Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Picket Fence

 Were BACK!! Wow was it a busy summer (did you wonder where I was) I missed you all very much.
 Our summer was spent enjoying three beautiful happy weddings that Gary officiated at, our niece and two dear friends.
We had a sad farewell to the passing of a dear Uncle, spending time and watching after our 8 year old grandson, my little brother was in the hospital for 16 days  having emergency surgery. My Mom also having hand  surgery.
Did I tell you that our youngest daughter is engaged? we have been  helping her and fiance' Seth plan their wedding.
We also have been spending time with our mini Astralian Shepared Shiloh he is now 7 months old.
In between all that we managed to have a cute  little picket fence built around our front entry to our door. Gary found the fencing at a garage sale and what do you know we now have a new fence.
Paul who  is our oldest daughters boyfriend built and desinged it for us.
Gary and I did all the painting (we wanted to help do something so it was painting)
You know us we love color so we said  to each other "go bold or go home...LOL LOL" so we choose to paint the gate blue to match the front door , the picket fence color is swiss coffee it matches the trim around on the house. Yellow, blue and white just a few of my favorite colors.

 What's a gate without flowers, I love flowers!

 Since we live on the corner we seem to get a lot of people trying to sell us "stuff" we really don't want and they seem to always knock during on our door during my favorite shows.
We wanted to keep our home friendly without saying "keep-out" so we thought the fence would do the trick. We keep it locked at night so it acts as an extra safety measure.
 Our next on the  Gary and Elizabeth To Do List is shutters on the outside of the windows and to  brick the porch.

 This gate is on the side of the driveway we kept it white as to blend into the rest of the fence.

 On the porch we have our basket swing a fun place to curl up in.
 'Grow trumpet vine grow' big and strong pleaseeeeezz.

 Hello Mrs Bee don't sting me please.
 We really love how the little white and blue picket fence  added so much charm (we think) and our little dog Shiloh loves it too, he can poke his tiny nose out  between the slats.

The before photo.

How was your summer?.

Sending you all a really tight hug and hoping and praying you are all happy and well.

Elizabeth and Gary XO

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