Sunday, July 24, 2011

~Made with Love~

 It's "DONE" it's really done, I can't believe it....I sewed and sewed and sewed some more, yes indeed I did, I even hand stitched  40 feet 10 inches of binding.. Can I just tell you (my fingers hurt) LOL.
 Gary and I have a king size bed and as you can see the quilt is over sized. I even have quite a bit folded over by the pillows. (You can click to enlarge any photo if you like)
 The pattern is called the "Double Irish Chain" The quilt is a gift for Gary in celebration of our 35th anniversary we had in February. This is my second quilt I have made and I'm now hooked on quilting..
 There are 100 Seminole's in the boarder and I used five different fabrics to make the quilt.

I made the crocheted afghan years ago and always have it at the foot of the bed. The embroidery my sister made for Gary and I for our 20th anniversary. I recently made into the pillow is in the center of the bed, I think adds a lot of charm and sweetness. 
I still have to make the pillow cases and will start on then next weekend. I have big dreams and  plans for the room, I would love to clad the walls and change the curtains and, and you know how it goes. Actually I'm working on the plans right now..

 The back side of the quilt, I love floral every time I try to move away from it, I always end up with some kind of print it just calls out to me... I almost forgot to tell you, I had the quilter use a light blue thread and  double the stitching thread so that the design would show up better.

I really enjoyed making this quilt and giving it to Gary..He said he Love's it, it made me so happy.
Remember the red, white and blue Ohio Star quilt I showed you, well I finished it and its now at the quilters. Its a lot smaller thank goodness then the Double Irish Chain, I don't think my little tired fingers could take hand stitching another 40 ft 10 in. Teehehe.

A little thought to leave you with this beautiful Monday Day:

Good friends are like Stars
You don't always see them
But you know they are always there!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

~Meet Beverly from My Sew Sweet Studio~

 Happy Monday! Today I would like to introduce you to a gal who is an amazing seamstress, quilter and crafter. Her name is Beverly from "My Sew Sweet Studio". If you do not know Beverly please stop over and say Hi!. She has written a tutorial on how to make a no sew lampshade. From a plain white lampshade,
 To a well dressed beauty! I love the blue and yellow fabric. For tutorial go here
 Beverly is in the process of making this  fabulous quilt for her little grandson.
How cool is this, Beverly also made this very handsome little cowboy shirt for her grandson Jack, I  need to make one for my little grandson. 
Now for the sweetest of sweet! Beverly designed this original baby dress out of vintage linen that baby Rosie is modeling.  Just look at the bloomers, how darn cute are these (love them) You can click  to enlarge the photo.

I love reading "My Sew Sweet Studio"because you never know what beautiful creation Beverly is going to inspire us with. I always look forward to seeing all of her new and vintage fabric designs.

May your week be sweet with all that makes you  happy !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Ohio Star Quit~

 Happy Monday everyone!. Another week just flew by and then the weekend went even does that happen LOL. This weekend I started a new quilt called the "Ohio Star".
I am still waiting for my king size "Double Irish Chain quilt" to come back from the "quilters". It should be done this week and then all that's left to do is the binding, but in the mean time while I wait I thought I would start on another quilt.
Here's the fabric I have chosen red white and blue so Americana I love it...The white and red check will be the strips in between the Ohio Star blocks and the white and red poke-a-dots will be the back of the quilt.
 Now on to all the cutting.....
 And more cutting.....
 The Ohio Star block is made up of nine squares.
 All nine squares sewn together to make one block....I can't wait to see the pattern unfold...I thinks that's what makes quilting so much fun for me, is to see the puzzle coming together.  This is my third quilt and I am hooked...I know I should take a class or two or three...Hehehe, but I get so excited and can't wait to get stared, so I just read the instructions and go for it.
Does your sewing table look like my mine....LOL....look I even have two pairs of glasses out on the table. I also sew in my front room at the dinning room table so I can watch T.V. (is this bad) LOL.

Have a sweet day everyone and "Rember the days blessings and forget the days troubles"

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Monday, July 4, 2011

~Buttons & Embroidery~

 Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope your day was filled with fun. Gary and I decided to stay in today and catch up with the "office mess" yep we have papers everyone in our office, and besides it was just to HOT to go outside to play..... while Gary worked in the office I decided to finally make a pillow out of the embroidery my sister Margo had made for us for our 20th anniversary, that was 15 years ago, "LOL"

 I know it took me for ever, I went into my stash of buttons and found these sweet red and blue ones that my friend Shirley had given me. Just look at the price yep you read it right (08 cents) and were from JC Penney. When was the last time we bought buttons for 08 cents?.  
 I love the little girl  she kinda reminds me of Shirley Temple.
 And these pretty blue ones..look closer they are stamped made in the USA.

  I had three pieces left  of embroidering that Margo had done on a pillow case of us. I tried to save as much as I could to make the pillow. And here it is, the red fabric was left over from the king size quilt I made that is being machine quilted right now and the buttons are the red vintage ones..I can't wait to see the pillow  with the quilt.

So that's how I spent my 4th of July, now its time to go start dinner. How did you spend your 4th.
Hope your week is sweet and may your heart be light.