Sunday, February 27, 2011

~My 1st Bed Quilt~

 I love to sew and have made a few baby quilts, but not a large quilt. This is my first bed quilt ever!. I made the Irish Chain quilt and it measures 63x81 inches.  The mint green floral small and large print  fabric  is from Moda, called Bliss by Bonnie & Camille. The red with the tiny flowers is from WindhamWFabrics called Storybook.
 I did not do the quilting, I had it done by a gal in town that has a long arm quilter. (Is that cheating?)LOL
I finished it off and sewed the binding on. I really enjoyed this project it's a quick quilt that only takes about two weekends to complete.

 It's going into the guest room.

A few weeks ago Gary and I went to my favorite quilt store in Livermore Ca called;
In Between Stitches 
I really love this shop, anyway Gary and I picked out enough fabric for a king size quilt for our bed. Our anniversary present to each other. I can't wait to get started, I don't think the king size will be a two weekend project LOL, probably  a good 6 weekend project.
 I always get so excited to see the quilt come to life that I can't stop sewing!.
So many of you create the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen!!! and you  have inspired me so much to try and make a large bed quilt, thank you for that! now I'm hooked and all I want to do is sew! but alas, I have to go to work and can only sew on the weekends.
Have a sweet day my friends and keep creating!


Becky said...

Your quilt is beautiful!!! And no....sending your quilt to the longarmer is NOT cheating. They provide a level of artistry too! Can't wait to see the king size!! Happy stitching!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

oh it is so pretty! looks good enough to snuggle under...and I do love Moda fabrics. You should be so proud.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Your quilt is beautiful-you did such a good job. I usually do baby quilts or lap quilts but have a queen kit(that I for my daughters wedding also)that hubby likes so I may have to pull that out this spring and work on it. I too love Moda fabrics. Have a great day and keep on quilting.

Jenna said...

Elizabeth your quilt is beautiful and I love the pattern and color! just when I think you couldn't surprise me anymore, YOU DO! your sewing is just gorgous and I always look forward to your next project...hugs, Jennifer... tell Gary I said Hi!

One Shabby Old House said...

Your quilt is just beautiful. I love quilts and have a few that my great great grandmother made. They are now very valuable. I had no idea. Apparently quilts from the 1800's are a great collectors items. Doubtful that I could ever part with them but just think one day you may have a granddaughter that will communicate with somebody in cyberspace or from outer space for all that matters telling someone about the quilt that her grandmother made. lol
PS. Relics is a new shop in Tampa. It is just down the street from the shop I am in. It's darling.

Beverly said...

Awww! I love your quilt. Bliss is one of my favorite lines. Love the colors and the Irish chain pattern was perfect. No it is not cheating to have it quilted long arm. It's better than never getting it done. I am going to have the red white and blue one I'm making for my grandson quilted by machine.
What pattern are you doing for your king size. Can't wait to see your progress.
Happy 35th anniversary. I loved your post and all the pictures. Isn't it fun to look back on the styles. But one thing never changes and that is the love you have for each other.

Cindy said...

I am so in awe of you, Elizabeth! I can quilt, I know how, I probably told you about the quilts that I have made, but I don't enjoy the tedious work that goes into it. I LoVe quilts, though. I want to make one for my queen size bed, if I could find one that went together really quickly, I might just ponder doing it, otherwise, no.
I love your Irish Chain, it is lovely. I know your king sized one is going to be amazing! I look forward to seeing it.
Love and Hugs, Cindy

Claudia said...

Have fun! I've made one bed quilt, well actually, I've made more - but one is finished! The other two are yet to be quilted.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love your quilt! You have created such a family heirloom. The colors all look so beautiful in this pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! Oh, your quilt is so lovely! You did a wonderful job and no, it's not cheating to have someone quilt it for you. I love those machines that do it. My mother has made so many quilts and she sends them off to have the quilted!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ana said...

Oh Elizabeth,
It turned out awesome. Love the color and print chioces. Great job...You'll have to share the one for your bedroom when it's done...Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Karie said...

Oh, how I love your quilt. It is beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself. You did a wonderful job. No it is not cheating to have it quilted by the longarmer, it is called being SMART! Way to go girl. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Karie

Debra Howard said...

Your quilt turned out so pretty. It is always so fun to get one finished. I would probably finish more if I weren't a foul weather quilter. I usually only get mine out when the weather is too foul to be out. Sigh...I do finish one every once in a while though.

BECKY said...

Wow! Your quilt is stunning, Elizabeth!! You always make everything so lovely! :o)

Thanks so much for following my new blog! It delights my heart!

Hope you have a fab Thursday!!
Love and hugs,

Catherine Holman said...

I love the vintage look of your quilt and that fabric is exactly what I'm looking for! Beautiful!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


Elizabeth, the quilt is gorgeous! I love your choice of fabrics. Bliss is one of my favorite lines right now. So sweet and RED!!!!!

I love the anniversary post that you shared with us. Happy Anniversary!! You both look so happy!!!

hugs to you!!


Mrs Catch said...

Just beautiful. I made a queen-size irish chain a few years ago. It's one of my favourite designs.

Lallee said...

Elizabeth, that is beautiful. I love the colors. I can't wait to see the next one. I have never made a quilt larger than lap size.

Miss Jean said...

Great job on the quilt! No, it's not cheating to not quilt it yourself. We pass it on to someone to quilt so we can get on to the next project!!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Good for you! I have never tried kudos. It looks so pretty! A king size quilt to me sound like a huge project! Have fun...I guess!!

Cottage Rose said...

I so love your quilt,,,, the colors are so gorgeous... and no it is not cheating to have some one do the quilting,,,,,even the best quilters send theirs out..... great job.....


Sandy said...

I love it! It is sooo pretty! I've never done a quilt...I use to sew all the time but now I'm enjoying crocheting.

bj said...

I love this quilt. Is it a 9 patch block and a solid block all the way?
Maybe I can google the pattern. I MIGHT be able to do this. I want to make a king for my bed, too.
I have quilted all mine on the machine..I wouldn't know the first thing about hand quilting and really don't EVEN want to learn. :)))

bj said...

Back again...I just am dying to make this quilt. Could you tell me the block size you used? This same block size (maybe a 7 or an 8") would look great in a king size.
Well, I am excited now......:))

Donna said...

This is beautiful