Sunday, January 27, 2013

~Quilt Show & Quilt Rack~

 A Very Happy Monday to you!. I just wanted to say I sure do love you all so much, I know I am so behind on my visits, but it doesn't mean I don't think about all of you every day XO.  

Last weekend in our little town a quilt and textile art show was held. This was the first time I have been able to attend and Gary was so sweet and went with me (he's such a great husband) anyway we ran across a quilt rack vendor and I was so excited "Gary says I ran over to see the quilt racks LOL" anyway Chuck Pederson the fellow in the white apron is the master woodworker who makes all the quilt racks (Generation to Generation Heirlooms) Gary is standing next to Chuck buying the quilt rack ladder for me! Yeah I was so happy and could not wait to get it home and hang a few of my quilts up.

 Here she is, and I love how tall the ladder is. The quilt ladder also folds over so I could use it as a rack. If you click on Generation to Generation Heirlooms above you can see the quilt rack we purchased.

 Gary and I looked at every quilt in the show and took a few photos with our cell phone. I tired to take a few pictures for you all of the show vender's booth's, but was told no photo's allowed (not nice don't you think) anyway we were able to take pictures of the quilts, so enjoy a few of mine and Gary's favorites.

Enjoy your week everyone and keep creating!
Kisses and Big Hugs~Elizabeth

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

~A Very Special Thank-You to Jan Tanis~

 Happy Sunday Everyone...I want to thank a very special person and her name is Jan Tanis from (The Comfort of a Safe Place)   She created and designed this beautiful Rosary and sent it to "Me" as a gift, my heart runneth over with sweet surprise and delight and my eye's filled with tears.
 Our family has been sadden with the loss of my sister last May and going through the Christmas season was very difficult for us and Jan felt in her heart that the Rosary would give me comfort (how sweet was that) and it has....Such a special gift from Jan that I will forever treasure.

The Rosary Jan made is designed  in her home studio and is a  traditional Wire-Wrapped 5-Decade Rosary.  It is the most beautiful Rosary I have ever seen.
Thank you Dear Jan for your kindness and sweet spirit that shines in everything you do.
Jan's Rosary's are amazing and so unique, Jan is a creative and spiritual artist.
Jan put a smile on my face when I opened her gift of the Rosary. Thank you Jan from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

~A New Year to Create~

I'm back and boy have I missed you! It seems like forever since I have posted. Before I start my post I want to say "Thank You" to everyone that has left me such sweet and kind notes here on my blog and in  emails. Your compassion just filled my heart with love and my eyes with tears..."Thank You" for caring about me and my family. 
 Sometimes you just need a break to regroup your life and sometimes its just good to rest your mind and heart.
I can't wait to catch up with you all and to see what you all have been up too. I have been keeping my hands busy. Many many years ago I made this counted cross stitch cabin and had put it into a frame but grow tired of it in the fame, so I took it out and cross stitched the hearts and trimmed down the size and made it into a  little pillow to sit on the demi chair in our guest room. I went to my fabric statch and found left over drop cloth fabric that I had used to sew the pleated chair cover, now they both match. 
It's the perfect little chair to sit on to put your shoes and socks on.

For my first quilt of 2013 I have begun sewing a quilt I found in the Nov./Dec. 2012 Quilt Magazine. I fell in love with the cover quilt call Star Light Star Bright.
Each square is 16 inches and there is only two squares to the pattern along with sides of different fabrics.
This star has 37 pieces to it.
And this star has 21 pieces.
Here's a  picture of three squares sewn together. It was raining today and very dark inside the house so this picture is looking a bit dull..but you can get the general idea of the pattern.

I of course changed the colors and fabric from what was 
shown in the pattern. Red always stills my heart, so my
Star Light Star Bright quilt  is going to be red.
At night while watching TV I have  been knitting a scarf, but I ran out of yarn so back to the store I go...It's a very simple pattern. All you do is,  row one knit one purl one across, second row knit the row...and repeat.
So tell me what you have been creating.....

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful week.

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