Sunday, June 26, 2011

~New Kitchen Back Splash~

(Before Photo)
Happy Monday everyone! A big thank you for all your wonderful suggestions on my last post. My camera is still in Canada, I wait patiently (Not)....LOL
The boxer sitting on the couch is (Rufus) and he belongs to my sister Margo. Rufus is the baby of our daughters boxer (Sadie). I took the pictures of him during our last visit at her home.

I appreciated all of you suggestions very much, I will probably re post some old photos in weeks to come, but  in the mean time I used Gary's new (I Pad Motorola Zoom) to take photo' of the new back splash.
 Some of the photos are a bit washed out but you will get the idea of what the new back splash looks like I hope..
These are the before photo's, actually this is the photo I took the day we moved in. 
The back splash was very busy and really not to my liking (A Home Depot Special).
Another before photo

 The new tile being installed. Its so much more neutral now, we choose 3x6 tumbled stone. It has so much charm with all the imperfections in the stone.

Before grouting

And after grouting
I really love how it turned out.
I tried to De-clutter my counters...I really did...LOL

Not to change the subject, but did I tell you all that I was working on a king size quilt, well I finished it on Friday and took it straight over to the quilter for the top stitching on Saturday. My quilt ended up being 125x125 a cal king, I can't wait to get it back. I will post it for you all to see..I just had to tell you I finally finished the quilt.

Today I'm joining in with Susan from~Between Naps on the Porch

Enjoy your week with all the sweetness it brings!

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

~Blog Interupted~

 Laying on the couch and thinking what shall I do......
 How can a blogging girl blog without her camera...
 Ho Hum....My camera has been set to Canada for repair and  it won't be back for six weeks....    
I was starring at the walls and then it came to me...I'll ask my blogging friends...What would you do?
I had so many fun photos to share with you and could not down load any of them.
Ho Hummmmmm...............whats a blogging girl to do......

Sunday, June 5, 2011

~New Kitchen Chairs & a Question~

 Wow! its already June and we are still having rain and wind this weekend...hows the weather in your neck of the woods?.
A few weeks ago I went shopping for new kitchen chairs and ended up at Pier One Imports. I love this store....well anyway I came across a chair that is called the Dana Chair its all white and padded and you can  dress the chair in any slip cover you want to create the look you desire ( I am always changing things so slip covers are perfect for me ) LOL. 
I found these slip covers at Pier One Imports too they are made especially  for the the Dana Chair.
I could not resit the red and white toile and checked slip covers. .

 Oh, and just look at the sweet checkered  ruffles. These slip covers were calling my name....
 So now I have a question for you all, I am going to paint the table and the buffet table with the new chalk paint.
For the kitchen table should I keep the legs green and paint the top white or paint the entire table white. Also the buffet should I paint it all white or green on the bottom  and white on the top. You know the buffet the one  we just took the hutch top off and Gary hung the shelves above..that one...
 The  kitchen counter back splash is going to be changed out. Gary and I have samples of tile.   I will show you the one we choose on my next post so please do not pay any attention to  the busy not so pretty back slash..

So a few weeks ago I won a wonderful giveaway from Mardon at Blushing Rose 
 You all know Marydon well she made these adorable table placemats, I lined my white napkin holder with them. They are so sweet and I think they added a fun and pretty touch to the kitchen table.
Thank you Marydon for making them and choosing my name..I love, love, love them especially since you made them..
I hope you all have a sweet week and that mother nature is on her best  behavior.

Today I'm joining in with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch 
Also Cielo from House in Roses