Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our First Entry ~Welcome to Our Home~

Our home is located in Modesto California. Modesto is best known for the movie "American Graffiti" directed by George Lucas. Our home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, approximately 1.560 sq. The house had its own sense of charm from the builder, but we knew it could look even better and we wanted to bring out its hidden potential and make it our own style of Country Cottage and so the decorating began. We added the masonry work you see to the face of the house and on the sides of the garage, added the walk way up to the front door, re-designed the landscape, changed out the lighting fixtures and changed the color of the house. I love RED and so you will see many elements through our home in red, even the front door is red. I will tell you the story about the red door later.

The lovely Crape Myrtle was planted three years ago, this year it's really showing off it's blooms for all the Bees in Modesto!. Boy do these little stingers love this tree.

Did you see the bees buzzing around the blooms?.
These purple flowers have a garlic smell and are suppose to keep away the mosquito's. I haven't seen any pesky mosquito's flying around the tree just yucking snails hiding under the foliage.

Oh! Our flag flying high, so beautiful, we keep it high in support of our family and friends serving in our Military. Our nephew James Brenneis is on his second tour in Iraq and family friend May-Ree Neumeier also served in Iraq. Our family gives our support to all who have served and to all who are now serving our country. We support you and can't wait to have you all home again. In spite of the heat wave of 106 we were having, this flower box is doing very well, I think it was due to the new watering drip system Gary installed.

Front Porch
The front porch is where Gary loves to have his coffee on the weekends and watch all the neighbors walking their dogs and exercising, he is just content sitting on the wicker settee waving to all who pass by.

Beautiful roses!

New plantings, I hope these little guys fill in soon. I love this this old birdbath we have brought it with us every time we have moved, (we used to buy fixer uppers, live in them for a few years and sell, then do it over again). This is our last move since we will be retiring soon. We just love to fix up homes and decorate. Anyway, this old birdbath makes a great little planter only thing is the planting bowl is very shallow so little flowers do best.

Gary and I knew we wanted a Red door, but finding the right Red now that was a problem. I looked through many color swatches and could not find the right color. Then our wonderful painter Martin arrives and low and behold he is wearing a Red tee shirt, I said " thats the color Red I want". So he takes his tee shirt over to the paint store to have it color matched. As you can see in the picture below its a perfect match when the paint has dried.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Well, I know I am going to love your blog! You home is beautiful and I think my front door is almost the same color! I am running out the door right now, but I will add you to my favorite blogs on my blog later today. See you soon! Congrats on your first blog day!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Everything is so neat and welcoming and of course ya know, I love flowers. What a cute story about the red door - we just never know where inspiration might strike us do we? Best wishes on your blogging venture! You have done a marvelous job. I'll add you to my favs later! Blessings to ya, Cathy

Gary & Desire' said...

Hi MOM!! You did such a great job!! The pics are great that you and Dad took! I can't wait to see more!!!! We will get some good pics of the kids so you can share their beauty with all your friends!! Love you!!

Margo said...

Hey, you two are truely talented! Great blog and music. Looking for some of Gary's recordings-especially "I did it my way!" Wait till they see the inside of your lovely cottage home!
Best wishes and hugs,
Margo (Elizabeth's Sister) & David

Dena said...

Hi there! I am popping over from Penny's and boy am I glad to see another red gal :) I love your red door and your home is beautful! Welcome to Blogland!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful home!!

Proverbs3122 said...

What a lovely home you have! And such pretty photos. I'm going to subscribe in google reader!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Elizabeth
Penny mentioned you were a new blogger so I wanted to stop by and say welcome. Your home is charming and your garden is so beautiful! I also like red, have a red dining room and am in the process of painting a piece of furniture red right now. Actually I just took a break from painting to read some blogs.
It's nice to meet you. Stop by to visit when you have a chance.

Sillybonzos said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!It's so nice to keep up with you guys. Just love your beautiful home!! Love your blog by the way!!

Chris, Stacey and Lexi


Catherine Holman said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I hopped right on over from Penny's blog. Your home is lovely and so are your flowers. I think you're off to a wonderful start with your new blog!

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Elizabeth, welcome to blogland! I also live in California, in Corona. Your first post pictures are beautiful. I am a gardening nut, so whenever someone posts pictures of their garden, I enjoy every inch! I like your flowers planted in a bird bath! Your flowering tree is beautiful! I have them in Pink and White. Mine are so full of bees too, they are so pretty but when the flowering stops, it makes such a mess, like its snowing only it doesn't melt! It was good meeting you!

sandy said...

Your blog is inviting....I enjoyed the pics of your new house and am glad Penny gave us a heads up to come on over and look and welcome you!



I LOVE THE RED DOOR!!! For some reason I didn't get the original email about your blog so Des had to forward it to me. But I think there is something missing from your page, PICTURES OF US!!!!!!!

xoxo~Your other daughter, Shana