Sunday, February 26, 2012

~In Living Color~

 Wishing you all a very Happy Monday ! Gary and I were experiencing very high electrical/gas bills so to put our gas bill in check we had a gas fireplace insert installed, but to do this our fireplace had to be retro-fitted, that meant building the fireplace out and making the opening taller. It was a big mess but worth all the mess for sure.
Our fireplace is designed with plaster this gives us the option of painting it or possibly using brick or other product's to embellish it. Well since it had been painted originally we decided to repaint it, but this time with a bold color, needless to say Gary and I are not afraid of color. We painted our fireplace "Blue Metallic". Now I know a blue fireplace may not be for everyone but we really love it and besides its just paint and we can change it anytime.
So come along with me and I'll show you our blue living room.
 The sofa's and rug are from Ethan Allen (slipcovers are made from Jean fabric) and I made the throw pillows
 Since red is my favorite color I had to bring red into the room, we have red in every room of our home.
 The new fireplace insert really warms up the house and our gas/electrical bill has gone down considerably! "Yeah" toasty warm....

 The fireplace has a ledge that is perfect for decorating and us girls just have to decorate right ..I found the letter's GEM that are me and Gary's initials at Hobby Lobby. I thought they were fun and we can change them out anytime to something different.
 This is a photo of the fireplace wall when we purchased our home. The fireplace was very pretty but we needed  a fireplace insert for heating.
 Closer look at the fireplace

Gary and I still want to add crown molding, we hope this spring to start work on the crown.

 Gary has two leather chairs in the room and he has to have his "Candy" by his side, he loves to pick at night and of course I eat the candy too...not a good thing...LOL
 I try to hide the candy from myself in candy dishes so I won't feel the impulse to eat one, two and three pieces but it just doesn't work.
 Please help us eat these!!
 The coffee table is full our favorite things.
Home made pillows by me..I love mix and matching pillows, there so many fun fabric to choose from. So I just keep sewing pillow slip covers to change the look from time to time.

 Behind one of the sofa's is our red buffet sitting on a small rug also a little sitting area to rest and view out side our  Grandkids playing in the pool.

So there it is....Our very colorful living room. Don't be afraid of color its only paint or fabric I say.

A footnote to this post....This morning I woke up to someone else in the mirror.... I did, I didn't look the same and when I tried to sip my morning coffee my lips were nub and my smile crooked, also my eyes were very sore. Only one side of my face would move... I told Gary and we thought it best to call the Doctor (of course), even brushing my teeth was weird with all the numbness..
You know how it feels after you have been the dentist and he has given you Novacaine to numb your mouth, well that's how my face feels its nub from under my eye to my lips. 
After a few hours in the emergency room I was diagnoised with Bell's Palsy...
Bell's Palsy is a problem involving the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face. The cause is unknown we were told. I was given three medications to take..on a good note it will not last forever and will go away..but for now I told Gary no family photos..LOL
I am feeling OK except I am really tired and my face just won't do what I want it to. It looks so weird to raise my forehead and only one side of my face will go up..

Enjoy your week and remember I will be thinking of you all and getting around to visit soon..

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Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth! I LOVE your blue living room :o) it's very cozy and welcoming...the blue metallic fireplace is is so neat looking and I think it fits perfectly. I really like the way you design your home, you have an eye for what looks good and what goes well together. Have a beautiful week! hugs Jennifer p.s. tell Gary I said hi!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

First of all, I am so glad you are ok. My friend had this and it will go away. Hopefully, sooner than later for you. Next, I love the pics of your living room. So colorful and cheery. Love the blues and reds!
Happy week ahead for you and Gary.

Betty said...

Your living room looks very lovely and I understand completely about the gas/electric bills.

I do hope you feel better soon with the meds. That must have been very frightening. Good that they were able to find out what the problem was so quickly.

Prayers with you.

Catherine Holman said...

I'll keep you in my prayers Elizabeth. This will hopefully heal quickly.
Your room is as lovely as the rest of your home!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

What a scary morning...I am so glad your ok. I would of been scared I was having a stroke..but yes it does go away.
Your blue living room is so inviting and I love the great red accents!

Vee said...

Your living room is wonderful. I think I need to add more red to mine. I certainly have the blue going on. I like the fireplace painted blue as well. I'm a color gal, too, so everything you're doing looks delightful to me.

How scary to wake with that going on. I'm glad that you went to see about it and that you're going to be back to normal soon. Take good care of yourself!

Our Country Bungalow said...

I love your mix of colors in your living room. Just beautiful!
Hope you're feeling better. How scary for you.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How scary that must have been! I am glad to hear that it will go away and soon you will be all better!

Your room is wonderful. I love the color of the fireplace.

Thanks for letting me know that you are able to have your mosaic lamp on the kitchen island. It makes me smile, when I think of it living with the two of you.

Miss Jean said...

First of all, your living room is beautiful! I'll be going back to look at the pictures for inspiration a lot. Now, most important, get well soon!!! When you first started writing about your symptoms I thought "stroke" and it scared me. Hubs has had strokes (yes, plural) and they are no fun. We had a young cousin come down with Bells Palsy and she is fine now. I'll be praying for you.

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

First let me say how sorry I am that you had such a scare. I have heard of it and known a couple people who experienced Bell's Palsey. I pray it goes away quickly and that your reflection gets back to normal soon.
Next, your living room is wonderful. Blue and red being my favorite colors, it really made me feel all warm and cozy. Love your pillows and your fireplace is a great much better than the original. We once bought a house with a peach fire place. Thanks goodness for paint. It did have an insert though and they do put out good heat.
Get well soon.

Carla said...

Hi Elizabeth
Found your blog via my friend Linda @ Linda's Life Journal. I love your room and colors. I would have been afraid to paint the fireplace but it really works with your room.

Cottage Rose said...

OH my what a beautiful room... I just love it all.... so warm and cozy,, and light.... a fireplace does help with the heating bill.. I just love mine..... have a great week..


Lallee said...

Elizabeth, this room is really beautiful and inviting. Your attention to detail really shows off.

Unknown said...

Hope your tooth issue passes quickly. Giving birth is easier than dealing with a tooth issue.

I LOVE your room, Elizabeth. It truly is a GEM. You have done a beautiful job creating comfort with beauty. Your colors are so welcoming & rich.

Gas insert fireplaces are great. We did this to our fireplace also & love the heat. Enjoy!

TY for your sweet note, I am coming along better every day.

Have a wonderful eve ~

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Your fireplace is beautiful!!! Love all that candy, too.

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Elizabeth, I do hope your pretty little face is feeling better soon. Sending you a great big hug. Love your living room and the blue fireplace is great. Oh and I think it is so fitting that you and Gary's initails spell the word GEM, because you are a gem of a couple. Please take care my dear friend.

Much love,

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Nice job, you made it warm and welcoming!

Gina said...

Your living room is beautiful! I love color & the pops of red are great.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elizabeth, bless your heart! I can't imagine how scared you must have been this morning. I hope your meds go to town and this all goes away very soon.
Your living room is just gorgeous. I love your bright colors and your fireplace is very pretty.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

First I have to say my sister was hit with Bells' Palsy once and it lasts a while but does get better. Glad you went in to be checked since the symptoms sounded like a stroke!
Now back to your lovely room! The fireplace insert is a definitive wise move! I love the rug and the sofas- I was struck by them immediately!
Your whole room is cozy and inviting! Great job!

Melinda said...

Your room looks very cozy!
Hope you are feeling better soon!


Debby said...

II am here by way of Cozy Home Scenes. I saw the denim couches and wanted to take a look. I love your room. I have a denim sofa and a brown leather chair.....and an white couch that just this morning got covered with a quilt. I like your use of white and natural wood. The fireplace came out really nice. I love the red. Our room has been too neutral lately for me. We had it that way when we thought we wanted to sell it. All of a sudden dark rose has become my accent color. It's close to red and it happened by chance.
Thanks for sharing.
My brother in law had Bells Palsy and I don't notice it anymore. It is so strange that something like that can just happen. I know it's not serious but the symptoms sure are and scary. Good luck with yours.
Oh, signed up to follow you.

Lois' Laughlines said...

What a lovely home you have. so warm and cozy and welcoming. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing you life with us. blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a new visitor - love your living room, the pillows, and the color (I love red, too). Was so sorry to read in the footnote that you have Bell's Palsy and I hope it clears up soon! Hugs ~ Mary

Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I'm so sorry to hear of your health problem, I pray that you are over it very soon.
I love your colorful living room, it's so sweet and comfy, cozy looking.
I would love to settle into one of those chairs and have a chat with you.
Take care of yourself, my sweet friend.
Hugs, Cindy

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sure hope that you are doing better. our son had Bell's Palsy once after going to the dentist. It did go away, but it was kind of scary. You know I love your striped rug. You and I are kindred souls I think. Both loving red, changing out pillows, and always have candy hanging around. I love the letters you found. I think that the fireplace is a fun piece. Your room definately looks cozy!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Elizabeth, how frightened you must have been. I certainly hope you are doing much better. One of my relatives had that happen and she recovered and was back to normal in a short time. I will say a prayer for you. On a lighter note, thank you for joining the party. You know I like the new look around your house. I didn't comment earlier on the blue and white toile chair but it is very pretty. I love toile in any color. Stay well!!------ Shannon

Karie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the room and the fireplace is beautiful. You really have the talent for decorating. I love so many things in your room. I do the same thing with pillows. Love to make them. Very enjoyable seeing your lovely space. I am so sorry to hear of the Bell's Palsey. That is scary, really. I hope it soon goes away. You are such a beautiful person. Hugs to you, Karie

Shabby chic Sandy said...

My goodness--how scary what you just experienced. Thank God it is just temporary. I have heard of that. Stay well.

Your livingroom is beautiful--the fireplace is fun. I love that blue toile slipcovered chair. A beautiful room!

Linda said...

Oh what a cozy living room.
Love all your pillows on your sofas.
Don't eat too much

Monica said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon, Elizabeth! And many thanks for your note, you're a darling! Absolutely no worries and no rush! If you happen to bump into it in the future...
Sending warm hugs!

Monica said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon, Elizabeth! And many thanks for your note, you're a darling! Absolutely no worries and no rush! If you happen to bump into it in the future...
Sending warm hugs!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Hey sweet Elizabeth...

I love your fireplace with it's blue paint. It flows with the rest of your gorgeous home and that is all that matters. Gorgeous decor! Love it!

If they day ever comes I return to COLOR I sooo want to use reds again!

Beautiful girl!


Cantinho da Zazá said...

The tittle of your blog brought me here and I loved it! Following!!!
I also liked your red crochet blancket. The picture is so comfy and cosy that I "took it" to my Pinterest ok?
Have a Nice Weekend!

Jules said...

Good Morning! I had to click the link when I saw the "in living color" title... used to watch that show when I was young. Then I had to stay when I saw your sweet room. Then I REALLY had to read on when I saw you and I live in the same town! (We are in the college area, kids go to Enslen) And then I had to PRAY.... when I saw your footnote. My hubby is a Captain at the Manteca Fire Department and the chief's wife has Bells Palsy. So scary to wake up one morning and have your life changed. She has very few attacks anymore, btw. I am hoping you will be back to normal soon. So my visit to your awesome blog was Click.Stay.Pray. Sounds like a book title... Have a wonderful day! Jules

Susan Freeman said...

What a cheerful, warm and welcoming room. Love the pops of red!

Susan and Bentley

Meg said...

I found you via French Country Cottage. Blue is my favorite color and your home is so lovely! I would love it if you linked up to my little party:

Hope to see you there!

fiberdoodles said...

I just love your living room and that bright happy rug ;0)

I'm so sorry to hear about your Bells Palsy :0( My mother had that once and it eventually went away. All will be better soon. ((hugs))

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cute cute room. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Elizabeth.. I do hope you are better now.. what a scare that must have been! Your living room is just delightful.. so cosy and inviting. The red and blue go really well together making the room so alive! Im so glad you're still enjoying the quilt and thanks so much for visiting me too! take care, Maryann... ps those lollies are just too tempting to leave out.. I would be going back and forth picking at them!