Sunday, June 10, 2012

~Buttercup Yellow 50's Style Appliances~

 Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all.
 Gary and I have been working on our kitchen for over two years now, just when we think we are almost done "Well" we find something else  that catches our eye and we just have to have it. As it was with out new "Buttercup  Yellow 50's Style Retro Appliances" from "Big Chill" 
Do any of you watch the  Rachel Ray Cooking Show, well that is where I first saw the Big Chill refrigerator and fell in love with it, then I saw an add in one of my magazines advertising the Big Chill appliances and showed it to Gary he too was in love with the vintage look of these colorful appliances.
He made a call to the manufacture and ordered the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove.
There are many pretty colors to choose from, and you all know how much I love red and my family couldn't believe I didn't buy the red but the buttercup yellow just swept me off my feet! It's such a happy color.
I tried to capture the true color for you but the light in my kitchen kept changing today. I hope you can see how pretty the yellow really is.

 The dishwasher has stainless steel inside and the controls are hidden on the top of the door.
 I love how round the top of the refrigerator door is. Its just as cute as can be, I want to hug it all the time.

 Even our kids fell in the love with the appliances....
 But I must tell you my favorite is the gas stove...Its amazing and so pretty! The color is actually brighter it looks to lite in this photo. I think the stove makes my cooking taste better hehehe!

 This is a truer color of the Buttercup Yellow.
 We had to wait almost two months to receive the appliances but it was worth the wait.
Paul who is my daughter Desire' boyfriend has been working on the crown molding thoughout the house, he is also installing all new molding around all the doors throughout our home. Here's a little peek at the work that has been going on. We still have to paint all the trim and I will  show you how it turns out just as soon as we get it all painted.

I want to thank all my friends that left me a note or sent me a personal note through email with condolences for my beautiful sister. Words can't express how you have touched my heart, I wish I could hug each and everyone of you and tell you thank you in person.
 Your sweetness and kind words have helped me during this time of sorrow. Gary and I are trying to stay busy. My sister will always be a huge part of our lifes, although she is living in heaven now she will forever live in my heart...I miss her everyday.

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 Have a sweet week and God bless,


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Elizabeth and Gary,
You both are always such hard workers and you do things thoroughly.
Love your new assets for the kitchen and with Paul you're very lucky.
Love to you,

Vee said...

The color is perfect! I had no idea that one could find such vintage-looking appliances. Your kitchen is beautiful and that molding...wowzer!

Staying busy works well and then one day you might find that you can be quiet and enjoy some sweet memories. Then you'll get busy again.

Continued comforts and blessings for you and all those missing her.

Veronica said...

I LOVE your kitchen! It is so bright and cheerful! It looks like a joy to prepare a meal there!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

The color and the style of your new appliances are fabulous! They are perfect in your kitchen.

Sending hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Love those vintage appliances! I didn't know they were out there either. I'm also a Big fan of red, but those butterccups are adorable. I totally get you want to hug them by the way. Your kitchen is coming along beautifully!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Love the room! My favorite things: the green door, the appliances of course and the window seat/banquette. Now why cook in there and mess it all up? I would just walk through and admire it!

chateau chic said...

Your kitchen is absolutely adorable! It is so cheerful and inviting, the kind of place you want to drop in and sit, chat, and drink coffee. I love it!
I'm happy to be a new follower and hope you'll stop by, Mary Alice

Debby said...

I LOVE your kitchen. Love the vintage appliances. Now, I just wish my tourqoise blue bathroom would come back in style.......actually it may already be.
It takes so long to feel peace when you loose someone so close. My cousin was like the sister I never had. When she died unexpectedly a year ago from H1N1 my heart was broken. I can say, it is getting better.

Miss Jean said...
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Miss Jean said...

I know that jealousy is not good, but can I make an exception with your new appliances!!!! Awesome! Happy for you.

Betty said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all I can say. I love it.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I LOVE your appliances....I always wondered where Rachel got hers.....that just makes your kitchen too fun!!

the misfit said...

Lovelovelove the vintage-style appliances! My current fridge is working fine and the Big Chill isn't in the budget right now, but that's what I have my eye on for *someday* when the current fridge has to be retired. (And because I am insane, I am in the process of getting a stove from the ACTUAL 1950s to work. If anyone decides to do this, make sure you only buy something that you can test before you buy it so that all burners and ovens are working at least a little bit so you just have to improve!)

Your kitchen is so warm and cheerful - I love it!

Cindy said...

I LOVE your new appliances!!! I would hug them every day if they were mine! I would adore having those in my kitchen, I'm so happy for you, you deserve all the happiness in the world.
Your kitchen keeps getting prettier and prettier!!!
Love and big hugs, cindy
P.S. does Big Chill make microwaves?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

With all the blogs I ever visited I think your kitchen is my favorite. You have all of my favorite colors..the handles on the must tell me where you found them!! Gorgeous! The rugs..curtain..everything is simply perfection!

Anonymous said...

I love your appliances and they look wonderful in your kitchen! Oh, I love the vintage look and these are just gorgeous! I'm so proud for you. I'm just in love with your kitchen.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

ashu sood said...

Beautiful kitchen with latest modern kitchen appliances

EllenaElizabeth said...

I just love your new appliances so much. Thanks for sharing.

BECKY said...

Oh my goodness! These appliances are gorgeous and oh so charming!! How lovely that you got all three! And they look awesome in your beautiful kitchen.

You and Gary have done a great job, and I know it just makes you smile every time you walk in!

Hugs to you,
and prayers for a good week,

Catherine Holman said...

Your kitchen is so "sweet"! I'm so honored to have my artwork hanging there with all those gorgeous appliances!
Keeping you in my prayers.

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

First, let me say how sorry I am to hear you lost your dear sister. I lost mine 2 years ago, so I know how lost you will feel for some time.
I kept checking back and thought you couldn't still be in Hawaii and knew something was up.
Prayers for you, sweet friend while you go throught this time of grief.
Now to the appliances. I am in love with them and would be hugging them too. I didn't know about "Big Chill" Wish they made them for RVs. They are all wonderful, but the dishwasher really "got" me. You chose the perfect color for your kitchen.
Love and hugs...glad you are back.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I love your appliances and your beautiful kitchen. The vintage look has so much charm! Visiting from the Cozy Home Party.

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I noticed them before I even started reading... they are just about the neatest things ever! Did you say that Gary took the initiative? Wow... you lucky duck.

My mom had a PINK fridge and stove in the early 60's. My neighbor had pale yellow. I like how your's is a real buttercup yellow. Sooo pretty!

Thanks for sharing them at my party this week.

xoxo Bunny Jean
Wednesdays Bunny Hop!

Our Country Bungalow said...

Those appliances are amazing! I love them all but my-oh-my that stove is dreamy! You made the perfect color choice with the warm yellow. Your home is always one of my favorites. Love it.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Really love those appliances. If they have pink I will have to start saving my money! The color you picked looks perfect in your kitchen. TFS!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Hi Elizabeth, your kitchen is gorgeous. The new "old" appliances are so pretty. I just love the homey look to the kitchen and I mean that in the best way. It looks like the Waltons should be sitting around that wonderful table chattering away. How nice to be able to recreate a look from the past but still have the function and beauty of today. Thank you for coming to my party. I had missed you but did not know about your sister's passing. I'm so very sorry. I have a sister in heaven too. I will be meeting mine for the first time because she passed away two years before I was born. Isn't it reassuring to know that they are safe and happy in heaven. God bless you and your family and give you comfort and peace.------Shannon

Anne Marie said...

well....I just feel terrible I didn't read about your sister Elizabeth....I am so sorry

she will be in my prayers

I bet she helped pick out your cute appliances didn't she?

God bless,
Anne Marie

Ana said...

Oh Elizabeth,
I just love, love, love your kitchen. Beautiful color scheme...Looks so cozy and inviting. And the new appliances, well they are just perfect in your kitchen. They are absolutely beautiful. You and Gary have done a great job. Sending you both a great big hug.

Much love,

Debbiedoos said...

I am absolutely in love with your kitchen from top to bottom, front to center! Great colors and so cozy! Of course the appliances are super cool too!

Meeha Meeha said...

Your kitchen is a work of love! The buttercup appliances look so... edible! Lovely :)

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Love the new vintage appliances. So nice to be able to have the feel of a simpler time in your kitchen but enjoy all of the modern technology.

Visiting from the Bunny Hop.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I know you are thrilled with your new kitchen toys and I really like your kitchen island looks like an old dresser with a new top

good for you

blushing rose said...

Elizabeth, your kitchen is awesome. I don't care for yellow but love this shade.Your kitchen is amazing, bright & cheerful.
Happy pinky weekend ~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a charming kitchen and how cool are those appliances. So nice to see something unique instead of stainless steel which I don't have either. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

Unknown said...

What a great kitchen you have created. The yellows and reds together give it such a warm feeling. Love your appliances.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful!!! LOVE those appliances! Now that island sure has transformed, too. So when are you going to paint the cabinets white? (smile)

LOVE the crown molding! What a great job he is doing.


mariondee-designs said...

OMG I love your new appliances!! I wonder if they make them in Australia.. probably not but will check anyway. I'd be hugging that fridge too and kissing that stove! My stove is stainless and as much as I love the look I hate trying to keep it shiny all the time. I love the colour you picked too, yellow is such a happy colour. Your kitchen is gorgeous and has lots of character.. take care, Maryann

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Wow, what a great kitchen, & the appliances are wonderful! I new to your blog, visiting from Kim's WOW Party, & I'm definitely following now! Actually, I may never leave this post, because I don't want to miss a thing in your!

from me to thee......... said...

be still my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE those appliances !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful! Wonderful appliances! So sorry for the loss of your sister. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Sandy said...

This is my first visit here. Congrats on being featured on Savy Southern Style! I love everything about your kitchen! Love the vintage looking appliances too. What color green is on the door? It caught my eye right away. So sorry to hear about your sister.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG I am so in love with your gorgeous kitchen !
The appliances are just yummy looking they are so beautiful!
Love all your colors, cabinets and of course the appliances.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister Elizabeth.
I just read the post, an amazing tribute to an amazing woman.
Deepest Sympathies to all of you.

Happy@Home said...

Your kitchen is so cheerful and cozy. The vintage appliances are awesome. I LOVE the yellow color you chose.
I just read your previous post and want to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your dear sister. Your post was a beautiful tribute to her. I know this must be such a shock for you. My prayers are with you.

annabell@MapleRidgeFarmGirl said...

Beautiful home and such a sweet kitchen. It just says"Come on in and stay awhile and have a piece 'o pie"!! Lol!!! Have a lovely day!!!


lil red hen said...

These are amazing! Love the lovely yellow color! My kitchen stove is patterned after an old time wood cook stove. You've done such wonderful decorating in your kitchen too.

prince snow farm said...

What a cozy kitchen!

Debbie Kay said...

Yellow and Red.........very very pretty.



Unknown said...

Your kitchen is pretty and the appliances are so cool! Lucky you!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm now following on GFC and Linky Followers.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the cutest kitchen ever ! I love all of your appliances ! Whenever we land in our retirement home, I want these ! So cute and original !

Betty Stapleton said...

Wonderful, I saw your appliances, so I didn't read wrong. I love them, red would be nice too. We have a 50's stove not refurbished, just working great still, it is about 40" wide -took me a long time to find it. Had a kitchen guy come to measure for new counters one time and he told me the first thing that needed to go was the stove, soon set him right.
Sorry to read about your sister, my deepest sympathy.

Unknown said...

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