Sunday, October 24, 2010

~Semi-Home Made Curtains~

Inspiration photo (you might want to click on the photo to enlarge) I love this photo so much! My friend Cindy from Oakview Cottage sent it to me. She knew I loved lace and thought this might be the perfect curtain for my kitchen window. Cindy was so right! it's like she was inside my head (scary) LOL.  Thank you Cindy so much for sending this photo to me, you are truly a sweetheart, who's opinion I admire.

So this is what I came up with. My curtains are semi home made, since I used pre-made curtains from Country Curtains. I ordered the white shear tie tops, I already had the lace curtains they were hanging in my front room at our previous home. They were also from Country Curtains.
I cut the lace curtains down and  sewed them over the shear tie top curtains. The tie tops and the lace curtains were different widths, so I had to measure a lot and resew the sides also a lot of ironing. They were pretty simple to make.  I think they look almost like the inspiration photo.

They are light and airy and have added just the right touch of lace to the kitchen that I love.

A fun sewing project  and it  didn't take to long. Gary had to raise the curtain rod for me and I puttied and repainted where the previous holes were (we worked as a team)
Gary is a sweet pie and just grumbles a bit when I ask him to re-do something for me..He always says "how long are you going to leave these up..LOL"
I said forever! that is how much I love these curtains.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

~More Baby Gifts XO~

 Remember the gifts I couldn't show you, because we hadn't had the baby shower yet (in the post below) well the shower was this last Saturday Oct. 16 for my niece Katie Marie. Katie Marie and  Francisco are having a boy who's name will be "Makai".
Makai is due to arrive on Dec. 24 what a precious Christmas gift so of course he had to have a Santa hat and a blue blanket.

 The blanket is crocheted and the hat knitted.
   For this blanket I used flannel and crocheted the trim. I used 2yards of fabric,  1 yard for each side.

A little knitted hat.

And a knitted sweater to keep the little guy warm and cozy.

 I also made a crib size blanket for Makai so he can cuddle up with his Mommy and Daddy and watch baseball games together. 
 Bernadette my youngest daughter crocheted this sweet blanket for her cousin Katie Marie, its just as sweet as can be.
This is Katie Marie the little Mama.

 Katie Marie  is a beautiful girl with a kind and loving heart of gold. Her smile can light up a room. Her Great Grandma called her "sunshine" and she is full of sunshine! She has been blessed!
LIFE is BEAUTIFUL and a Miracle! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Home Made Baby Gifts~

Were back from IL. and had a wonderful time.. I took oodles of photos to share with you all, but I still have some editing to do. I will share them very soon. But for now I will share some baby gifts I have been making.

  We are expecting three babies to arrive between Nov. 11 and Dec.25.
Since two out of the three girls have received their gifts I can share with you their presents.
First gifts are for my niece Candace who is expecting her second baby and it's a Girl "Alana Marie" due on Dec. 25. her sister Katie is also due on Dec. 25...funny and they didn't even plan it. I can't show you Katie's gifts for her baby Boy since her baby shower is not until Oct. 16....
So on with the gifts.... for baby "Alana Marie".
I made one of my  favorite sew blankets, I have shown you all before these fun and quick blankets. I always use 1yard to 1 1/2 yards of each fabric. I find it makes the perfect size for a crib and it's the best cuddly blanket that be washed over and over and over again and still look great.

Crocheted with 100% cotton yarn blanket and knitted hat.

Another knitted hat.

And a  Chenille knitted sweater with hood. It's so soft...

This sewn blanket went to Jaclynn of (I was never the Girl next Door). We have known Jaclynn since she was a little girl. This is Jaclynn's first baby and it's a boy (Jaclynn and Dan are keeping the baby's name a surprise until they see his sweet tiny face). If you read Jaclynn's blog then you know she loves dragon flies. When I found this fabric I couldn't resit it.

I tried to make a frog hat, it was my first try..The hat is crocheted and the eyes are sewn in very tightly with  buttons. Jaclynn if your are reading this please wash the frog hat inside out to protect the eyes from getting scratched in the washing machine....Always a Mom, I know...just looking out for my girls.

Next a crocheted blanket in (Raider)'s a popular football team in the S.F. bay area.

 This is our sweet Mommy to be Jaclynn! opening our gifts. She got a chuckle out of the frog hat!

Just as cute as a button! this little Mommy to be. Isn't creating life the most beautiful thing!