Monday, February 8, 2010

~A Visit to Sister's House~

Welcome to my Sister "Margo" and Brother n law "David's" home!

Their style is "Fun,Funky, Vintage and Retro"a mix of styles that all work with harmony and balance. My sister "Margo" has used orange, green, gold and warm shades of chocolate and black as accent colors. The pop-art photo of Margo and David above the couch is fun and colorful! it represents their playfulness and easy going side. The couch is upholstered with the softest suede fabric and David says the arms remind him of chocolate "Ho Ho's" ( by the way David l-o-v-e-s chocolate). The gold hanging lamp by the curtains is from the 1970's time frame.
Margo made all the paisley curtains for this room and the long bolster pillow on the kidney shaped love seat. A fun round mirror and candles hang on the wall in the front entry.
These are four Japanese nesting tables with hand carved dragons. They are over 60 years old and belonged to our Grandparents. I love how they look in my Sister's home!.
Aren't they beautiful!

Another piece I adore in this room is this Victorian- style Tunisian hand -painted birdcage from Africa. I hope you can see all the lovely detail.

Here's a better photo, Margo held a blanket up behind it for me so I could take the photo, in hopes of showing you all the beautiful detail work on the birdcage. (I have dibs on this birdcage if sister ever wants to sell it). Hint, Hint and a smile. Margo and David were married in 2001, they are both school teachers and love to travel. I made this counted cross stitch wedding sampler for them as a gift. The Dinning Room~ Is painted a warm golden yellow, the dinning table is black iron with four upholstered suede chairs. The restaurant sign was hand made that is hanging on the wall behind the table, Margo found this piece while antique shopping.

The hanging lamp is full of retro charm!
Margo loves her china plates and tea-cups just like I do and she has them displayed in these lovey white washed cabinets.
And for the love of orange and retro, you must have a 1970's orange glass vase!.
My love the tea-cups.

The Kitchen~ A bistro table for two, the walls are painted in a warm sherbet color. Modern yet retro, again for the love of orange. The curtains are a soft gray.
A vintage toaster cover, this little hand made doll is dressed in yellow checks and is wearing a white apron.
The tea-cart is another find Margo purchased while antique shopping.
Even the lighting over the bistro table has a touch of retro, a band of orange, green and gold strips.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek in side Margo and David's home.

Next post I will show you the office, Master bath and laundry room.

May your day be full of happiness and your heart be full of sunshine.

Hugs and a smile, Elizabeth


Vee said...

Your sister does have a wonderful flair! Her home looks bright and cheerful as well as warm and welcoming. It's always fun to see styles so different from my own and still so very charming. Love the birdcage, too. No wonder you have first dibs!

Ms. Bake-it said...

What a fabulous home! Your sister and BIL's home looks very fun and inviting. I had to chuckle at the "Ho Ho's" comment! It all pulls together quite nicely. I have to admit, I like the pop of orange! The nesting tables are absolutely fabulous

Thank you for sharing their home with us.

~ Tracy

Rebecca Nelson said...

Sweet and retro. I love it and my sissy, Jenny, would be over the moon for it all!

LOVE that she loves what she loves. We must be TRUE to ourselves.

Lovely my friend. Lovely!


Melinda said...

You sister has put a lot of things together in her home and has made them work very well. Love the pop art photo in the living room.
The wedding sampler is very cute too. They were married two years and five days after Ken and I. Happy Anniversary to them!
It was good to see you at Dreaming today--you have been missed!!


Cottage Rose said...

Love your sister's style,, so fun and full of life... The colors are so pretty,, love the tea cart,,, thanks for sharing her beautiful home with us...


sandy said...

Their house is really great! Some people (unlike me) yourself, etc., really know how to decorate. I love that birdcage too....

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your sister's house is so much fun! So beautifully and artfully decorated. The afghans you've been making are beautiful. Have a nice week! Twyla

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

What a fun home ... you can tell they are very high energy people.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh ELizabeth sweetie...
How beautiful everything is. Please thank Margo for allowing you to share with us. Her home is just eye candy beautiful. I love her picture above her couch of her and DH. That is so special and is such a conversation piece I am sure.

I love the little nesting tables, they are just beautiful. Again wonderful conversation piece.

The little bistro table is the perfect place for the two of them to have tea or a quick snack. Love it.

All so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

Barb said...

Hi you two,

Thank you for sharing their home with us. It is fun, funky, vintage, and retro. Every thing blends together so well though.

The package is on its way-Whoo hoo.

big hugs,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun to see something so unique and stylish! I love the birdcage and all the special touches. Love the splashes of color throughout! NICE! ♥

nannykim said...

Oh wow, a lot of fun going on at your sis's house!! Love that birdcage and those tea cups. I hear paisley is making a comeback.

I love home homes express the occupants!

Anonymous said...

Hello E & G!
OH! This is great! Love the art above the sofa and the chocolate Ho-ho sofa. Fun, personal, and full of love - what a great home! You all must have a wonderful time when you get together! :)
Wishing you a day filled with joy,

Laurie said...

Hi Elizabeth and Gary, I love thier house you can tell you love them very much. It is so nice to see that. I really love the Japanese nesting tables and the cage. I too would like to have it. You family have a lovely home . God Bless

Sandy said...

I have a glass vase just like your sister's orange one! My brother and I bought it for our Mother but ours is purple rather than orange. I still have it. If I'm remembering correctly we bought ours in the 1960s not the 1970s.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Monica said...

I have the very same birdcage!!!!!!!!!! I painted mine white, it was natural wood, but exactly the same shape!
Sorry for my delay in responding, Elizabeth! My birthday is March, 18th.Many thanks for your always sweet and kind words! I really appreciate your interest in my art!
P.S I'm adding your link on my blogroll, so I can visit more often. Hope it's ok.