Saturday, August 30, 2008

~ Socks & Sweaters ~

Knitted blue boat neck sweater I made for my Dad at least 20 years ago. He wears it every winter, I think the yarn has held up wonderfully.
Knitted multi colored sweater, This sweater belongs to Gary.
One of my most favorites! are these argyle knitted socks, I made these for my Dad 20 years ago and they were my first pair of socks, my dear friend Jackie helped me through turning the heel process!. A quick knitted scarf for this winter, I love the shades of blue in this yarn.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

~ The Living Room ~

Our living room is a across from the Tea Cup Room. We had all new floors installed throughout the house when we moved in, the fireplace was refaced in tile and the mantel was made taller and more pronounced. The fireplace can be used as a wood burning or gas, right now we have a gas log insert. The lace curtains were purchased from "Country Curtains".
I made the slip cover for the ottoman by the red double cuddle chair, the polka dotted pillows and the table top scarf in the corner. The beautiful crocheted afghan on the red double cuddle chair was made by my Brother n Law's Mom"Rhoda". I know how much time it takes to make such a lovely afghan and all the hand stitching she did, Rhoda is amazing! A closer look at the afghan.
A look from the front door into the Living Room. I will show you the Dinning Room soon. I have noticed that my walls look white while in fact they are a soft butter yellow. My walls are always changing colors throughout the day due to the light that shines through the transon windows.
A closer look at the mantel, above the mantel is a "Kinkade" called "Carmel Sunset on Ocean Aveune".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~ New Project ~

Look what we found on Saturday at a garage sale!. Its a 1920 dresser, Gary and I were so excited that we ran to Ace Hardware and bought a bunch of striping solvent to take away the top layer of high gloss that's on it. We are still working stripping and sanding, I hope this weekend we can finish, we are going to leave its original stain and just put a light shine on to protect the wood. It's such a lovely piece and in such great condition. Hard to find things made in the USA anymore!

Monday, August 25, 2008

~ Happy Hands are Busy Hands ~

Just a few fun projects to share that I recently finished. This green crocheted Afghan will help keep us warm this winter in our family room.
Little green and blue multi colored crochet baby sweater is a gift.
This knitted sweater set is also a gift.

Little blue and black knitted booties are a gift too.
Happy Hands are Busy Hands!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~Kreativ Blogger Award~

I was given this (Kreativ Blogger Award) by Jan from Jan and Toms Place Thank you Jan it was so thoughtful of you to think of me. I am to list the 6 things that make me happy! and then pass it on to 6 deserving blog hostesses. Since I am so new to blogging and do not really know anyone that might want to participate I will pass this sweet award on to;

Stacey my Niece at Sillybonzos

The Six Things That Make Me Happy
1. My Family
2. Any kind of needle work
3. Shopping
4. Decorating
5. Yummy Dessert
6. Giving a Gift

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Peek Inside ~ The Teacup Room ~

A peek into what I call our Tea Cup Room. This is a view from the dinning room.

A closer look inside, I love these two chairs they are so cozy and comfortable. Gary and I go into the Tea Cup Room every chance we get to just relax and talk over our day. I do believe we have solved the worlds problems from these two seats.
The picture you see between the cream hutch and floral chair is one of our many favorites, its a photograph by "Scanlan".

We love this little lady with the big feet!. We call her Mrs. Doubtfire.
The candle chandelier we bought 10 years ago on vacation. It use to be sliver now its white with red and green beaded garland wraped around it.
The pink and white Noratake china you are seeing, Gary bought while stationed in Okinawa in 1969. He shipped them home for his Mom. My Mother N Law has passed them on to me and I cherish the thought that he would buy such a lovley pattern all on his own at the tender age of 21.

This little tea pot night light, lights up the top of the tea cup hutch very nicely at night.

OOps you can see the cord from the old radio. I will have to practice taking pictues a little bit more. Anyway the crewel embrodery pillow you see on the little yellow chair I made in 1975 while commuting to jury duty. It has held up very well don't you think?
All my beautiful nieces and nephews pictures. I must have my family pictues all around the house. I love them all so much!. The lamp I emblished with beads and trim. Another "Scanlan" photograph above the little ones pictures.
My Sister N Law Gwenn gave me this old radio, I just love it and it still plays!.
I could not resist the mouse on top of the grandfather clock. He's so cute! He is all that is left out of three. So I hope he does not decied to climb down and get himself hurt or even broken.
I made the white knitted pillow and the nine patch quilt pillow out of extra fabric I always order when I purchase furniture. You just never know what you might want to make. The green lamp below is also emblished with beads and trim. The precious new born baby picture is my Grandson Ty he is now 3 1/2.

The crochet afgan and green floral pillow I made. Busy hands are happy hands.
The counted cross stitch tea cup (Gary's Favorite) and tea cup sampler I stitched a few years ago.
A closer look at the afgan. The counted cross stitch doily over the back of the lounger was made by my niece Amber, this was one of the first stitchings she ever made.

You just can't have a Tea Cup Room without an Angel.. This is my Granddaughter Aleena at age 2 1/2 she will be 10 in September. How time fly's!

Some of my Favorite books they were given to me by my good friend Shirley. The lovley one holding the tea cup is my daughter Bernadette.
A few pictures of my tea cup collections, I have them spread throughout the house and will share more as time goes by.

This lovley Irish Tea set was given to me by my Grandma.