Monday, August 31, 2009

~It's a "56" CHEVY~

Just look at this "Beauty". A 1956 RED and WHITE Chevy 210 Del-Ray, and she's all Ours. Well O.K. almost. Gary has been shopping for a 1956 in honor of my birth year and just so happens to be his favorite year Chevy.
Gary, Dad and Son n Law took a three and half hour road trip to see this little RED lady on Sunday. The boys fell in love with her and so she will be coming home this coming weekend. She just so "PURRTY". When I turned 16 way back when my dear sweet Grandpa gave me his black and white 1957 Pontiac.. I did not realize what I had and sold her a few years later. I was so sorry I did and ever since then I have wanted a vintage car.
You all know how much I love RED, this is a perfect car for us. Gary can't wait to drive her home and shine her all up.
Looks like we might be going to "Hot August Nights" next year in Reno NV. This is one of the fun car shows to show off your Vintage car, held every year.
Now we have to name her.
Do you have a favorite vintage car?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~The Story of Two Crown Pillows~

I hope everyone has heard of "Garden Adornments", Aimee is the designer of French inspired Pillows, if you have not seen her pillows please pay her a visit, you will fall in love with her designs like I did.
I just had to have the "Crown". I thought is was fun and playful and I could take it into every room of the house. I purchased two one in the beige burlap for my "King" and one French blue for the Queen (Me), they arrived Friday on my front porch. I was so excited to open the box. Now for the fun, where should they go? Hum. The front room would be a great place for the burlap Crown, and it would match the creamy white couch.
Lets see how you look in the middle on the couch with all the other pillows around you.
Now a little further away.
Now without the other pillows. I just love my pillows I think you can never have enough to decorate with.... Yes, I think you will stay in the front room.
Now for the French blue. Lets see how you look on our bed. Not bad.
Now on my very comfy green floral seat, Gee you look pretty good there too!.
Lets see how you look on the plaid couch in the family room. O.K. you look good there too. So now how am I suppose to make up my mind. The pink love seat, Well...... I'm not so sure on this one..
Now back to the bedroom. I think you look really pretty here too. Since I can't make up my mind where these lovely pillows should go and since they look great in every room, I will just keep moving them around from room to room..
Thank you Aimee for creating such beautiful pillows. I just saw your new white pillows and (I love the french settee pillow) and now I want those too!. What's a girl to do!.

Monday, August 17, 2009

~Guest Room Re-Do~

What we did this weekend; We had these old doors that Gary salvaged from an old pine cabinet we had outside in the back yard. The cabinet was literally falling apart, I knew we could re-use some of the wood and so we began to create head boards for the guest room. (Gary come out from behind the doors. You have some sawing to do!) The top molding from the pine cabinet, all the wood was hand carved.
Lots and lots of old rusty nails.
And the head boards were created.
First let me show you what the guest room used to look like, I posted the guest room a while back. We had a trundle bed due to the space constraints. The mirror over the bed is an antique that we painted, it's so heavy about 40 pounds.

Our Grand-daughter did not like the heavy mirror above her head, although it was securely bolted in the wall.

Also when the bottom trundle was pulled out the room was very tight and no room to move. So we needed to re-arrange the room for the Grand-kids comfort.

Come on in and see the new space for the kids. I know this light-fixture is very different that's why I like it so much. I added the little crystal's, you may need to click to enlarge the photo to see the crystal's.

We pulled out the two trundle beds and put them on either side of the walls, so both the Grand-kids could have their own bed and space, they can hide their toys underneath the bed now. I used a white wash on the old pine wood, it took two coats for the color wash. The room is much more practical now.

We are ready for the Grand-kids or my Sister to come and sleep over. There are many home made items in this room, The cross stitch picture, curtains, curtain hold backs were made from butter dishes, crochet afghan's, embroidered pillow cases, chenille bear on the bed, the dollies on the antique dresser and the round pillow that matches the curtains. The good-nite sign was had made, but I bought it at one of my favorite shops in town. ( I love home-made!)

Gary did a great job making the headboards for me. The room is much simpler now and the Grand-kids are happy!.. Me too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~I Was Tagged~

I was tagged by Melinda from "COUNTRY DREAM". Melinda is from Missouri and a new blogger since July 17th. She is a wonderful gal who is a teacher to students who have special needs. Please stop by and welcome this very sweet lady.

So what I need to do is tell you Six Random things about me. I am suppose to pass this on to Six others, but I do not like to choose between all my blog friends so please if you feel like playing, join in and share with us Six Random things about yourself.

~ Six Random Things about ME~
1. I have worked for the same company for 25 years.
2. After knowing Gary for only 11.5 weeks we were married.
3. I do not like to exercise.
4. I just had my hair highlighted.
5. I have to wear earrings every day or I feel naked.
6. I am a sweater gal. I just love the feel of a soft warm sweater.

O.K it's your turn.

Monday, August 10, 2009

~Pierre Deux~

On Saturday we took a little road trip to San Fransisco. It's a little over a two hour drive from Modesto. What a beautiful day it was warm and sunny with just a bit of breeze coming from the ocean.
Gary and went to one of my most favorite stores. Pierre Deux a french country store. Come on in with us and look around.
The outside of the building is a gorgeous shade of blue.

Follow me. I'm so excited to enter the store, there are so many things to drool over. The store is light and bright so it was a bit hard to take a good picture.
I love the drapes in the background. All the french colors are so pretty and vibrant.

Just look at all the pretty fabric. I do love fabric "Gary hold me back"
The french doors, I want these for my bedroom instead of the slider doors we have now. OH Dear Husband, do you see the doors?.
Well of course I had to buy a few things. I will show you what I bought in a later post.

Well after all the shopping was done we had worked up our appetites. "Gary you know you are not suppose to be adding salt!" caught in action. ( does your husband salt before he tastes?) Now for the really good stuff, just can't go to S.F without having crab and lobster.

Our girls Godparents Ruth and Roy joined us for dinner and walking around Pier 39. This is Godfather Roy, lovingly know as RoyBoy.
Yummy, but so messy! Now Roy didn't your Italian Mama teach you its bad manners to play with your food!.
We had a wonderful day and it was great fun to spend time with our dear family.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~Pink Strawberry Cupcakes~

Oh my, how delicious these pink strawberry cupcakes look! if only they were real, actually I'm glad they are not since I don't think cupcakes are on my "diet". I just had to have them when I saw them on Jennifer's blog; For the Love of a Teddy Bear. She makes these lovely cupcakes herself and sells them in her ETSY Store (needfulpink).
They arrived today on my doorstep, it was like opening a present with anticipation. So of course I had to take their sweet yummy picture. They posed quite well don't you think. Smile for the camera cupcake!

Gary and I made the plate stands with the domes. To my surprise, Jennifer added these very sweet scented strawberry's (I love RED).
Look what just happen to get into the picture, just the most beautiful mosaic lamp in the world (I think) made by Penny from The Comforts of Home. Jennifer sent along the kindest thank you card I just had to share it with you.
Thank you Jennifer for being such a wonderful blog friend and for your talent. I have said before that I adore anything had made, it means so much to me. The time and effort and love that goes into every ones craft is so special.
When I look at homemade crafts I have purchased for my home I have such a warm feeling, since I know the person who made it.

Enjoy your day,