Sunday, September 27, 2009

~Family Room Re-Do AGAIN~

This is what the family room looked like with the red curtains. Since this photo was taken I have added the cream curtains, changed the pillows, added the yellow wing back chair that was in our bedroom and changed the lamp shade from cream to the red and white toile. You can click to enlarge any photo if you like.
The floral pillows you see on the plaid couch were on the cream couch that is in the front room and since I just made the blue and white toile pillows for the cream couch, I thought the floral pillows would look like nice with the plaid they also match the ottoman. I have been wanting to change the curtains and wanted to tone down some of the red although I do love red and always will, but it was time for a change. I still have a lot of red accents through out this room and throughout the entire house.
I still need to have a stain glass window made for the window in the corner. I hope by Christmas so the room will be complete. The walls are the same light butter yellow as in the kitchen, but they didn't photograph well with all the light that filters into the room.
We do most of our living in this room since the T.V is here and we can see it from the kitchen.

I made the cream afghan a few years ago, we have afghan's in every room of our home.
You can see the new french blue wall that was just painted, it picks up the blue in the floral fabric.

I had to take most of the pictures with the curtains drawn unless I held the camera to the side as to avoid the glare. Some of the color might be off a bit because of all the light. I think I need to take a photography class. Really I do.

Enjoy your week and keep creating,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~Blue Kitchen~

French blue in the kitchen, I have gone blue crazy! I left the upper walls in the butter yellow and removed all the clutter I had on the top. The inside of the glass cabinets were white and I wanted a soft blue to bring out my dishes. Under the counter was changed from deep red to French Blue. Gary said why do you want to change the color, you love red!. I replied "its only paint and I still love red". (Gary just shook his head) - he loves me.

The light that filters into my home from the transom windows really changes the colors all during different times of the days. The light is picking up the pits in the rain glass.

The crocheted pot holder was made by my Great-Aunt.
Remember our trip to Pierre Deux in S.F. a few weeks ago, well this is one of the rugs we purchased and the inspiration to the shade of French Blue. I love this rug it has rooster in every corner. You can click on the picture to enlarge it if you like.
A peek inside the cabinet to take a closer look of the light blue paint. I think I might add a bit of white trim across the shelve ledge. What do you think?.
My Grandma's vintage egg plate and Irish coffee cups.

The kitchen is directly across from the dinning room so the French Blue paint under the counter really picks up the new Toile dinning room chair covers.

~8 Yards of Blue Toile~

What do you do with 8 yards of 18th-century french country blue and white toile?. you make pillows for your front room couch, slip covers for your dinning room head chairs and matching lamp shades for the vintage milk glass lamps.
I ordered the blue toile from Country Curtains I could not find the shade of blue I wanted in any of our local fabric stores and since I had purchased curtains from them before and have always been pleased I decided to order the fabric and I
l-o-v-e the toile I was so excited when it arrived. So now I had to get "busy" and start sewing.

The two dinning room chairs covered in pretty blue and white. I am in l-o-v-e with this fabric, I already told you that ha, but I just can't can't help myself I really do l-o-v-e it.
The lamp shades on my Grandma's vintage milk glasses lamps I think Grandma would approve.

I think the china blue and white fabric really help to make the dinning room fresh and clam.
O.k. no spilling anyone.