Monday, March 15, 2010

~Pretty Flowers~

Happy Monday my dear friends. What a beautiful weekend we had here in my neck of the woods, so I thought I would share with you some the lovely flowers in bloom around our home.
It was my birthday on March 7th and my parents came over for a birthday visit and brought these ever so lovely freshly cut tulips. We have a tulip farm in Modesto, and the flowers are just amazing.

When I look inside the bloomed tulip it always reminds of a kaleidoscope.

Gary knows I love orchids, he bought this lavender orchid for me for our Anniversary on February 21st. We celebrated 34 years.

And of course my white orchid, this baby just keeps blooming every year. I think she is "beautiful"

This is my little gal, she only has one bloom so far, but many more to come.

Outside the garden is showing signs of springs.

Until next time, I hope your days are full of sunshine and flowers!
Big hugs my friends ~Elizabeth~


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love the flowers. I haven't seen any tulips yet, here in Illinois(except at Walmart! :)
I love the orchids. My gal, Carole Lombard, whom I collect on used to wear them on her suits all the time. They are so elegant!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Elizabeth please email me your secret on keeping your orchids alive. I have one now and I want it to keep coming back! Also, those tulips are AMAZING!

Melinda said...

We finally had some sun today! Too early for most of our flowers to be blooming.

Have a great evening.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Elizabeth; OH wow such beautiful blooms, they are really popping up all over you yard.... the Orchids are so lovely the lavender is so pretty... have a wonderful week... and enjoy your flowers..


Terry said...

Howdy Elizabeth
Wow what a fabulous post .
Hapy belated birthday to you and may the coming year be filled with priceless special moments that leave blooms of love and joy in your heart to last you all through the year.
I am simply in awe of your gorgeous orchid .
Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely blossoms today.
I have been in need of spring and you truly blessed me !
Love and hugs from Texas
Happy Trails

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Elizabeth. Your flower ar gorgous. Your orchids are beautiful and I know they are hard to grow. Happy Spring.

Vee said...

I've been trying to find tulips and can't yet. My sister just purchased an orchid and it does beautifully in her home. I feel as if I would kill any that came to live here. Your outside flowers are amazing, too. I've only seen that first outdoor one...Clematis (?) grow in pots around here.

Barb said...

Happy belated birthday. Your flowers are beautiful. Those orchids....I love them but they don't do well here.

Also, The 3 tables in your previous post-very special. What a treasure to have. I like the transformation.

big hugs,

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

The flowers are beautiful.

Congratulations on 34 years!

nannykim said...

I am enjoying the flowers here as well, FINALLY!! The bradford pear trees are awesome right now!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

What beautiful flowers. I never noticed before how a tulip looks like a kaleidoscope. It really does! My hubby's fav flower is the orchid. I'm sure he'd love the ones you showed here. Thanks for sharing them.
Patricia :o)

PS: Happy late birthday.

kanishk said...

I want it to keep coming back! Also, those tulips are AMAZING!
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shannon i olson said...

what beautiful orchids and camellias cute blog