Monday, July 27, 2009

~ Tea for Two? ~

What do I do when I've had a very stressful day, why I bring out the "Tea of One's", a little piece of chocolate cake and some very delightful (Head Ache Tea) for Gary and me.
It sure beats a hangover!. LOL
I thought I would share with you today my "Tea for One's". I love to serve tea in them instead of brewing a full pot of the same tea. Then my guests can have the tea flavor of their choice. You can click on any picture to enlarge if you like.
Blue English Chintz by Maxwell Williams.
Romantic Rose by Burton & Burton.

"Amy" Andrea by Sadek

April Cornell.

Tea for one, two, three or four. I am always looking for "Tea for One's". I just love how each one is so different and special. I think its fun to choose witch one to use.
Do you have any Tea for One's?.

Big Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your tea for ones are beautiful, I love the rose one from burton and burton, the cup is so delicate looking and so pretty....I do have a tea for one, mine has Blueberries on it and comes with a saucer and a cup with the teapot on top. The Pots lid has a blueberry on the top. It's nowhere as beautiful as yours are. I like to drink hot tea and scones in the fall on those grey brisk days, I also light a scented candle and cuddle up with a fall lap blanket usually a cat or two join me...:) Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection that was so much fun...I hope you and gary enjoyed your "tea" (the chocolate cake looks yummy!! Hugs, Jennifer

Martha said...

Your tea for ones are a nice collection. I've seen them but don't have any although I do have a wee pot that I brew tea in just for me.

Becky said...

Good morning, Elizabeth! I love your dainty little teapots. I don't own any, but have looked at them for years, thinking I would start collecting them. Now where I would put them is the one thing that holds me back!! :) I'm sure you and Gary chased away any headache woes!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How sweet those are! My favorite is the blue and white one. I have one that my daughter-in-law gave me. It has a little bee inside the cup.

Connie said...

How utterly, utterly charming, sugar!

Melinda said...

Hello!! Elizabeth---
Love those little Tea for One's.
I don't have any--I'm like Becky
I don't know where I would put them. I do collect mini tea sets
and teacups though. Thanks for
sharing. I'd love one of those little cakes too. :)

Jadehollow said...

Oh Elizabeth.. They are all beautiful sets.. I really love the Romantic Rose one. Believe it or not I didn't own a single lil teapot til the other day.. when I won it from another blog site. I've been playing with it like a child lol. I think I might have the teapot bug now!

Anne said...

What a nice collection you have. Also a good idea for letting your guest choose what type of tea they would like to brew. =)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Beautiful! I need to look for something special to have for tea time!

Catherine Holman said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I had a tea for one that I painted years ago and sold. I think they are adorable!

Happy@Home said...

I love all of your tea for ones. I have been tempted to get one but haven't so far. However, I think the April Cornell one is calling my name. I'll have to be on the lookout for it. I can see how a cup of tea served in this charming fashion could instantly brighten up your day.

Anonymous said...

I have one set! L♥ved seeing your collection!

Never heard of the head ache tea, but what a novelty!!

Vee said...

That makes it so much fun for you and for any guests that you might have. What a good idea! I've not seen any that look like your "Amy."

Michelle said...

Your tea for ones are beautiful. I collect teapots and only have one of those tea for ones ~ all black. I love it because my hubby found it for me.

I hope you chased away all the headaches and woes!


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Beautiful things make anything a bit easier to handle.
A spoon full of sugar...

{oc cottage} said...

My, don't you have a lovely collection!

m ^..^

Chris said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I do have 4 "tea for One" sets in my collection! I think I'll be a copycat and write about them one day soon!

I love all kinds of tea, but my favorite is Oolong. The most comforting one is called "Milk Oolong". If you ever see it, grab it! It can turn the darkest day into a delight...

Hugs, Chris

Rebecca Nelson said...

Good morning, Elizabeth! Thank you for visiting!

I love TEA FOR ONE pots and such. They seem to be getting a bit harder to find tho...

Your blog is so beautiful...and the pics of your grandchildren made me smile BIG!

Thanks for sharing!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Elizabeth (my favorite name on earth) :) thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment. Those teapots are the most precious things! I am off to look at other posts! What a nice blog you have and one that I will enjoy, without a doubt!

Domestic Designer said...

Your tea for ones are just gorgeous. What a great idea to use them for a tea party and let each quest have a different tea. I am going to have to remember that. I have 3 "small" teapots that I use just for me. Doesn't it make you feel special to enjoy that special treat? Thanks for the lovely post. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth!
I left you an email about the cupcakes. : ) have a great day! hugs, Jennifer

Susie Q said...

These are so, so pretty! And what is better than tea and chocolate anything? : )
I have 3 tea for one pots & cups. I enjoy using them AND looking at their sweet designs!

BECKY said...

What a lovely collection!! I am a "coffee" gal, but I can appreciate all things tea as well! Trouble is I pretty much only drink it if I am not feeling good. But it always helps so maybe one day I'll drink it more often!! :o)

Have a great weekend!
Love and hugs,
Becky said...

You tea for ones are the most charming things I've ever seen. I have just started collecting tea pots. I hope to collect more.

I can't figure out how your name got on my new, soon to be used blogspot. "Ecru and Lace". I'm excited about it, but I'm confussed. If you know anything will you please tell me.

Unknown said...

Hi, I love your tea for one sets, especially the blue and white one, have a great weekend x

sandy said...

Wow, loved seeing these! Great stress reliever and the photos are gorgeous.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

This is a wonderful collection. What a fun thing to collect.
And I CAN'T believe you got to see Yule Brenner perform LIVE!!! You lucky soul. He was so handsome! : )

Wendy said...

What a beautiful collection.

Mami said...

Hi,I just enjoyed your blog.It's nice your pot services.And pretty collections !!Thanks for sharing.

nannykim said...

Those are really pretty. I only have one of that type and it was good bone china made in Enland and I purchased it at the Canadian border on a trip to Niagra Falls. HOWEVER, I was so very disappointed because the cup got little crack like thingys inside of it after only a few uses!! The teapot has stood up well, and I loved the big teacup that came with it...but I don't want to use the cup part any more. Did this ever happen to you? Ps. I am going to follow your blog.