Sunday, July 25, 2010

~A Day of Rest~

Moving can be very dangerous! I had Hurt fingers, Sore arms Sore back and bags under my eyes for days! All I needed and wanted was one day of rest. I knew a day would come and so it did! It was to be a "Aloha Party".
Yes this is really me, Resting. My family said I can't believe you are sitting down. Well I kinda had too after three Mai-Tai's in a plastic cup! Do I look smashed?. LOL
I hope you enjoy your day of Rest and do whatever makes you the happiest.
Big hugs for you all, Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~One Single Red Rose~

Mother Nature blessed us with one single red rose! To our amazement and surprise growing through the neighbors fence into our yard!

One of Gods many lovely

Peaceful and Beautiful the simple pleasures of Life!

May your day be full of surprise and  amazement.
Big hugs to you all~Elizabeth~

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This weekend was so so so  HOT! 106 and I must confess I'm the biggest wimp in the heat... Funny thing to since I live in the Central Vally of Ca. I wanted to stay inside as much as possible with the air conditioner on.   I have been wanting to make a sea-shell wreath for a long time, ever since I saw the one that Tina made at Enchanted Rose Studio you can visit her here, so off to Michaels Craft store I went to purchase supplies.
I used a 12' Styrofoam circle for this project.

And here it is completed. Gary was so funny he comes in from swimming and sunning himself (he loves the sun) unlike me, and says can I help you..... I just laughed with him (like I'm almost done now and could have used some help sooner).
There must be a "Million" sea shells in this wreath.. and I'm not kidding.... I said sure you can, all that was left was to hot glue the star fish on. I told him to pick any star fish we wanted and  glue it anywhere he wanted.
I think he did a wonderful job! Gary was so creative don't you think?. Thanks Bear for helping!

I really enjoyed making the wreath and I have enough sea shells to make another one! so I think I just might do that.
Until next time may all your creative dreams come true!
Big hugs and loves to you all...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Come see what I WON!~

I won these beautiful hand made pillow cases from Cindy over at "Oakview Cottage" if you don't know Cindy please go over for a visit  here.  Cindy has the most charming home and her sweetness just shines through on her blog. I know you will love her as much as I do..
And these delicate hand embroidered tea napkins. How sweet as these!
And this burlap table runner that Cindy made herself!. Cindy is a creative sewer and so talented!. I love this table runner so much. It's so perfect on our table in the front room.
Thank you Cindy for drawing my name in your first blog birthday giveaway.. I am so happy I won!

Big Hugs~Elizabeth~

Monday, July 5, 2010

~Our Family Kitchen~

Hi everyone, and welcome to our family kitchen! the kitchen is very spacious and easy to move in. We can enjoy a meal right in the kitchen, its been quite a while since we were able to eat right in the kitchen. I will take you on a little tour.

The walls are painted  a soft yellow  and everything has been reused or re purposed from our other home. The kitchen table is new/used that Gary and I found at a used furniture store in town. We love this table it has green legs and a yellow top. The chandelier we purchased from our favorite antique store in town it was gold and missing a few crystals. I spray painted it white and purchased a few new crystals, I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Awe! and this lovely new cupcake folk art painting was designed by Catherine Holman visit her here. I love Catherine's designs very much and wanted one for our new kitchen, and look at the pretty colors she uses. The cupcakes look so real, they make me hungry! LOL. I have had so many compliment's on this art piece. Thank you Catherine so much for painting this for us.
I' m sure you noticed the black and white toil tea pot light under the cupcake art, that used to be sitting on the counter in our other kitchen, designed by Penny  visit her here. Love her work! its a treasured piece of art for our kitchen.
Oops I'm jumping around a bit, sorry, so back to the kitchen table. I wanted to show you close up the pretty details of the table. The sweet plate with the dome sitting on the middle of the table was made by Tina visit her here. I love this plate its so cheerful.

The center island began as the bottom to a hutch that has been in our family for 40 years. Gary and I painted the sides in a deep yellow and added the back paneling. We also added the side towel holder and painted it red, added new handles and distressed the wood. We also added the butcher block counter top. We are happy the way it turned out. I just love it when we can re-purpose something that holds a lot of memories.

The kitchen curtains match the chair pads. I used four large dinner napkins for the curtains.

The Bon Appetit sign above the door was designed by Paula visit her here. I have many signs around our home from Paula, I adore her work and I am a big fan...

Our inspiration for the chalk board was from Kim visit her here, we love all the same colors,thank you Kim! Our daughters came for a visit this weekend and left us the sweetest note! We love you too girls, more than you can ever imagine that our hearts over flow with joy every time we see your beautiful faces XXOO.

The blue and white tea cup that is holding the chalk was a gift from my dear friend Jackie.. I think the tea cup is just the cutest ever...

Next post the front room.. Thank you for visiting "Home is Where the Heart is" and my heart is home! along as its with my family and you my dear friends...

Big, Big hugs~Elizabeth

~Welcome to Our New Home~

Welcome to our new home that Gary and I have fondly named "Cottage #12" Please come in! This is our entry where Gary and I will greet you with a big bear hug. We have tried to re-use  everything from our other home into Cottage #12. The large white vintage mirror you might recognize, we had it hanging over our bed in our  last home and the antique side board used to be in the dinning room.

I just had to show you all the new photos for our two grandchildren! I just love the new pictures, we all love our grand kids and think they are the bestest kids in the would (and of course we should) because they are! and the cutest ever too!O.K so now onto the the kitchen. I have many more photos to show you, but blogger seems to be very slow tonight so I will try again tomorrow. I know I am up so late its 12.47 pm. but this is the first time I have had to post and I have missed not posting.
Thank you my sweet friends for leaving me a note while I have been unpacking. It means so much to me. You are the bestest friends and I really love you guys!.
 I am off now to bed and will try again tomorrow (I mean later today) to download photos.
Good night! sleep tight don't let the bed-bugs bite! hehehe