Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ New Moth Orchid Buds ~

Gary and I were so thrilled to see new buds on our Moth Orchid plant. I had moved the orchid into the tea room after the original blooms had fallen off. The light is filtered and not to strong in this room of the house. We wondered if it would even bloom again. Well it is! and we are so happy and can't wait to see the Flowers.
Remember what it looked like?, this is the original picture we posted back in Sept. of 2008 when we first purchased the orchid.
Oh, I do hope it blooms as pretty as the first time. The cluster of white flowers is just so beautiful to me.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I have never had any luck with orchids reblooming. I read somewhere to cut off the stem after it bloomed. So I have tried that and a new stem never grows. Did you leave your stem as it was and now the new buds are growing on the old stem?

It is beautiful!

Elizabeth and Gary said...


Yes I did leave the old stem on and nothing has grown on it, this is a new stem. I was so suprized this is the first time I have ever had a re-bloom.
Thank you,