Friday, March 18, 2011

~St. Patricks Day Dinner & Teacup~

  We wish all our Irish friends a very Happy St. Patricks Day!
I have always looked forward to St. Patricks day, my Mom loves to celebrate many holidays with ethnic food from the region we are celebrating and Ireland's St. Patricks day is one of my Mom's favorites.
Ever since I can remember she would cook corn beef and cabbage and Mom would always say there's a little bit of Irish in all of us..You know the song "Irish eyes are smiling"well my Portuguese / Mexican brown eyes are smiling today...
Gary and I shared dinner tonight with Mom and Dad..Mom cooked the most delightful and delicious corn beef and cabbage for us, also she made Irish soda bread. My Mom can cook up a storm!
 This is my little Irish tea cup made in Belleex Ireland. The colors are beautiful the greens are so crisp and the white is so white the porcelain is clear when you hold it up to the light. Its one of my favorite tea cups...OK, OK I know I say that about all my tea cups LOL.
 Isn't the handle sweet...
 On the back of the saucer it reads Belleex Ireland. You can click on the photo to enlarge if you like.
 Mom's yummy sweet potatoes, red potatoes and carrots
 And cabbage....I love vinegar on my cabbage, how do you like yours?
 Yummmm.....and the corn beef! I love corn beef with that bad? LOL
 Then there's the Irish Soda Bread..Its was so goooood! Our niece Amber spent a  College semester in Ireland and brought back this receipt for soda bread.

You can click on the recipe and enlarge it if you like. This is the recipe Mom used for her Irish soda bread.
May the luck of the Irish be with all of us and may you find your pot of gold...I have my pot of gold right here at home with my family and friends.
God bless you all and may your day be sweet!


Vee said...

The quintessential St.Patrick's Day dinner! (I made mine last week. Why? Confusion perhaps... Tomorrow, I'm making some soda bread because we missed out on that.) That little tea cup from Ireland is so sweet. What a nice treasure to enjoy.

Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth! corned beef and cabbage is so yummy, my grandmother used to make it every year for St Patty's Day...Everything looked so good and that soda bread...I'm drooling!
Your tea cup is so pretty I like all the detail...very pretty! Have a very nice weekend! and come join my giveaway!!! hugs, Jennifer

BECKY said...

You are so blessed to be able to have celebrations with your parents! What fun Elizabeth!

I would love to have some of your Mom's home cooking! There is nothing better, is there?

Have a fab weekend gal!
Love and hugs,

Miss Jean said...

I love corn beef and cabbage! I love even more my collection of Beleek china. I told my hubs how much I used to admire it when I was just a teenager so he started my collection. What a guy!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Goodness but that looks just delicious.
I DO love corned beef.

We didn't do our usual celebration this year..and I am not sure exactly why.
We will be back to normal next year.

Maybe I will go ahead and do our Irish dinner this weekend.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. The Shamrock tea set is gorgeous! Wish I had one of those! One day maybe I will run into something like that..but not so sure the chances are all that great!

Melinda said...

Yummy! Love the teacup.
The recipe looks great--I'll have to copy it. I'm not real impressed with the one I have.

Happy day to you!


Jessica said...

What a beautiful dinner!

Beverly said...

I love your teacup. Makes me with I still had some of my collection, but I will just enjoy yours.
Every part of your Mom's dinner looks delious. I love cabbage, but have never put vinegar on it. I do on spinach though. I printed off the soda bread recipe. It looks so easy. Is bicarbonate of soda just baking soda. It made me think of alka seltzer for some reason.
When my boys were growing up, we had an elderly neighbor who made Corn Beef and Cabbage for us on St.Pat's day. Hubby and I loved it, but my boys wouldn't touch it.
I never told Freida that, though. She was so sweet.

Jenna said...

Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to stop by to let you know, I added you to the basket for the giveaway. Thank You for putting my link on your side bar too...Good Luck! Hugs, Jennifer :o)

Lallee said...

Oh, is there anything more delicate feeling than Belleek????? I love it! I have a four set of cups and saucers I bought on our honeymoon forty years ago. Your mother's dinner looks delicious. I have had corned beef envy in Blogland all week. Hubby doesn't like it, the spoil sport ;-)

ChaChaneen said...

Oh Honey! That looks scrumptious! I've never cooked it before as my Man is Italian and I'm more Swedish but we sure like to eat it! ha ha

Your tea is lovely too! Have a great day!

Susie Q said...

Your dinner looks fantastic! Wow! I made soda bread too but we actually went out for corned beef and cabbage! Next year I am staying in and cooking!
Leftovers taste SO good! : )
Your china is so sweet and pretty! I have a tiny Bellek vase and dish that I love...dear little shamrocks!