Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Did It...I REALLY Did It !

 I RETIRED!!! after 28 years at the same job I retired on April 1...yep April fools day LOL. It was a day full of tears as I said Good-By to wonderful co-workers and friends. I have so many special memories that I will hold close to my heart always.
28 years is a lot of life spent with  co-workers, you get used to seeing the same smiling faces everyday that greet you with a happy "Good Morning".
I have been so lucky and blessed to have worked so many years at the same place with so many sweet and amazing people.
A gift I received was this beautiful quilt wall hanging made by my friend Linda who is a talented quilter and who has inspired me and given me encouragement   to quilt. When the quilt was presented to me I could not hold back the tears, just look at the little bone Linda added for our little puppy Shiloh and she even used "Home is Where the Heart is".

 I can't believe I really retired, there has been so much to do! the paper work to move monies over to new retirement funds, meeting with our retirement investors and re-applying for medical....crazy I tell ya! I have been so busy with paper work. I think maybe its taking longer since I retired way before 62.
My dear husband is 8 years older than me and he retired 18 months ago, he really pushed me to retire so we could spend time together enjoying life. I must admit I have been very nervous about retiring younger than 62 but I think I might just be getting used to it...
 The month has just flown by with retiring and than we took a trip to Costa Rica, my sister n law and brother watched the "baby Shiloh" while we were away. Our little guy is growing up and getting into all kinds of mischief.
 He loves his toys and chewies. Shiloh is so quite when he walks Gary put a bell on him so we would know where he was. Its so hard to be mad at him, he just looks  up at you with his sweet baby blues and we melt.
 Such a little rascal
The days have been busy with Shiloh and settling into retirement life. I'm sorry I have been MIA I have missed you all so much and now with retirement I will be able to read more and visit more!

Enjoy your week,
XO Elizabeth