Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Pink Rose Stained Glass~

Gary and I found this pretty little rose stained glass window on a clearance table at a flower shop that we had stoped into to purchase some fresh flowers. We just couldn't resist it so we made the purchase . The frame was stained a hunter green and I knew it would look so much better painted white and was perfect for the tea room. Gary hung the stained glass window for me, we didn't have a chain so we used some pink ribbon I had left over from a craft project.
Oh my, look what just happened to sneak into this post. I just had to show you all, our orchid plant bloomed for us just in time for Easter!

This is the after and before picture of the stained glass. I had already taped and covered the glass and was ready to start painting and then I remembered I hadn't taken a picture of the before , but you get the jest, see the green frame not really pretty. I like the white much better.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a beautiful piece of stained glass! It looks perfect in your tea room.

Catherine Holman said...

It's beautiful and I agree that the white frame is much better!

Martha said...

A pretty piece of stained glass and the perfect place for it!

Glad your orchid is blooming -- mine are as well!

Unknown said...

What a great find!

Have found you thru, jumping over from someone else's blog, so am continuing to find 3 more unsuspecting bloggers today!

Martha said...

I'm adding you as a Friend of Linderhof. I love your blog!


Terry said...

Perfection,thank you for sharing this awesome find.It was just waiting to be rescued and rewarded with a fresh coat of white paint.
All it needed was to be wanted .
Have a blessed day.

Christine said...

Hi to you both! I finally got around to a few of my blogging friends glad to see you keep busy with such a lovely stained glass piece...I do love the White as well, it brings out all the beautiful detail in the glass! Thanx for stopping by, and I have added your guess to my "tiny" give away! It may be a month though until my final reveal, so If you change your mind...I can enter you again! Love your tiny teacup collection too! :) Have A Wonderful Week! Christine

sandy said...

I will definitely be back to go through some more photos. You sure have a beautiful home and your eye for photography is wonderful.