Friday, February 19, 2010

~Pillows from (The French Elements)~

New pillows from Barb at The French Elements . Barb embroiderers the prettiest pillows! they are so soft and family friendly.
I fell in love with the cream and white french floral. I couldn't decide what flower to choose so I purchased one of each!.
They are so similar but different and they seem to complement each other very well.
This pillow is in Italian and says "Bless our Home".
I have been wanting a monogram pillow for sometime now, I love Barb's work so I decided to ask her to design one for me. She said she would and here it is.
I adore it and it's just so soft and it added the touch to our bed I was looking for. Now of course as you all know me so well by now, I will probably move it around the house as I do all my pillows. I love how pillows add the touch of whimsy around the home. What one little pillow can do for a old comfortable chair or couch.

Thank you Barb for making the monogram pillow for me.

Until next time, Forget the days troubles and remember the days blessings! Elizabeth

P.S. My scanner has not been working well, so just as soon as it's fixed I will post the pattern for the white heart crochet afghan and the white and red plaid. Thank you for inquiring about the patterns.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

~Sister's House-Part Two~

Margo and David have the "Best" Master Bathroom ever!. It's has a spa tub, T.V, fireplace, shower, double sinks and a potty with a room of it's own. Also lots of storage. With a bathroom like this who needs to go out to a SPA.

I love the ceramic fishes all lined up in a row. The colors are so tropical. Did you see Margo's touch of Orange. (She love's her Orange).
The Master Bedroom to me is very Bohemian. Margo used vinyl stencils on the wardrobe mirror's "Together a great place to be", so very true.
Silk drapes in brown and cream.
The wall medallion Margo made by using a stencil and spackle.
This is a beautiful lamp statue that sits on top of the dresser.

And for love of retro, a lava lamp!.
Margo's Office is a quite place for her, she is working on her Master's degree and spends many, many hours in here. So of course you have to have the things you love surrounding you.
In the Office there is a vintage dresser that Margo painted white and then painted the flowers of course orange with the accents in green. I love this dresser. The flowers remind me of 1970. There I go again aging myself "smiling". Now for the little girl in all of us, there are just some things we cling to from our childhood and my sister loves her troll dolls!
And Gumby!!!! I loved Gumby too.
Margo also collects poodle figurines. Here are just a few.

Now for the Laundry room, another collection of Margo's is her 1950's goldfish. They are all lined up behind the washer and dryer, I hope they don't swim away.. I think they are just the cutest!

Do you remember the 1964 movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" with Don Knotts, I know I'm showing my age. But doesn't this little green fish with the top hat remind you of him?. I love this little guy he is just soooo cute!
Until we meet again, keep well and "Remember the days blessings and forget the days troubles"
Hugs and Smile~Elizabeth

Monday, February 8, 2010

~A Visit to Sister's House~

Welcome to my Sister "Margo" and Brother n law "David's" home!

Their style is "Fun,Funky, Vintage and Retro"a mix of styles that all work with harmony and balance. My sister "Margo" has used orange, green, gold and warm shades of chocolate and black as accent colors. The pop-art photo of Margo and David above the couch is fun and colorful! it represents their playfulness and easy going side. The couch is upholstered with the softest suede fabric and David says the arms remind him of chocolate "Ho Ho's" ( by the way David l-o-v-e-s chocolate). The gold hanging lamp by the curtains is from the 1970's time frame.
Margo made all the paisley curtains for this room and the long bolster pillow on the kidney shaped love seat. A fun round mirror and candles hang on the wall in the front entry.
These are four Japanese nesting tables with hand carved dragons. They are over 60 years old and belonged to our Grandparents. I love how they look in my Sister's home!.
Aren't they beautiful!

Another piece I adore in this room is this Victorian- style Tunisian hand -painted birdcage from Africa. I hope you can see all the lovely detail.

Here's a better photo, Margo held a blanket up behind it for me so I could take the photo, in hopes of showing you all the beautiful detail work on the birdcage. (I have dibs on this birdcage if sister ever wants to sell it). Hint, Hint and a smile. Margo and David were married in 2001, they are both school teachers and love to travel. I made this counted cross stitch wedding sampler for them as a gift. The Dinning Room~ Is painted a warm golden yellow, the dinning table is black iron with four upholstered suede chairs. The restaurant sign was hand made that is hanging on the wall behind the table, Margo found this piece while antique shopping.

The hanging lamp is full of retro charm!
Margo loves her china plates and tea-cups just like I do and she has them displayed in these lovey white washed cabinets.
And for the love of orange and retro, you must have a 1970's orange glass vase!.
My love the tea-cups.

The Kitchen~ A bistro table for two, the walls are painted in a warm sherbet color. Modern yet retro, again for the love of orange. The curtains are a soft gray.
A vintage toaster cover, this little hand made doll is dressed in yellow checks and is wearing a white apron.
The tea-cart is another find Margo purchased while antique shopping.
Even the lighting over the bistro table has a touch of retro, a band of orange, green and gold strips.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek in side Margo and David's home.

Next post I will show you the office, Master bath and laundry room.

May your day be full of happiness and your heart be full of sunshine.

Hugs and a smile, Elizabeth