August (a girl).  So today I thought I would share with you all a few baby gifts I have been creating.
First off for baby girl no name yet Mommy and Daddy want to see her precious face before naming her (although I have been told Mommy and Daddy have two names picked out).
I enjoy sewing blankets in flannel and fleece, the colors and patterns are so pretty now and there are so many amazing prints to choose from. I fell in love with the pastel colors and little leaves and flowers on this flannel.
The baby girl sweater and booties are crochet and the pattern is from the book (Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby by Darla Sims).  I use cotton yarn when making baby sweaters.  

 How I love polka dots! they are such happy little dots! and I love adding the little p.s. I love you tag.

 The pattern for the blanket with the polka dot trim I found on line from (Missouri Star Quilt Company)
 Two fun blankets to sew in a few hours.  I watch TV while I sew, do you?
 Now for the blankets I made for my new nephew. I used the same pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
And there's Shiloh he looks like he jumped off the blanket LOL. He was sleeping and didn't like that I disturbed him, just look at his face expression  LOL.
 The puppies are so adorable I think.
 A little knitted hat and booties. At first I left them kinda plain and then I thought they needed something, So I made a little M for the hat and changed out the booties ties from black to blue.

 You know how tiny the baby is when we bring them home and the car seats seem to swallow then up so to speak, well I thought why not make a tiny blanket just to fit a car seat since a regular size receiver or blanket is just to much for a new born. I made a small crochet car seat blanket.
I went on line and found the pattern for the (Football Embellishment  here)
 The crochet blanket is my own design.

 My niece and her husband live in the S.F. bay area where the Oakland A's are very popular. They attend quite a few baseball games and bring along their 3 year old son, who has become quite the Fan! So as a gift for my 3 year old nephew Makai and his new baby brother Mason I made them a blanket to share while going to the games or watching from home.

 I used fleece on one side and flannel on the other. Gary just bought me a new sewing machine and I just had a class on the embroidery functions. This was my first attempt at it.
I used the Disney charactures since this little family also loves Disney land and often visits Mickey so this was a double gift they can use it at the games and while at Disney land.

 And the last blanket for all the SF bay area peeps the SF 49er's ! I put the  baby's name on it. Teehehe the 49er's are Mommy's team and the Oakland Raiders are Daddy's team ...I think I might make a Raider one for Daddy, but don't tell him OK....LOL

 Oh ya, one more thing a little knitted hat in gold and red, the team colors of the NINERS! 
I sure do enjoy making blankets of all sorts whether its a quilt, a sewn blanket, crochet or knitted. A home made blanket is like a big (Hug).

Update on Gary's Achilles Tendon Surgery - He is doing very well, had the original surgical cast bandage removed last Monday and a hard cast put on that he will wear for another 3.5 weeks a total of about 6 weeks in a cast.
The incision was about 12 inches long and 40 staples. Poor guy! 
We rented a kneeling scooter for him to get around in so much easier, the wheel chair is just to heavy for me to lift in and out of the car ( I'm kinda wimpy)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Little Switharoo

 Good Morning Monday! and the start of a new week!
Thank you so much everyone for your help with trying to find my blog list. Magically my blog list reappeared on blogger, as blogs I follow so that was really cool...but when I tried to add a gadget and bring the blog list over to my side bar it was showing no listings.
So I guess I will have to reenter all your beautiful blogs for them to show on my side bar. This is going to take me a while, but on the bright side they are still listed on blogger.
I am going to seek out a professional before I try to do anything else all by little old myself ever, ever again...LOL

You all know how it is to move and get yourself resettled? and of course we all try to reuse our things, we will move and edit furniture many, many times before it feels right. Well this is the case with us too. I was looking back on the photos I had taken of the front room and you know what, it just didn't look right to me. Gary and decided the rug was just to small for the room.

The area rug we have I love, and  have used
 it for the last 5 years, but it was not the right size for the new front room, it was time to look for a bigger rug.
So off Gary and I went on the hunt for a new one.
This is what we came up with, its a off white cream shag with multi shades of light beige's. Its very plush and soft to walk on. I would normally go with a patterned rug but this time opted  for a more neutral colored rug.

 You can see the difference in size here
 In the before photo you can see the rug is small for the room it measures    5' x 7'

 New rug is a 11' x 8', more better.
 Since we were moving the rugs around we decided to move the buffet from under the front window to behind the sofa, also we added the floral rug and brought in the red and white checked bench seat from our bedroom. This is such a funny space that really has me bewildered on how to decorate it (with what we already have) We will see how long this arrangement lasts LOL ...

The round ottoman is now in the Master bedroom. I guess it just takes time to set up house, eventually everything will find its place.

Tomorrow Monday June 9th Gary is going into surgery to have two tares repaired in his Achilles tendon, the tendons are completely torn. He cannot stand or have any weight put on his foot for about 8 weeks. Poor guy!!!
 So if you do not hear from me right away please know, I will write you back. My new name will be Nurse Elizabeth aka Chauffeur Elizabeth. Its his right leg so no driving.
We will hit up the grocery store later today to stock up on all his favorite treats.
I feel so sorry for him, I think he might be hating life for a few weeks.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh Darn-Oh Poop-Oh No-HELP

Help!!! I did something "Wrong" and lost all the blogs I follow on my side bar.
I had noticed that my list on my side bar was not showing all the blogs I follow, so I thought I could fix it and instead I deleted all the blogs....
I am in tears, what should I do, can anyone help me get them back, or do I need to reenter all the blogs and re-follow?.

I have been blogging since 2008 so I had a lot of blogs I followed.
I know some were not active but still had a URL that I wanted to keep.
If your reading this please send me your URL and Blog name so I can start a new.

I am so mad at myself. As this happened to  anyone else?
I guess my lesson here is don't try to fix your own blog, let a professional do it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teacup Guest Room

 I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! My Monday Post! tee hehe
We had a very busy weekend Gary and I attended "A Celebration the life" for two very special ladies who now live in heaven. My Aunt who passed away at 99.5 years of life and a dear family friend at the age of 103. We will miss them dearly.

 During our construction period we had the door closed off into the room that would become our guest room and had it moved into what would become the hallway. You can see to your left where the light is shining through was the original doorway and to your right the framing of the hallway and new doorway. Before as you entered the house you could see straight down the hall into the master bedroom and into the room that is now the guest room.
So closing off the doorway and adding a hallway was our solution from privacy.
 The green wall you see was the color of the previous room, also you can see the framing of the archway and the new doorway to the guest room.
 Walls during the mudding process. Notice to your left the doorway is now gone. It took three days for the mud to dry.
 You can see the front door and how the view is now with the wall.
 After construction, see the new door to your right to the guest room the door to your left is our guest coat closet. 
 We had all new doors and hardware installed, trim and moldings too.
 A home made heart that I made hangs on the door to welcome our guest and to show them they are loved.
 Lets go in.....
 The room is a standard 10x10 that holds a full size bed nicely. The dresser I refinished with Annie Slone paint, the dust ruffle is from Country Curtains, the quilt along with the pillows behind the bed that match the quilt I made, also the  red and white bed throw I made.  The red and white checked bolster my sister made for me.  Makes for a cozy warm bed.
 Before picture.
The had made Guest Cottage sign was designed by "Castle and Cottage Signs".

 On top of the dresser is a vintage radio my sister n law gave to me (I love it)
 A little flower to brighten up the most gloomy day and little tea cup. Do you see the little frog, I never take my decorating to seriously so why not have fun and throw in a little whimsy.

 The night stand I used a white wash paint on. I purchased the  red lamp shade and added the blue and white flower trim. You all know me I love to have fun with my decorating.
 Under the side table there are magazine's and a candle, you never know when the electricity is going to go out!..
 On top of the side table we have a few vintage items, a sliver bed warmer (that's a bit tarnished) and a sliver dish that I have one of my tea cups in...Also one of my favorite magazine "Cottage Journal".

 The Cottage Journal is such a beautiful magazine, I really enjoy reading it, if you have not yet picked up this sweet little beauty of a read you really must...I know you are going to love it as much as I do!
 Gary and I choose to have carpet installed in the guest room.

 My beloved tea cups are now in the guest room. Remember in the "old" house I had them in the sitting room in my master bedroom. No room in the new master so the guest room was the place for them to shine.
 I have two chairs in the room for our guests, if you are like "Gary" you can throw their cloths on it (hehehe) or  if you are like me sit a spell look at the teacups while looking through a magazine.
 The embroidered pillow on the chair my sister and I made. My sister did all the  hand embroidery and I made the pillow. This was for our 20th anniversary 18 years ago.
The wall the counted cross stitch is hanging on is where the original doorway was, you see now where the new doorway is to your left.
 The counted cross picture was stitched by me way back in 2002 when I didn't need glasses (tee hehe)
 Oh how I adore my teacups! each and everyone of these sweet little babies just makes my heart sing  a little off beat.

A tiny peek into my teacup world.
 Up top of the teacup hutch is none other than a teapot lamp...hand crafted by Penny from "The Comforts of Home" I love this so much!. The cross stitch Sweet Dreams I found while shopping in a vintage antique shop and the little brown bunny my grands gave to me for a Mothers day a few years back (Mr. Bunny smells like chocolate ~ really he does )

 The vintage chandelier  I brought with me from our "old" house circa 1930.
 Here's a before shot of the bedroom wall before the doorway was put on the right.

 We love the new door way, its actually make the room feel bigger.
 Another shot of the chandelier, it sure give a nice glow in the room. I took the pictures during the day, I wish you could see it at night its so pretty.

 I know many of us really love our too..
 After photo
 Before photo
 Home is where the Heart is pillow just seems fitting for the guest room and hey, its the name of our Blog so I had to have it ;)
 The walls are painted Cozy Cottage, I use this color a lot its a very netrual soft creamy yellow. I really love it.
 And more pillows!!!
 Before shot of the closet wall.
 After with new doors and trim.

Whew!!! that was a long post, I need to sit down!

Enjoy your week and I will be visiting you soon!

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