Sunday, February 27, 2011

~My 1st Bed Quilt~

 I love to sew and have made a few baby quilts, but not a large quilt. This is my first bed quilt ever!. I made the Irish Chain quilt and it measures 63x81 inches.  The mint green floral small and large print  fabric  is from Moda, called Bliss by Bonnie & Camille. The red with the tiny flowers is from WindhamWFabrics called Storybook.
 I did not do the quilting, I had it done by a gal in town that has a long arm quilter. (Is that cheating?)LOL
I finished it off and sewed the binding on. I really enjoyed this project it's a quick quilt that only takes about two weekends to complete.

 It's going into the guest room.

A few weeks ago Gary and I went to my favorite quilt store in Livermore Ca called;
In Between Stitches 
I really love this shop, anyway Gary and I picked out enough fabric for a king size quilt for our bed. Our anniversary present to each other. I can't wait to get started, I don't think the king size will be a two weekend project LOL, probably  a good 6 weekend project.
 I always get so excited to see the quilt come to life that I can't stop sewing!.
So many of you create the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen!!! and you  have inspired me so much to try and make a large bed quilt, thank you for that! now I'm hooked and all I want to do is sew! but alas, I have to go to work and can only sew on the weekends.
Have a sweet day my friends and keep creating!

Friday, February 25, 2011

~35 th Anniversary~

We celebrated, Oh yes we did 35 years! February 21.1976 - February 21. 2011
It's always fun to reminisce about the years gone by, the fun times and not so fun times. That is what life and marriage is made from, and I Cherish all those times. 
Gary and I met on Thanksgiving day Nov. 24. 1975 and were engaged on Dec. 25. 1975
Our engagement photo. I was 19 and Gary was 27. I know 19 sounds so young, but really I was only two weeks away from  my 20th birthday. 
 Oh my goodness, look at my"70" wedding dress and my vail what was I thinking! LOL and Gary's ruffled shirt and bow tie oh my..I still think he looked pretty darn sexy even in ruffles.
 A kiss before leaving to go to the reception.
 Cake anyone? My Mom wrapped and froze our top to our wedding cake (she said it was tradition). We did unfreeze and we did ate our cake top on our first anniversary..If I remember right it tasted really good ( but then I was 5 months pregnant and everything tasted good!)LOL.
Did you save and eat a piece of your wedding cake?
 Aww, here we are leaving for our honeymoon..We went to Monterey Ca and walked the beaches it was glories. Oh boy another sign of the "70" my long dress and Gary's very cool bell bottoms and silk shirt also sporting a mustache...

And here we are today..A little bit older, OK a lot older and bit more fluffy..and still in Love.
Life is sweet!
"Honey you are my some kind of wonderful that's what you are"
Turn up the song Bear , this song is for you.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~We have a Winner~

We have a Winner of the $35.00 CSN gift card. And the winner is:
"Beverly" from My Sew Sweet Studio
If you have not meant Beverly than you are in for a treat! She is just  a darling and so talented! can this gal sew  up a storm and create the most beautiful one of kind items and she quilts by hand too! stop by and see what Beverly is sewing.
Congratulation's Beverly I will be sending you an email with all the information.
Thank you to all our dear friends that dropped their name into the bowl. 

Very, very soon,  we are going to have another giveaway. Something different so stayed tuned...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ CSN gift card GIVEAWAY~

Guess what? CSN  contacted Gary and I  and  they are offering YOU one of Home is Where the Heart is followers a  $35.00 gift card! How exciting is this....We can't wait to see who wins this Giveaway..

Have you been dreaming of summer and playing in your yard, we have! Well my I suggest you take a look at CSN's Swingsets

 How about this sweet little blue baby swing for the little one in your life..
 Or a red car to swing your  little man in.
 All kids love to swing no  matter the age..It brings a smile to every one's face.
I love this one....I think Gary might just have to buy this one for US!....Oh Gary dear......

You can spend the $35.00 gift card on anything your little heart desires on CSN's  website!! They have so many things to choose from. So have fun Shopping CSN.....

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and be a follower. That's it! and if you would like a second chance to win, you can post about this giveaway somewhere on your blog and let us know you did by leaving us a second comment here. Also please leave us your email address so if you win we can contact you right away.
Gary and I will draw a name out of the Home is Where the Heart is bowl on  Tuesday February 22. "Good Luck" and Thank You CSN for giving one of our friends a chance to win a $35.00 gift card to spend at one of your many stores.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

~ My GRILL'n Valentine~

 Happy Valentine's Day's! For my Valentine I bought him a new Grill, yep I sure did. I had a plan, you see with a new grill Gary will BBQ for me every night...Yummy and I love BBQ..The first thing Gary cooked for the family was New York Steak.
 I called out ((((Honey make mine  well, please))))..he knows but I always remind him any way (isn't that what wife's do)..LOL
 For our Valentine's dinner that we celebrated tonight, Gary barbecued T-Bone steak for us, enough to feed an army and boiled the Crab on the gas burner that is attached to the barbecue outside.  No fishy smell in the house this way.

 Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE Crab with butter and lemon um um good! was the best dinner. By the time we get home from work and after our commute we are just  to tired to really enjoy a nice dinner nor do we have the time to cook something that takes to long, so tonight was perfect for us to celebrate Valentines..

No Valentines Day should go without a "heart", so I crocheted this heart pillow for our Grand daughter. A quick and fun project to do in a night while watching TV.
I hope you all enjoy your Valentines Day with the one or ones you love and do something special for yourself today O.K....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~Part Two 3 legged Tea Cups~

Part Two of the Three Legged Tea Cup Post~For your viewing pleasure.

 Now for a quick peek into the Tea Cup Hutch. I also have Tea Cups  without three leg's and some with  fluted bases.

 And of course every proper lady must own a pair of gloves..these beautiful hand made gloves belonged to my Grandma Mable. The drawn work on the linen cloth that the gloves are laying across Grandma made..
 My Grandma was quite the lady who always dressed and loved to cook, she would always let you know if you were being proper or not. Manners were of great inportance and  foolishness was not allowed with her, although as kids we were able to do anything we wanted under Grandpa Walter's watch...He was a darling!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my ever growing collection of Three legged Tea Cups. Maybe its a silly thing to collect but I enjoy the patterns so much, and they bring back an era when people actually took the time to sip tea and visit.
You all have a sweet week until we meet again.