Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~Patio Swing Project~

Poor little old green swing, she was so tattered and faded from the sun, and lots of swinging. So it was time for this little old green swing to look new again.
Gary and I found this blue and white outdoor ticking fabric on SALE for $3.00 a yard, I was so excited since originally it was $9.99 a yard. What does a good little shopper do, she buys 10 yards!.
Next Gary and I go over to ACE Hardware that is only minutes from our home and buy 4 cans of red spray paint. You all know I love red.

And Wall-la a new red, white and blue swing for our swinging pleasure and just in time for the 4th of July! I love rick a rack and so I used it to add more color on the canopy, I only had 25 inches left and did not want to run back to the fabric store so I used what I had to make our last name initial on the big pillow. I had made the red ticking and poke a doted pillows a while ago and thought they would add a little more pizzaz to the swing.
I made the slip cover for the seat with one open end (like a pillow case) and tucked under one side, so it could be taken off and washed easily.

Next weekend I have my lounger to recover for the back yard. I will be sewing until I use all of my 10 yards of fabric!


Becky said...

Well, that is just adorable. What a great job y'all did!! Happy swinging!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

WOW! That turned out great! I love the new look and red and blues are my favorite colors. Where in the world did you find blue ticking outdoor fabric?

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love how you redid your swing. Red is my fav color to decorate with lately so I love it all. Great job.

Can't wait to see your lounger.

Chris said...

Now that's a keeper! I am a big fan of ticking, and your blue & white choice with the red frame makes the design complete. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love the look of your "NEW" swing...What a redo, it's fantastic and I like the red too! Have a great week! Hugs, Jennifer!!

sandy said...

wow, great job and it looks wonderful!! Now will go catch up. I've been out of town.

Terry said...

Wow you two are so creative .
I love the makeover :)
Happy Swinging to you both !

Michelle said...

Wow! What a beautiful transformation.. my favorite color is red so the new look is so pretty!


Anne said...

What a great blog you have and what a great trasformation of your swing. I like how you made the seat cover like a big pillowcase for easy washing. What a terrific idea!

Vee said...

Wow! Am I ever impressed. I would never have realized that one could do that! Well done...

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Wow, your swing looks amazing...Love, Love, Love it!

Nancy Yoakum said...

Oh that came out adorable. I love rick rack trim. You did such a good job! Thanks for sharing your

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving such sweet comments!

You did a FABULOUS job on your patio swing.
Enjoy it!!!

Connie said...

I just found you from another blogger and absolutely adore what you've done with that swing, sugar! Looks like you're in the northwest also. I'm in Idaho from Calif.

Also the military give each one that you can a huge hug and kiss for all they do to keep my country safe! Hubs is a retired Marine and I adore men who protect us.

Nice to meet you, sweetpea. Drop over and say hi. I think you'll get a giggle or two and a few tips on decorating also. You make me wish I had an old swing to decorate now! LOL

I'm adding you to my favorites also, sugar!


Rhondi said...

I love what you did with the swing :)

Becky from Tennessee said...

TOO CUTE!!! I love the blue
ticking with the red. I have
a similar swing and had decided
to take it to the dump but now
I think I will try to "sew" a
new canopy.....the problem with
that is, I don't know how to
sew!! Was the canopy difficult
to make and how did you do it?
Happy Swinging!