Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Room with new Built-in Cabinets

This is our family room the place really where we do all our living, the kitchen is right beside it and we can easily see the T.V. from the bar where we eat almost all our meals (yes I must confess we watch t.v. while we eat).
Gary and I are very casual and like to keep thing as simple as we can. The built in cabinets were completed in Oct. 08. The cabinets were custom built by the "Oak Mill" in Modesto. They were Fabulous to work with.

I just love the creamy white sofa the fabric is a cotton washable and it does wash very well. We purchased the sofa from Ethan Allen where we were able to choose the fabric we wanted.
The "Coca Ottoman" was also purchased from Ethan Allen. The fabric you see on the ottoman is the fabric used on the pillows that are now resting on the couch in the front room. I just moved the pillows around a bit, you all know how much I change things around all the time even if is just a pillow or two.
The beautiful deep red afghan on the sofa was made by our daughter Bernadette for us this Christmas. It's just the most sweetest thing she could have done, she made it and it means the world to us. O.K. now do any of you have a recliner like this in your home?. It belongs souley to Man of the house (Big G) and he will not give it up even for my decorating fetish. I have tried so hard to work around this (RECLINER). He loves it and so it must stay!.
The stain glass window you see is one of the many we had made by "Valley Rose Designer Glass Studio" here in Modesto. You can look back at the dinning room to see more of the beautiful glass work that Mary and her daughter Caroline designed for our home.
The day of installation of the Oak Cabinet built-ins.
Hard at work these guys!. They are the greatest.

The fireplace opening its quite large, enough for a man to fit into to work.

Almost done.
The Men from the "Oak Mill" in Modesto. I just can't say enough how great they were, they were professional all the way through the design process to installation. And here is the finished Oak Cabinets with the fireplace installed.
Gary and I are very happy with the way the cabinets turned out.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your family room looks so warm and inviting! Those cabinets really turned out wonderful. Yes, I have a big old leather recliner in my family room too....and it is my husbands.

I see a mosaic lamp peaking out here and there in those photos....

Barbara said...

Thanks for stopping by...your family room look stylish and comfortable.We have 2 recliners in our family room.
Have a great day.

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I love your new cabinets. Very nice.

Michelle said...

What lovely cabinets! Love the storage. Your room looks homey and cozy.

I don't have a recliner yet but hubby keeps after me that he wants one. Maybe someday...


The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

The cabinets turned out beautifully! You have such a lovely home too! I love the red & white - someday I am going those colors too! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog, I am going to add you to my "favorites" list! And come on by anytime!

Catherine Holman said...

Great cabinets and fireplace! My hubby has a favorite chair too.

Anonymous said...

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