Sunday, November 7, 2010

~Master Bedroom & Heirloom Quit~

 Can you believe Gary and I have lived in the old/new house now for 6 months. Time really flies when you are painting, decorating and landscaping.. So this is our Master Bedroom, it's the biggest Master Bedroom we have ever had. Our bed is a king and we even have space to get out of bed without running into the wall LOL. Come on in and I'll take you on a quick tour.
As you walk into the room the Master Bath is on your right (I didn't have photo's of it yet, that will be another post).
 We left the carpet in the Bedroom for now since it was new, but I think within time we will change it out  to match the wood floors in the rest of the house. The round quilt hoops you see hanging on my quilt rack were hand made for Gary's Auntie Marie's Mother. Auntie Marie gave them to me and they are truly a piece of history.
 We have a small sitting area on the left side of room, where I have my (orchid nursery). The room fills  itself with light and warmth every morning.
There is a french door that opens out into the backyard and pool area.

 We love to open the door and let the fresh air in. We  were able to use all our things from our previous bedroom. The red curtains use to hang in our family room at the other house.

Do you see the plant in the right hand corner..that's the plant that was in the entry way by the front door..

 The quilt hanging on the wall we purchased while visiting Gary's Sister Sue and Brother n law Brucez 
in Elizabethtown ILL. I instantly fell in love with it. Just look at all the colors, they are all my favorites!. and every stitch was stitched by hand...its just beautiful, I wish you could see it in person. The time it took to create this heirloom quilt just makes me appreciate it even more, and you all know how much I love hand made. The quilt is a queen size and we have a king size bed. I didn't want to use it since I don't know how old it is and I want to preserve it the best I can, while enjoying its beauty.

 The back of the quilt and all the beautiful hand stitching. The quilt had some water damage and a few stains. When we arrived home I took it the cleaners and they were able to get most of the damage out. I love it and it brings me much happiness to see it everyday hanging on the wall. Would any of you know how old it might be?
 The door you see straight ahead leads into the walk-in closet.
 The little nook is so cozy and a sweet place to read or take a nap. The red chair reclines out and is a double size chair so Gary and I can cuddle up together. This is the chair I had in the front room at our other house.

The chandelier I purchased on EBay, its original and dates to the 1930's hobnail art deco.

You might want to click on the photo to enlarge it. It is so pretty I think and it fit perfectly in out cozy little sitting room.
So there it is for now, our Master Bedroom...Like I say for now, you never know when I'm going to change something around. LOL

Have a sweet and peaceful week my friends. Talk to you all soon!

Today I'm sharing my post with Cielo from The House in the Roses and Susan from Between Naps on the Porch 



Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your room is charming! And the quilt is drop dead gorgeous! Wish I could help you with info on the quilt. It is just wonderful. Your chandelier is fantastic too.

Sandy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your Master Bedroom is just gorgeous! I love the pops of RED. It is so cosy and warm and inviting. I've had fun reading through your past posts. You have been very busy with your new home (i.e., making beautiful curtains and decorating). And all those adorable handmade baby gifts. Wow - you are so talented. I love the edge stitching on the baby blankets and all the crocheted items made with love. Sorry, but I have no clue as to the age of your lovely quilt.

Mafrousa said...

I really like it
wish u sweet dreams in the master bedroom :D

Susie Homemaker said...

What a beautiful room you have! Your new cottage is truly becoming a home...
Your special touches are seen everywhere...
Gorgeous quilt! Just fills that wall with glorious color...

Warmest wishes,

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Elzabeth! What a beautiful master bedroom! I love all the pops of red and that quilt looks like is was made for you~I can appreciate all those hand stitches as my mom was an avid quilter, all love in each one:)
Have a wonderful week!

Claudia said...

Your master bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! And BIG! I love the quilt - the graphic design is so striking on your wall. As someone who has a tiny bedroom, I can only dream of one like yours.

Oh, and that chandelier is gorgeous!


Cindy said...

Your master bedroom is huge and SO very pretty. I love red and yellow together, they are so bright and cheerful! And how lucky are you?! You have a patio outside of your bedroom. I would so love that.
I love that old quilt, what a find! Your little sitting area is so enchanting, my, I'm sure you are loving this new house, Elizabeth, and I can see why. You have done a lovely job of decorating it.
Hugs, Cindy

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It is all so pretty and cozy. I love how your doors lead to the pool area. That quilt is amazing! Love it all!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your bedroom is beautiful. I love the colors, the little reading nook and that beautiful vintage quilt on the wall.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Totally breathtaking! LOVE THE RED and that QUILT...SIGH! It's totally outta this world. Love everything!

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bedroom and what a glorious size room to decorate! You've made it lovely.

The quilt is a Broken Star quilt and it is really beautiful.

Three things are essential for quilt care. The quilt must be protected from direct sunlight or the fabrics will fade badly where the sun hits it. A quilt I made for my mother faded where the afternoon sun hit it daily on her bed. You may need a curtain, shades, or sheers on that narrow, high window.

The quilt must be protected from contact with unfinished or stained wood, as wood oils will seep into the fabric and stain it.

Last, be sure to rotate your quilt so the weight of the quilt isn't always on the same edge. Ideally, every three months you would rotate it top to bottom then right to left. In a year's time, each edge would have 3 months at the top so the quilt will wear better. Luckily, this quilt pattern can be rotated and look the same!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just beautiful my Dear friend..I love all the pops of red and how fun that you got to use all your beautiful things from your other home..I love having a sitting area in my bedroom and last weekend I just added a faux fireplace to it can you say LOVE IT...Now I feel real warm while watching my tv in there ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT week my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Elizabeth, Thanks for visting my I found yours! Love the vintage chair and light! I have bought alot of things on ebay but no lighting....hmmm something to think about! Love the stitching on the quilt...when I see that I know how soft it is and how good to snuggle in. Your bedroom looks great.

NanaNor's said...

Greetings Elizabeth, I just came over from Becky's-Junk to Joy and so glad I did. I can see we love the same things-from quilts to grandkids.
I used to live in Northern Ca. but three years ago moved to Colorado.
Love, I mean love, your master bedroom. I'm going to follow you, can't wait to get to know you.
The quilt may date back to the 30's. I have an antique quilt from the 20's hanging in my quilt room.
Have a wonderful day!

Karie said...

What a beautiful room. I love the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

Cass @ That Old House said...

What a very pretty master suite! Wow -- that's a lot of space. I think you could fit ours 3X in yours.

LOVE the quilt on the wall; a treasure. That handstitching is amazing; imagine the hours it took.

Also love the ceiling fixture in the nook -- those old fixtures are so beautiful, and the hobnail especially so.

PS My lips are sealed about a certain gift for a certain someone ... thanks for visiting That Old House on Pimp My Shed day.

Jen said...

Wow! That quilt is AMAZING!!
What a beautiful master retreat you have!

Kathy said...

This is a very nice master bedroom - I love the warmth of the red and the personal touches! Love the nook and the french doors - room galore too!
Quite lovely,

Unknown said...

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for visiting my crafty little blog! What a beautiful home you have, what a wonderful quilt. It seems we adore the same color pallet. Your bed cushions are the wallpaper in my dining room! Needs to go, but I just adore it so much. Such inspiration to be found here! Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth

Melinda said...

Very pretty--love the colors.
Great place to be cozy with your favorite person!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful bedroom, and that quilt is gorgeous.

Lindy said...

Beautiful master bedroom. I love the quilt on the wall and how it pulls all the colors together. That light fixture would fit right into my house, BTW!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh my goodness, charming, charming, but that QUILT! It sends me over the moon.

All joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Rebecca Nelson said...

Had to come back again and tell you that your comment about calling your hubby on his cell phone when you are shopping in a store had me on the floor.

We do the same thing.

We are soooo weird.


Love to you~


Cheryl said...

Hello neighbor, I'm over in Fresno ;-) Your bedroom is HUGE! and beautiful... your so darn lucky!!

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Elizabeth, Your new old house looks great! Love that nook in your bedroom, very charming!! Thnaks for visiting my blog:-)

Unknown said...

G'morn, Elizabeth ~ I have not seen quilt hoops before, how wonderful you have them ...

That quilt is to die for beautiful. Such a treasure. The colors are amazing & still so vibrant.

What a lovely suite, Elizabeth. I'd have not thought of red but it is something I'd consider after seeing how beautifully you've presented your room to us. Great job.

Have a beautiful weekend ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Kathy said...

The feeling this room gives me is the same one I get when looking at House Beautiful magazine! Delightful! Your combination of heirloom and traditional pieces work together with such warmth. The fabulous quilt is so perfect as your focal piece. Sure wish when I was in Napa I would have taken the wrong road and ended up at your house! Blessings dear friend, K

Bumpkin Hill said...

I'm delighted to visit your Blog coming over from Monica at White Bench. I love your room, the bed linen is gorgeous, it looks like a true home. Hugs, Catherine x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I know first hand just how lovely your home is!! The quilt is the icing on the cake, Elizabeth!! What a beautiful piece to finish off your bedroom.

Have a cozy day!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh darn it Elizabeth,

DON'T be frightened of the birds. They are such blessings and bring so much life to the garden.

I think that darned Hitchcock movie did a lot of scary damage, especially to youngsters. FORGET IT.

Now, you and Gary must be sick and tired of that old quilt, so I'll send you my mailing address and even reimburse you for the postage.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

P.S. Yes, doves and hummingbirds will be in this new book too.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Elizabeth..your day sounded PERFECT to me.
I have seen a lot of garage sales..but Saturday was a day to behold. We finally got tired. Howard has not been up to par so we went home early.
It was fun..and the weather was perfect.
Our colder weather is just now arriving..and it never seems to last long. It has been so long since we had any real cold down here.
I think your weather up in Medesto is a bit cooler?

Your room. It is beautiful and so warm and cozy looking and yet with lots of space. Wonderful! Us? Well, we bump into walls when we get out of or King size bed...but it's ok. It's ours free and clear and you will bump into walls for that! :) Actually it's a pretty nice size home. have a master bedroom like you have would be fantastic!
The quilt! Well! That is an amazing quilt!
And that light fixture! I want one in my office SO badly and have been eyeing them for a long time. Perhaps one day.
I enjoyed your visit as always! LOVE your comments! :)

Anne Marie said...

wow Elizabeth! what a well put together room...and a veranda with pool out your door? and a sitting area? looks divine!!

your comment was so sweet, I had to come over and thank you!!
Anne Marie

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

You are really settling in and making the new house a home. Love the quilt. The yellow is so cheerful.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your room is stunning. I love the quilt on the wall...fantastic. And that light fixture is yummy too!!


Your bedroom looks so pretty, I love the red and white check. I also stopped by to say thank you for stopping by to check on me, my Dad passed away and I just havent had the energy to post, my Mom is here with me and we have been trying to keep each other busy, thanks again for stopping by for a visit and I just wanted to let you know what was going on.

antiquechase said...

Thanks for the comment. I always want to respond directly to you because your comments are always so nice... but when your comment comes to me it come with "Noreply blogger" as the return email....

Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't want it that way??

I know there are changes you can make in your acct so that people can contact you back.

Gosh, I hope mine isn't set that way?? LOL who knows!

Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
If you ever make it as far as North Dakota, you will have to come and see me. We are several hours north, but yes! It would be such fun!
Big hugs, Cindy

Ana said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for the tour of your beautiful bedroom. It's huge! I love it. Oh and I love all the touches of red every of my favorite colors to decorate with. Sure looks like you're quickly turning your new house into a cozy, home sweet home.

Hugs and Kisses,

BECKY said...

I have said it before, and I'll say it again! You make everything you touch lovely, and your bedroom is no exception! What a pretty retreat you have created for you and Gary! I need to get mine looking this good! Since my studio {ha! workbench} is in the bay window, stuff can stay scattered around for days before I get to it! Since our 24 yo moved back home, space is at a premium!!

Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us!!
Love and hugs,

Catherine Holman said...

What an amazing retreat! The quilt is lovely. Thanks for stopping by and giving me some encouragement for my father in law.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary and Elizabeth! I can testify that your room is absolutely stunning, having the honor of seeing it in person. That quilt is gorgeous! It's something you will be able to hand down for many years to come. Hope to see you both again soon! Marcia

Dawn said...

What a lovely room. I just adore red and yellow together. The quilt is amazing. The light is fabulous. I need to find one for our bathroom, the bulb comes straight out of the ceiling!

I'm still trying to figure out the living room arrangement. It certainly wasn't built for a family to play Wii in!

Lallee said...

Wow! What a magnificent bedroom! I love every single little detail. What a wonderful room to go to sleep in at night, and wake up to in the morning. I think that is so important. The quilt is a beautiful work of art. The sewer would be so pleased to know it was enjoyed so much.