Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~The Little Frog~

Look who was swimming in our pool! and couldn't get out. Mr. Frog had been swimming for hours and had been vigorously trying to jump out.
I knew I just had to help the poor guy, and besides I really didn't want a dead frog to get stuck in the pool filter (Yuck) and so I pushed the pool sweep tubing under him to help free him from the cold water.
Mr. Frog looked so happy, I think he was so tired from all that swimming.
Aww, safely to the ground now. I could see his little heart beating so fast. I said " now hop off and be free little Frog" no more swimming in my pool!
We have had lizards, a garden snake and a mouse in our pool, its really icky but I guess that's just one of the things to look out for when you have a pool.


Chris said...

Hi Elizabeth,

We have so many frogs, I can't count them! I love their croaks & chirps at dusk. Our pool is above ground, so all we find floating are bugs. That's bad enough!

Thank you for rescuing Mr. Frog. I know he'll be forever grateful and eat a few extra bugs for you!

Unknown said...

I'm surprised he didn't jump off the hose. I had a pool when I lived in Maryland. I know what you mean about fun finds in the pool filters, the dead little mice were the worse. Had a little tiny bird once...ick!


Wendy said...

Your good deed for the day Elizabeth!
I would have done the same, well done.
I have lots of frogs in my garden (It's a bit too cold in Scotland for a pool!), but I think they are fab, I also have a squirrel family and a really sweet hedgehog.
Sometimes when I'm gardening and lost in the moment, they can give me quite a jump, but it always makes me giggle.

Melinda said...

Frogs and I DON'T get along! Don't like them at all.
You were so nice to help him out!

Your new page is pretty.

Have a nice evening!


nannykim said...

He is too cute!! When I was at the nursing home the other day a worker there from the activities area had two pet frogs and they were in water and she said they live in the water. She didn't have any thing in the container where they could come out and rest....made me wonder. I know toads are land guys, and frogs are water guys...but don't the frogs need so land occasionally.

BECKY said...

YAY!! FREE FROGGY!!! We are constantly saving all manner of crittas around here, too!! Too cute!

So sorry about your lovely tree, Elizabeth! I would find out which indiginous trees grow fast and get one of them!!

Sure do still love your walkway, though!! So pretty!

Happee Friday, sweetie!!

Christine said...

Hi, Elizabeth:D, we don't have a pool, but I have a mushy green tree frog that loves clinging onto my garage light. Even the life of a little frog is precious, your care for even these small creatures shows your caring nature. I'm sure he'll pay you back by taking care of some pesky bugs in your garden:D

Wendy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Just wanted to say if you are passing to pop into the Wendy-House, I have left a little something for you.
Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

OH! I'm so happy you saved him. I can't help but save everything that goes in to our pool!!!

Have a great weekend,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Elizabeth..first I want to thank you for your sweet comment on my post! How kind of you! You have no idea how wonderful yours and other comments has made me feel. It is a reason to get out of bed and wander down the hall...a reason to turn this machine on for at least a short time! With all this encouragement, I have to get well!!
Again..thank you!

When I moved here I remember wishing there was still a pool. My husband rented a jack hammer and broke his up after his children grew up and left home. Then after he dumped the concrete in on itself...he had truck loads of sand and gravel and rock dumped in his driveway and slowly and deliberately filled in his beautiful pool. One of the reasons he gave was because no one was using it all that much and he detested cleaning out the the filter of ..."little critters" etc.
:) I do recall his mentioning rats.
Still...a nice swim might have been nice..
Great pictures you took to put with your story. :)
Again... :) thank you SO much!

joyh82 said...

Poor lil frog, glad you could save it. We have a koi pond and had a few little frogs this year. I love watching them.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I'm sure the little guy appreciated your 'random act of kindness'. : )
I was sorry to read about your beautiful tree blowing over. We've had that happen to us before. It's always a sad thing.
Take care,