Sunday, February 13, 2011

~ My GRILL'n Valentine~

 Happy Valentine's Day's! For my Valentine I bought him a new Grill, yep I sure did. I had a plan, you see with a new grill Gary will BBQ for me every night...Yummy and I love BBQ..The first thing Gary cooked for the family was New York Steak.
 I called out ((((Honey make mine  well, please))))..he knows but I always remind him any way (isn't that what wife's do)..LOL
 For our Valentine's dinner that we celebrated tonight, Gary barbecued T-Bone steak for us, enough to feed an army and boiled the Crab on the gas burner that is attached to the barbecue outside.  No fishy smell in the house this way.

 Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE Crab with butter and lemon um um good! was the best dinner. By the time we get home from work and after our commute we are just  to tired to really enjoy a nice dinner nor do we have the time to cook something that takes to long, so tonight was perfect for us to celebrate Valentines..

No Valentines Day should go without a "heart", so I crocheted this heart pillow for our Grand daughter. A quick and fun project to do in a night while watching TV.
I hope you all enjoy your Valentines Day with the one or ones you love and do something special for yourself today O.K....


Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Oh yum~ love crab legs!! What a clever girl getting him that grill, lol! Happy Valentine's Day Elizabeth!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh it all looks so good! May the 2 of you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy Valentine's Day my friend. LOVE the GRILL! Smart girl! :)

I hope you and Mr. G have a lovely Valentine's Day celebrating your sweet love. God is good.

Love to you~


Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
You are very smart to get your hubby a barbecue for Valentines! Happy Valentines day to you, sweet friend, and thank you for the lovely comment you left me today.
Hugs, Cindy

Monica said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend! And looove BBQ, my hubby is great at that, too.
Your crocheted pillow is definitely to be treasured!

Lallee said...

Oh, what a delicious dinner!!! That is a perfect way to celebrate with your sweetheart. My hubby cooks on the grill all the time. Spoils me rotten in the kitchen that way. Happy Valentine's!

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my gosh, the steak and crab look soooo good! Smart move getting that grill:>) I have never seen the fluffy yarn used for a heart pillow, I love it! And I bet your Grandaughter does too:>) Happy Valentines day!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Mmmm meat! ;) Happy Valentines Day Elizabeth! Love you.

Barb said...

Ms Elizabeth,
You ARE one smart lady. I can smell the food way overrrrr here.

Happy Valentine's day to you and Gary.


Beverly said...

What a smart girl you are!! The perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The steaks made my mouth water they looked so juicy and good. Great idea celebrating on Sunday.
Now this evening you can just relaz and cuddle with your Valentine.

Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth and Gary!
the grill is nice... especially with all those steaks on it! LOL! Gary looks like an awesome cook! I love crab and lobster and any other seafood too.. ;O) I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day. the heart pillow is beautiful, I'm sure your grand daughter will cherish it for years to come...hugs and Love, Jennifer

Catherine Holman said...

You are one smart lady! Looks like a wonderful meal!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


I could smell them all the way from home!!

LOVE the heart pillow! You are so sweet!

Hey, Sandi has some of the footed tea cups at the shop. Don't know if she called you about them yet, but she has them set aside for you to look at first before she puts them out. I am there today!


Nohemi Tutterrow said...

You've had a scrumptious meal, Elizabeth. That's indeed a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Anyhow, the big grill you have there seems capable of cooking different meals at the same time. My family loves barbecue as well and we like to include vegetables too – brushed lightly with oil and sprinkled with salt. Yummy, no? :)