Sunday, October 14, 2012

~Masterbath & Guestbath~

 Happy Monday! In my last post I shared with you the kitchen and hallways with all the new celling crown molding and casings around the doors. Today I thought I would share with you our very quaint, cozy, tiny bathrooms with new moldings and casings. .
These two doors are in the Master Bedroom the door straight ahead of you leads to the hallway and the door off to the left is our Master Bathroom or better known as the "necessary room"  Paul ran the trim beautifully together to form summitry since the two doors are so close together.
 Opening the door into the necessary room (this is the BEFORE) this photo was taken the day we had our home inspection. Notice the walls are white and the windows have no casings. Also the vanity is very small with little space to put things on.
 Also see the extra space beside the vanity, I had to put something there for towels. The vanity did not have room for towels. This bathroom was in need of help, so I called my cabinet maker and showed him pictures of what I wanted for a vanity and he came through with this lovely white mission style vanity with plenty of drawers and even room for towels.
 Paul added the molding around the window, what a big difference it made the window looks bigger (I heart this window).  I made the curtains out of linen fabric, the walls are painted in Cozy Cottage by Sherwin Williams this is the color I have used primarily throughout our home and all the doors and trim are Swiss Coffee by Kelly Moore

 The  vanity has two large deep drawers see them on the right,  we now have room for bath towels.

 I love how the vanity turned out it really brighten up the room and made use of the extra space by the door, we also have more counter space too and Gary and I aren't running into each other while trying to brush our teeth...  We  had to call an electrician  to move the electrical socket to the right to make room for the mirror and the extra large back splash we wanted. Paul did all the finish work for the wall repair (there is nothing he can't do) and he has the biggest brightest smile ever.
 I have shown you this mirror before, we have had it for many years it used to be very dark walnut and I painted it white, its diffidently showing its age and wear but I still love it and keep moving it from room to room, but I think its staying in the bathroom now. I don't think Gary wants to lift it again it's very heavy.

 Looking from the window to the door that leads into the Master Bedroom..see the trim so pretty! I just can't say enough how much all the crown, moldings and casings have changed the look and feel of our home, it just brings a big old smile to my face.
 Off to the left of the door is our walk in shower no doors needed. It wraps around into the wall. The little wood rack that we hang our shower towel on, Gary made for me (I saw the idea on a blog and darn if I can remember who's) I am so sorry. I do like to give credit where credit is due so if you know where I saw this creative idea please let me know.

 Behind the wall is the necessary part of the room. Just a little space but hey what else do we need right. Our bathrooms are simple  no fuss. I could dream of many things like a huge window with a view out into a meadow while enjoying a jacuzzi tub but our home is not in a meadow and our bathrooms are small. So you just make the best of what you have right.
 Now onto the Hall Bath, walking through this door leads you to the Hall Bathroom or you can call it the Guest Bathroom or the Necessary Room. Its also very cozy, tiny, peitie OK lets just say its "Small".
Both bathrooms have the same tile and this bathroom  (still has) the same vanity and sink as the Master Bathroom had. We have not replaced it yet since it was new when we purchased the house, so we are making use of it. Eventually we will replace the vanity with a white one and a new counter top also I would like to have a small wall I think it's call a ( kneewall) I bet I spelled that wrong anyway, to hide the potty so you don't see it as you walk in..

 I really love the trim.  The walls are painted in a Light French Blue by Sherwin  Williams.

 Guest Bath window trim casing. I didn't want to put any screws into the wood so I used spring rods for the curtains in both bathrooms.

 Now for the Guest Bedroom moldings, the closet  all trimmed out  Paul used the same design he created throughout in every room
 Guestroom door leading into the hall all dressed up in fine molding.. The guest room is painted in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.
So there you have it. I think I have shown you all the crown and moldings now...there are two rooms you have not seen yet the laundry room and Gary's office that we share...
We have  nick named it the (Situation Room #1) you can only guess why! LOL one day I will take you were no camera has been before.

Enjoy your week and I can't wait  to visit and see what you have been up to.


Unknown said...

So beautiful! I love your color choices too. Hugs,

Connie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, sugar!! I love it. I wish I had more room in mine for some extra things. Yours turned out beautifully.

Rojer Fredrick said...

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Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

All beautiful. Gorgeous moldings. Great tile choices. Love the mirrors and accessories too.

Leslie said...

This is a really great post! I appreciate seeing the changes you made and how you guys did them all. Everything is so well done! Love the moulding and trim and the new vanity is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your paint colors, too. I have a little bathroom that need just a little tlc to make it home. :)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your bathrooms are lovely. The new molding really makes a huge difference.

Catherine Holman said...

It's beautiful Elizabeth. We live in an older house and the bathrooms are so tiny that I can't decide what to do with them. There isn't even room for double sinks.

Miss Jean said...

I don't know why they don't make homes with moldings around the doors and windows any more. If I were to ever have someone come and put moldings in for me I'd just show them your pictures and tell them, "Do that!!!"


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Elizabeth and Gary,

One cannot believe how impractical others could design such a bathroom. You now designed a beautiful and above all a very functional one. Ample space for putting your towels and such.
Compliments to both of you, including your son-in-law!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

turned out beautiful! Would love to have a drawer for towels, never thought of that before really..always had a cabinet or closet.

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Your baths are just gorgeous! I love all the crown molding, new vanity, and your choice of color is so peaceful! I can't believe the difference the molding makes on the closets....I may just have to borrow that idea!
Hugs, Penny

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh my goodness, what amazing transformations - WOW!

The trim around windows and doors are to envy, adore and covet big time.

I LOVE what your cabinet maker did to utilize that space in your master bath- brilliant design and looks GREAT!!

Well done!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great bathrooms! I love the vanity you had made for your master bath!

We have small bathrooms too, but they are fine for our family - we usually are not having a party in the bathroom anyway!


Ana said...

I'm so jealous. I want molding in my house too :-) Your daughter's boyfriend did an outstanding job. Love both your bathrooms. If you think they're small, well lets just say you could probably fit 3 of our smallest bathroom or 2 of our main bathroom in your master bathroom...:-)

Much love,

plumbing said...

I love the every details in your bathroom. Such great ideas. If I had more counter space, I would want to display items I use frequently like this!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Both of your bathroom remodels turned out so lovely!! I love all the blues.

Cindy said...

Your bathrooms are gorgeous! That trim just takes your house up a whole notch, it's a very high end look.
I adore the vanity in your bath, the marble is TDF!!!
Your wall colours and decor in both are fabulous.
Your guest bath is about three times the size of our one and only bath. Oh how I would love to have one that size!
Hugs, Cindy

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Jessie Blair said...

Hi, your bathroom is really adorable and your choice of colors as well. I want to do some make-over for my bathroom too and thinking of some help from bathroom renovation experts.