Monday, January 31, 2011

~Style Network "CLEAN HOUSE" Show

I have some news for you all...My niece Amber and her husband David were selected to be on "Clean House", yep they sure were...
The show was taped this last summer and now is airing this week on the Style network.
Amber and Dave are the sweetest young couple both with Collage Degrees and like many young couple's their age they are juggling a fast paced working career, two young children and have purchased a home that was a fixer upper, without much time to really work on the house.
Amber said "there is nothing like showing our dirty laundry to the world" LOL.. also she said that "she is petrified on how people will perceive her and that she hopes people will not judge her to harshly".
Their show will air on Wednesday Feb. 2 at 6:00am and10:00pm under the title; The Lopez-Gamble Family. Also Thursday Feb. 3 at 1:00am.

The show will air many times during the season  but these are the show times for this week. Click on the link and it will take you to the Clean House Show web site.  Clean House with host Tempestt Bledsoe


Sunday, January 30, 2011

~Two Loafs of Bread~

 Gary and I made "tried" to make bread...We were going to use the Basic White Bread recipe, but after going through the Kitchen Aide book of recipe's again we decided to go with the Rapid Mix  Cool Rise White  Bread recipe, it said it was the best for beginners. We followed the directions and timed every minute.. yep we sure did.
 Mixed the flour, sugar, salt, yeast and butter.
Checked the water to make sure it was at the right temp. 120 to 130 F.. with my Moms old candy thermometer.  
 Covered the bowl with plastic wrap and a towel for 20 minutes.
Then  rolled the the dough according to the directions.  I think I rolled one loaf to looked really weird! but I was afraid to re-roll it.
So into the creased loaf pans they went and into the refrigerator for 2.5 hours.  I used my Mom's bread pans she used to bake bread in when I was a little girl.
 I watched a Lifetime movie and Gary went into his office to Work... until the time had passed until we were able to put the bread into the oven..
 Well here they are...I know don't laugh, stop laughing now....O.K. you can laugh, we laughed too! Our bread turned out so funny looking!
 The loaf on the right looks OK, but the one on the left, well the poor little thing is not so pretty...
We saved the best loaf for Mom and Dad and brought it over to them..Gary cut the not so pretty loaf for kinda looks like french bread instead of white bread don't you think..I thought so...

 All thou our bread didn't look pretty, it tasted really good! we added some butter,

and then spread some home made apricot jam on top..our sweet dear friend Dolores made the jam and gifted Gary and I a few jars, she even made strawberry jam..
Gary and I had fun baking together..we will diffidently try baking bread again...I must say our bread looked nothing like the beautiful photo in the Kitchen Aid cook book, big sigh...but that's O.K with us. We will keep tyring.
Thank you so much for all your helpful hits, we really appreciated them... 

Love you all and happy baking..

Big Hugs, Elizabeth and Gary

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~This Baby is Mine~

 How Sweet it is! I am so excited! I really am..
 My Mom and Dad gifted Gary and I a brand new Kitchen Aid...I love her! I do and I can't wait to use her.
 I think she is so pretty....
 Do you remember using metal pie pans for baking...I use to use them all the time. Now I guess they are "vintage" LOL along with me...

So this weekend Gary and I are going to make "Basic White Bread" we are going to use the recipe out of the book that came along with the Kitchen Aid mixer...keep your fingers crossed for us, this will be our first time baking bread together..LOL
I think we might end up with flour on the ceiling..
If anyone has any tips on using the Kitchen Aid and baking bread please share...

I hope you all have a  wonderful and fun weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~Moving "things" Around & A New Table Runner~

There are so many colors that make me happy, but I must admit Red does it for me every time..I just adore the color Red, but you all know that about during Christmas while shopping for fabric I run across this pre-made runner that can be purchased by the yard, all you have to do is finish off the seams. So I added the cute white frayed ruffle. I am really loving the ruffle look! A very quick and fun project any one can sew up.

 The runner is on our dinning room table.

 So now that all the Christmas decorations are put away, I thought it would be fun to change around some the furniture. Gary and I brought out the red double sized recliner from the Master Bedroom  and brought it into the living room. Moved Gary's leather recliner to sit along side the red recliner and moved the plaid couch across from the white couch.
The buffet that was behind the plaid couch in now in the garage. Not for sure what I want to do with it. As much as I like it and all, it really wasn't what I had wanted. I am thinking of painting it and using it as a dresser or I might sale it.. So if any of you girls live in my area and might be interested in it, please let me know and we'll talk.

 I have really been enjoying the red recliner! Gary and I  were laughing about the mama and the papa chairs side by side. This weekend the grands were over and they sat with me in the red recliner, yep two grads and the Grandma all in one chair, it was so fun to cuddle with them...

I love to mix and match my furniture and move it all around. It always give the room a fresh look.
Have a lovely week, I'll be thinking of you all..
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Friday, January 14, 2011

~Sophie's Bloomers Bag~

 A big hug a kiss and a very happy "HELLOooooo" to you all....I have miss you all so much! I have tried to visit as much as possible but time has not allowed me to visit as much as I would like..
We have had family visiting and staying with us off and on since before Christmas (it was a lovely visit) and with all the holidays time has just slipped away from me. Also I forgot my camera at our Daughter's home during Christmas and she just brought it me last weekend, so I was with out my camera (it was just terrible) I had camera withdrawals..LOL

I  was able to do some sewing before my Christmas break from work was over and  I sewed the "Sophie's Bloomer Bag" created by Becky from "Sweet Cottage Dreams" !. I used dark gray 100% suiting wool and a plaid grey and white wool for the ruffled bloomers, I lined the bag with water proof dark gray/black fabric, also I did not finish  the hem of the ruffles, instead I pulled the threads of fabric to leave a softer look since I was using wool and wool can tend to be heavy.
Sophie's Bloomer Bag is going to our daughter Desire'. Desire' wanted the ruffles on one side of the bag, Becky designed Sophie's Bloomer Bag with ruffles all the way around and she uses the pretties fabrics they are so light and fresh and very summery.

I enjoyed sewing Becky design and Desire' LOVES her bag!  Our granddaughter Aleena wants one too, she says she wants to bring it school to carry a few of her books in..How sweet is that! Thank you Becky for designing a bag that all ages love!..
If you would like to purchase the Sophie's Bloomers Bag pattern just go over to Sweet Cottage Dreams and order it from Becky..