Sunday, November 14, 2010

~Elizabethtown Illinois~

Before I start to share our photo's of our trip to Elizabethtown Il. I want to say "Thank You" for all the lovely complements we received on our Master Bedroom and the vintage quilt. You all made us smile and you warmed our hearts too! 
Back in September we took a trip to visit Gary's sister Sue and Brother n law Brucez. They own and run a B&B in Elizabethtown Il. in Hardin County..  You can click to enlarge any photo if you like.
The town is full of charm and still has many if not all original buildings. Elizabethtown sits along side the Ohio River. I love the building all built of brick.

Here we are in front of Sue and Bruce's "River Rose Inn" come along with us and we'll show you the beauty and the charm of this home built over 100 years ago. So much of the interior and the exterior is still original. Sue and Bruce have been working on the home for some time now and have created a warm and friendly place to rest your weary head. (The breakfast is amazingly yummy)       
Let's open the original rod iron gate and go inside for a visit..

The home has four floors and a wrap around porch that over sees the Ohio River. Bruce is waving (Hi y'all) come on In. (click to enlarge Brucez waving)

Looking at "River Rose Inn" from across the street.

Front porch with original tile work, also all the windows are original as well.

This is were you will find our Brother n law Bruce most of time waiting to greet guests or rocking sipping his cup of coffee.. enjoying his life on the river..

This is the view from the front porch! you can spend your day just watching the tug boats go by..

This is the side of the only restaurant in town, yep the only one. It floats! they serve deep fried catfish and hush puppies.

 Another view from the porch. This was such a beautiful view... In the background you can see barges bringing coal up the Ohio River to the North!
A view from the back yard, looking up towards the house. 
Just look at this Magnolia tree it is original to the home and is over 100 years old. It is huge! This is the oldest Magnolia tree in Illinois

I was sitting under the tree and kept hearing something pinging, I looked up and it was the little red berries dropping.. I had never heard anything like it before..(I'm such a city girl)LOL

 Look at the size of the trunk..this Magnolia tree is amazing, the squirrels loved the tree too.
The pool area behind the house, there is also a hot tub and a resting place to sit and view the sunset setting on the river. You can light the fire pit to keep warm on the chilly evenings. 
 Gary taking in the view. The cars you see are parked in front of the river restaurant.
 I love the brick work, it's original to the house and wraps around the property..
Now lets go inside.. welcome to the foyer. All the wood work is original and it's so beautiful and rich in color.

Original radiators for heating!. Now being from California I'm not used to radiators..I loved them. I did not have these when I was growing up. Cali Girl LoL 

 The antiques are beautiful, if they weren't so big I would have put them in my suitcase to take home. Do you think Sue would miss any of them..
This home is full of antiques around every corner and in every room there is something special and lovely and full of history to see.
 The staircase just made my jaw drop! Guess what? they squeak! It's so cool! I loved it!
 Looking up from the foyer. The arched windows are gorgeous.
 On the landing there are books and movies for the guests.
 I loved this door on  the landing, do you know where it leads?... it leads into the kitchen. Yep the maid would use all the doorways that led behind the walls, so guests would not see them. It was so cool! Little hidden stairways.. There were many doors like this throughout the house.
The panel doors were so pretty! they slid open. Where you see Gary and Bruce is the foyer, I took the picture from the dinning room.

 The dinning room, the antiques just took my breath away! The door way in front of you leads to the kitchen.
Original fireplace,mantel and tile in the dinning room.

 Meet Sue and Bruce you already know Gary and I..Sue is a excellent cook! I don't know how she does it...I'm not such  a good cook..
During hunting season when the hunters are staying, Sue offers bed and dinner instead of bed and breakfast..since the hunters are up before dawn..
Looking from the dinning room into the front room..

 For all my friends who love pink this is a pink room! The photo is a bit dark, click to enlarge.

These doors lead out to a side patio..

 I love  how Sue put up the hummingbirds along the wall, like they were flying away..A touch of whimsy!
 There is also a game corner  to play chess or cards.
Another fireplace that is original to the home..Bruce did retro fit the fireplace with a gas line..the other fireplaces in the home are wood burning..
 One of my favorite spots, I love this rocking chair...siting on the original hard wood floors..
Original gas chandelier, it was changed over for electricity.. this was the fist home in Elizabethtown Il to have electricity and bathrooms..

More beautiful antiques, enjoy the photos.


This fireplace was in the bedroom we stayed in...all original...just beautiful!
 Loving this floor, also original honey comb tile floor to the home..and there's a radiator in the bathroom too.

 Original locks with skeleton keys to open the doors..lots of fun!

Meet "Rosie Magee" she is the mascot of "River Rose Inn". She found Sue and Bruce, Rosie was curled up injured and sick on their front porch of  "River Rose Inn". Sue and Bruce scooped Rosie up into their arms and brought her back to health with their love and warmth.

Rosie loves living with her new, kind and loving family!. Gary and I had so much fun with Rosie, she is so small and so funny looking (sorry Rosie) LOL...Rosie is a one of kind doggie...and I don't think she even knows what kind of doggie she is....
Love her....
I hope you have enjoyed the tour, I know this was a long post...but I really wanted to share with you all the beauty of a small town  that has not drastically changed  through the years.
Thank you Sue and Bruce for letting me share your beautiful B&B and Home with  my friends..
Love you guys..  

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Beverly said...

Oh, I have always wanted to stay in a B&B. Actually when I was younger, I wanted to own one.
What a beautifully decorated home. And so special that the owners were related. I'm sure they made you feel comfortable and loved.
Sweet little town too. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Looks lovely. As a former B&B owner, I know how much it takes to run one. It looks like they do a great job!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for all the pictures. The B&B is only a couple hours away..may have to check it out!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a beautiful place! I could sit and watch the river all day.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a fabulous place!!! I would be spending time checking out the old pieces, too. I see many things at the B and B that Sandi has in her antique shop! Thank you so much for sharing this Heaven on earth place with us girls!

much love,

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This is just lovely. What a beautiful spot!

Home Hinges said...

I love all the beautiful brick work outside and amazing woodwork inside.

Connie said...

I enjoyed every one of your photos. Job well done and many thanks.

Scribbler said...

My husband and I often opt for a B&B instead of a hotel when we travel. I really enjoyed the tour!

Melinda said...

Looks like a great place. I love B and B's they are my favorite place to stay when we are out of town.
Thanks for the well wishes. I like the chocolate idea a lot!


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh this looks heavenly! I adore all the woodwork and the old fashioned doorknobs. Beautiful. I'll have to look up this place if I'm ever staying in OH. :)

BECKY said...

WOW!! I love it all, Elizabeth! Couldn't really even pick a favorite thing!! That magnolia is amazing and so is the view! What a great place to live or visit!

I love that it is so cozy and welcoming! We stayed in a wonderful one just outside of Charleston, SC! We were treated like royalty!

Hugs to you sweetie! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Wow!! Looks absolutely wonderful!
I also scrolled back to see your gorgeous Master bedroom and breathtaking quilt. You're one lucky girl!!
I emailed you directions for the little cradles. : )

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Great pictures! I almost felt I was right there with you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. I want to stay in one of those someday. I have wanted to for a long time. This one looked wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting place. I love that squeaky staircase--so beautiful!

Barb said...

Hi you two,
Oh my goodness, what a beautiful B&B.
I love how they have decorated. The house is perfect.
Just stunning! Thank you for sharing your trip.

Thank you for stopping by. I haven't
really been doing much blog visiting. Very quiet around here. I know brighter days will soon be on the way.

Big hugs,

Susie Q said...

I love this...we so love B & Bs and ths one would delight me!!
I am going to jot it down for future reference! So glad you had fun!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful B&B, Elizabeth! Looks like you have a wonderful stay! Love the quaint little town and that floating restaurant!


Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth! You still have one of the most beautiful blogs...I don't know if you remember me but I made you the pink cupcakes with the strawberries on top...I hope you are doing well,I love your pictures what a nice vacation... Jennifer

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my goodness - what a beautiful antique filled home - I can only imagine how much you enjoyed your stay! The photos are stunning - youdid a magnificent job taking pictures of the entire place. So much character~~

Thank you for being such a vital part of my blogging journey. I so much appreciate that you visit and comment - you mean the world to me - really you do!


Jenna said...

Oh Elizabeth, your master bedroom is so beautiful and the quilt is gorgous. I also enjoyed seeing your handmade pretties too...gosh you have been busy! I look forward to keeping up on your blog...have a nice evening...Hugs, Jennifer

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

I love this all, especially the skeleton keys!

Lallee said...

What a magnificent B&B. What a wonderful stay you must have had with Sue and Bruce too. I can see how they have taken such good care of such an historical place. Just beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to take all the photos so would could enjoy all the details too. I had fun pretending I was sitting on the porch watching the boats go by, imbibing some tea and crumpets ;-) Oh, and Rosie Magee is adorable! She is one lucky little girl to have found such a fine home.

ChaChaneen said...

OH my stars! I lurve this post! The photos are eye candy and I'm all over that little library at the top of the stairs! The owners can be proud in their career to host the best B&B in town! Thanks for sharing!

Buttercup said...

Absolutely beautiful. Another place to add to my "to do" list. I stayed somewhere similar on the river in Montana in May and loved it.

Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I must apologize for missing this post! I was reading a book tonight when it came to me suddenly that I had not seen a post from you for some time. So I got up to see your last one and I remember coming over here for a few minutes one day and I had to leave and do something, never to return!
What a gorgeous B & B, I would love to stay in that one. The old antique filled homes are really the best. We have stayed in a few, always old homes, our favorites.
Thanks so much for the chance to see it, what a treat!
What a sweet little town, too, I adore old town. That's why I love my city so much, it is filled with old architecture and brick buildings.
Love and hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

The interior of that house rocks. How wonderful to have a bookcase on the landing... and when I first looked at that, I got a flashback to the school I attended in 1st and second grade that had a landing like that. How funny that it would bring back that memory for me.


Lauren Bishop-Weidner said...

I grew up in E'town, and I remember when this was Dr. Pierce's (or was it Pearce's?) house! Enjoyed the tour. Quick question--could you find out if they would allow a seeing eye dog (with her family) to stay? Former owners refused, which seemed odd to me.

Susan Pearce said...

It was my Grandfather's home for many years. I have wonderful memories of growing up in that house as it was originally designed. Summer days we spent sitting out on the porch and watching the river go by.