Thursday, July 2, 2009

~The Space Needle and Pikes Market~

Here we are at the Space Needle in Seattle WA, the Space Needle was designed for the 1962 worlds fair and the Space Needle is 605 ft tall . Did you know you can get valet parking at the Space Needle, so we did. Gary laid on his back on the step of this fountain to get the full shot of the Space Needle.
The many views from the top of the Space Needle, by the way it was $18. per person to go to the top of the Space Needle to see the views of Seattle. It was amazing views but a bit expensive.

A cruise ship was docked.

Now for Pike Place Market, the oldest open public market in Seattle since 1907.
A neat little ally way with small shops.
The most beautiful flowers, I wish I could have brought some home.

Look at all the people, so many in fact it was hard to see anything. Dad had enough of the crowd and went outside looking for fresh air.
He found this little rag time band. They were actually good.
AH ! and the fresh fish I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, the biggest crab legs ever and the lobster tails were huge! You can click to enlarge any picture.

Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.
We started for home after this Mom, Dad, Gary and I all had a great time but we really wanted our own beds and pillows. Vacationing is always fun, but there is no place like home!.


Vee said...

Great shot that Gary took of the Space Needle! Those views were amazing. I'd be like your dad...enough of the crowd. It can be a real pain to be claustrophobic. You have such a lovely home that it's no wonder you were eager to return!

Vee said...

I just reread that comment and it makes me laugh..."great shot...Space Needle" hahahaha...

Dena said...

That is an amazing picture of the Space Needle! Glad you had fun :)


Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. The market looks like fun! My daughter who is getting married on your daughter's birthday is 32 as well. Have a safe trip home!

Cottage Rose said...

OH MY I just love Crab legs, and those are some really huge ones.. and the Lobster tails my jaw hit the floor,,, lol what a wonderful out door market, such beautiful flowers. And the views from the top, were beautiful, but I am not that brave to go up that high.... Thank you for sharing them... glad you all had a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth!! OK, the space needle is awesome! and I bet the view is amaizing when your actually up there. Thank gary for the picture of the space needle, I don't think I'll ever get there to see it for myself. That market looks like so much fun, first I would buy a ton of flowers then a huge lobster tail and a bunch of crab legs and have me one wonderful lunch!!! LOL!! Have a beautiful 4th of July!!! hugs, Jennifer!

From the Old InkWell said...

Elizabeth, it was fun to see your post on Seattle since we just got back from there a few weeks ago. We visited Seattle a couple of days before cruising to Alaska on a ship like the one in your photo. We did the Space Needle too and didn't you just love Pike Market. Wonderful place to visit! Enjoyed your photos!

Cindy said...

I really want to take a trip up there! I know I would love it!!!