Thursday, April 16, 2009

~Why-Home is Where The Heart is~

How did you choose the title of your blog and what does it mean to you?.
When Gary and I first thought about starting a blog I wondered what would I write about and what would we call it. After playing with a few different names we decided on
"Home is Where The Heart is".

Why; well as you know Gary is a singer and has sung his entire life, his voice has touched the hearts of others and has given strength to those who were in need of comfort.
He has always been an Elvis fan and has sung many a Elvis tune. When the movie Kid Galahad came out and Elvis sang Home is Where The Heart is, Gary fell in love with the song and sang it every chance he had.
So when our first baby (Desire') was born in 1977 the first song he sang to her was of course Home is Where The Heart is and then sang it our second baby (Bernadette).
Although our girls are all grown up now he still will sing them our family song when ever they ask.
Here are the lyrics, the words are so tender and true.

Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
Anywhere you are is home

I don't need a mansion on a hill
That overlooks the sea
Anywhere you're with me is home

Maybe I'm a rolling stone
Who won't amount to much
But everything I hold dear
Is close enough to touch

For Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
Anywhere your are is home

Home home home home home


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I had never heard that Elvis song before! What beautiful words. I love the story behind your blog name.

Martha said...

A great reason to name a blog!

Becky said...

Love the story! Now you can post a video of Gary singing the song for us to enjoy!!! :) Becky

The Norwegian said...

Elizabeth, I found your blog via comments - and must tell you I'm responding to your Harvey Girl figurine. I don't have a blog - I "lurk" or enjoy the many there are out there. Had to say, I have a Harvey Girl just like yours. I found it and couldn't resist - becuz I loved the movie with Judy Garland. One can just enjoy EVERYTHING out here in blogland!!

Unknown said...

Love how you selected your blog name!

I selected mine because that's the name of my (and my daughter's) online shop... but once I started blogging I realized I didn't want to talk so much about stuff in my shop because so many others do it, and I find it boring, so why bore more people?

So I started blogging about my life and have found so many blogging friends that seem to like my stories. So much more fulfilling!!!

Moments of Grace said...

Gary and Elizabeth,
Thank you for your kind words regarding Graceful Moments. I cherish them more than you know.
Your blogsite is delightful and I do enjoy it so much.
Yes, I am a HUGE Elvis fan and the words to Home Is Where The Heart Is are beautiful indeed.
Please continue writing and posting--I am loving it all.