Monday, February 23, 2009

~ Thirty Three Years ~

Gary and I just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on February 21st. We had big plans we were going to spend the day and night in San Francisco, well it didn't happen we both were sick with terrible colds and Gary even had bronchitis.

So our anniversary was spent with me and a Kleenex box on the couch and Gary with his Kleenex box in his chair!. Cough, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze, blow the nose. Not fun!.

We both are still very stuffy and not feeling 100% yet. Since next Saturday March 7th is my birthday hopefully we both will feel better and will try again for our day in the city.

Gary and I put together a little sideshow of our 33 years together. It's so funny to see how we have changed. One thing has not changed and that is we are still in Love and are always so happy to see other after work. I must say I feel so unbelievably blessed to have had 33 years of marriage to the one that makes me so happy!

How we met. It was Thanksgiving Day 1975 Gary's parents and mine lived next door to each other, I was still living at home and was 19 years old. Gary was living in Sacramento and was 27 he came to visit his parents for Thanksgiving day dinner.

Previously Gary's Dad and my Mom had said we should introduce our kids sometime, unannounced to me. So since Gary was home for Thanksgiving his Dad said lets go over and meet the girl next door, I think you will really like her.

I had to work that day and so I was not home when Gary and his Dad had came over for us to meet. Since I was not home at the time Gary came over I had to go next door to meet him. I did not want to do this at all!. What if he's ugly I thought!

Well my dear sister had met him before me and she said he was cute and I should definitely meet him. So I took myself next door to meet Gary and to my surprise when he came into the room he took my heart and has had it ever since (He was not Ugly). So hear is the run down, we met on Thanksgiving Day Nov. 27, 1975 Engaged on Dec. 25, 1975 and Married Feb. 21, 1976.

WE believe in Love at first Sight it surely happened to us. Do you?


Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Congrats on the 30 years! Here's to 30 more :)

Catherine Holman said...

Congratulations on a great marriage. We've been married 35 years wonderful years. Aren't we lucky!

I'm pretty sure I'm older than you Elizabeth. If you were 19 in 1975 I'm sure I'm older. Check out my birthday photo with my brother. The date is stamped on the border and I was three years old. Happy birthday this coming Saturday and I hope you both feel better soon so you can celebrate!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love your sweet story! I'm so happy for you and enjoy your blog!