Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eight Pounds of Cuteness

 Here I am melting to peices, just look who stole my heart on Saturday and came home with Gary and me.. Meet Shilo a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Shilo is a Blue Merle, White and Copper adorable little boy with bright blue eyes. He is 10 weeks old and what a doll. Just a little ball of soft fluffy puppy fur. 
I know, I know I have always said no puppies on the sofa, "but" it was just for a few pictures and before I had run over to Pet-co to pick up a little bed for him.
Shilo likes his bed and is getting use to it already. Miniature Australian shepherds will grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh in around 17 to 30 pounds. It looks like Shilo might weigh around 24 pounds according to the breeder.

 Look at his sweet little nose it's shaped like a heart! Aw
 Gary has been wanting a puppy for a long time, I just couldn't agree. Our family dog Kona passed away around 4 years ago and I have not been ready to replace her. But then.......we went to see the pups on Saturday and that was all she wrote, I was done for, just one little cuddle from him under my neck and his sweet soft fur and blue eyes. Yep I done for I just melted into butter!

 Oh NO we are not spoiled..LOL LOL, just taken a nap on Gary's lap
 A little squinty eye looking up at the camera
 And a floppy ear
 Silly puppy!!!
Aw its a puppy world, all tired out from playing.

We are just proud new puppy parents. Wooing and Awing over 8 pounds of cuteness.
Gary is in L-O-V-E with this little guy, our family is too. Shilo is going to be so loved and so spoiled.

Have a sweet week everyone.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hutch in the Entryway

 Happy first week of March everyone. Thank you so much for all your wonderfully sweet comments on our headboard and the lampshades. You all bring such joy to my heart.
Its time for spring cleaning and re-arranging the furniture.
 The hutch  top you are seeing was sitting out in the garage, I didn't know where to put it and then I thought why not try it in the entryway. I wasn't sure if would look to big for the space and at first we just had the bottom half of the hutch  in the entry. But then there was the hutch top just sitting out in the garage collecting dust and truly it was in the way for Gary in the garage.
 So while my sister n law and brother n law were visiting, my brother n law asked me what he could do to help me and  I said "do you think you and Gary could bring in the top half of the hutch so we could see what it would look like in the entry"
well I knew this baby was not light and would take some muscle to lift it. But he said sure he would help so the guys brought the top in  and us girls even lent a hand lifting it up high.
I think I like it, and even if I didn't I don't think the boys would want to lift it down again LOL LOL.

 Around the corner from the entry is our kitchen it faces the street. Does your kitchen face the street? It took me a while to get use the kitchen facing out to the street, but I really like it now. I can see all the pretty neighborhood trees blooming. Gary loves looking out at the trees and what is going on up front and sits down for his breakfast everyday for a view of the world.
 In the corner we have a vintage bucket that was used for holding chicken seed for feeding the birds. We are using it to hold walking sticks and umbrella's when its been raining.

 Inside the hutch we have a few sentimental pieces that we enjoying using.

Now the front entry has been spring cleaned, I can now move on to the next room. Have you began any spring cleaning?.

Today is a very dear friends might her Ana from A Petite Cottage  
Happy Happy Birthday Ana, the world became a sweeter palace the day you were born.

Enjoy your week everyone, the weekends sure do fly by and then its back to work. I need more time in my days, I bet you do too.  I hope your week is blessed with everthing that makes you happy.