Monday, July 13, 2015

MacKenzie-Childs Tea Pot

Happy Monday ! Are you like me and  love to have a pretty tea  kettle on the stove?
I had been wanting a MacKenzie-Childs tea pot for so long, and when my birthday rolled along in March, Gary asked me what I would like. I of course answered I'm not sure, I don't need anything..
But,  while shopping one day we ran into a beautiful shop that sold MacKenzie Childs, and to my delight the tea pot of my dreams gleamed from across the store right at me..., I ran over to this sweet Flower Market Blue kettle as fast as my little 4'11 body could run,  OH yes I did ! .... and said with a big smile " Gary this is want I want for my birthday"

And here she sits all day long every day. I even bring out a few of my three footed tea cups every now and then to serve tea.
 Many of you know my love for three legged teacups, I have been collecting them for years.

So tell me what stays on your stove all day every day?.

Hope this week brings you joy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Where do I Begin

Where do I begin, I know its been a very long time since I've posted. At last post I had been sharing with you a home Gary and I purchased and renovated. Shortly after renovation we put the house up for sale and in the escrow process of the sale of the home my beloved Dad passed away unexpectedly, this was a shock to our family that broke our hearts.
Many of you know my sister passed away also very unexpectedly so the pain of her death and then Dads was just so sad , it left me pondering about  what was important in life at this time and it was helping my Mom get through another lose.
I have a amazing  and loving brother and husband that has been there everyday to help.
My blog needed to take the back burner. During the time I have been away I have received a few personal notes asking about where I have been, I can't tell you how sweet and thoughtful this was and without you knowing what was going on in my life you reached out to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!.
I'm back now and feel ready to blog again. Thank you dear friends and all of you that have hung in there with me and did  not stop reading my blog.

So for my first Post of 2015 ( a little late LOL)
I would like to share with you the home Gary and I purchased brand new !, our first new home ever (well we did have a brand new condo once) this is a house.
 We moved into our home in Dec. The builders had landscaped a  standard  front yard, Gary and I know the house needed some charm and definitely needed shutters. Paul our daughters boyfriend who I have written about in many posts, is an amazing carpenter! told us he would build our shutters for us. I kinda knew what I wanted but needed to find a picture so Pinterest was my go to website to find just that.
 These were the ticket! So Paul began to design our shutters to look like these little beauties.
 And here they are
 Gary lent a hand while Paul was installing.
 I was smiling from ear to ear at these lovely shutters, they couldn't be more perfect!

 Many of you who live in California know our state is in a drought, the storage of water has us all on high alert and we have been changing our landscape to help with the drought, we have added more rock and taken out some of the grass in the front yard. Later I will show the back yard and the ways we have landscape to help with the water shortage.
Paul, Gary and I thought the house still needed more, so Paul and Gary said lets put shutters over all the X's, so that is what we did.
 Now our track home looks more custom and softens all the rock. I can't wait for all the trees to grow and the landscape to mature.

Thank you again for hanging in there with me, I look forward to visiting with you all. I have really missed you!

Have a sweet day, and tell your family you love them

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