Sunday, September 19, 2010

~Chocolate Chip Bunt Cake~

If you l-o-v-e chocolate you must try this recipe, really it is Delicious!
I  have one itty-bitty confession to make, I am not really a baker and when having company for dinner I normally will hop into the car and make a mad dash into (Marie Calenders) for fresh baked pies! Yep I do.. I cheat!
But after trying this chocolate bunt cake I might just become a baker, well o.k. not a fancy baker but a baker! LOL
This recipe came from Becky from "Sweet Cottage Dreams" and she was given the recipe from Kim at "Dear Daisy Cottage". My family loved it so much, they all said I could make this one again (I blushed). I think I shocked them all with my baking skills.. :)

All ready to put into the hot oven, it already smelled soooo good!

50 minutes later and it was resting on the cooling rack.. How I wish you could smell it! sniff, sniff so good and chocolaty!

All cooled down and sprinkled with powdered sugar!

I had to cover this baby or it wouldn't have made it out to serve in one piece.. Gary had his eye on this baby all day!. Silly boy, cuz he waited so nicely I cut him a extra big piece....XO



Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh lord! This looks fabulous and I finally got my very first bundt pan! Thanks.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


you made this fabulous cake!!??

oh good for YOU!! isn't it amazing? moist, chocolately and gooey goodness!

ok, now i have a hankerin' for a piece....maybe i will make it for the luncheon!! ;)

so glad you got to experience kim's fabulous cake!


Vee said...

That looks amazing. If Kim started the ball rolling and Becky sent it on and now you're sharing...well, who am I to say that I don't NEED this recipe? LOL!

Cindy said...

Hello my friend,
Yummy, I will have to check out that recipe. It looks really good!
It looks beautiful, too.
Hugs, Cindy

BECKY said...

Gorgeous cake, Gal!! I'm sure it was delish!!

I don't make very many cakes, but my hubby's fave is coconut cake! He is not a chocolate lover like me!!

Have a lovely week, dear friend!!
Big hugs,

Lallee said...

Oh how delicious looking! Good for you. Your guests must have felt like royalty eating at your table.

Melinda said...

Just finished dinner and that would be really, really good right now. :)


Catherine Holman said...

Yummy! Just a note to thank you for entering and to let you know the deadline to enter is Oct. 1st. I'm glad that you noticed my omission. Thanks for the link too!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I am SOOOOO going to make this!

Thank you for visiting me the other day my friend. My DAD IS special...he was a deeply complicated man but I always adored him.

Blessings to you...I'm still lovin' that entry of yours! FAB!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Yum....I will take a nice big piece!! I like the hallway without the plant....but it was pretty either way!!

Stella said...

Just made two chocolate cakes to take to church tonight. Wish I seen your blog first. I have to try this one. My mouth is watering but I promise not drip on the cake.

Carolyn said...

Hi Elizabeth,
You did good!!! It looks so pretty too.

Thank you for your lovely comment-I do love my hydrangea's too. If you lived closer I would share them with you!


Anne Marie said...

oh good gravy Elizabeth!!! you really can't do that to me! I'm expecting you know!

guess what I'll make this weekend! you bet! i love a good chocolate cake bundt recipe........thanks!
your comment at the farm today was so sweet - thank you :)

Vicki Boster said...

Elizabeth - that cake is killer!!! Oh my - and here I am trying to be good - if that was here I would throw caution to the wind for sure!

Thanks so much for visiting me today - it is so nice to make new blogging friends! (I think you are going to win that extra point from Kathy!!)

Your blog is lovely - and the photos of your home are beyond beautiful. I will be ack for more visits for sure!


Alice said...

this looks like a wonderful, tasty treat! yummo!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

I can NEVER find me any domes. Elizabeth, if you ever find any just get them for me and I will give you $! Oh and I will be trying this! :)